Lawyers: AG opinion bars felons from having antique guns

Friday, April 10, 2015, Vol. 39, No. 15

NASHVILLE (AP) - The Tennessee attorney general apparently has walked back an opinion issued earlier indicating that felons and citizens convicted of domestic violence could legally possess antique guns.

Lawyers say Attorney General Herbert Slatery's opinion issued Friday appears to say felons can't have antiquated guns using muzzle loaders and black powder. A 2008 opinion issued by then Attorney General Robert Cooper said they could lawfully possess the older weapons.

The latest opinion was in response to questions posed by Mt. Juliet Republican Sen. Mae Beavers. Beavers had asked whether felons could get a hunting license and whether there would be any restriction on the weapons they used.

The latest opinion said felons could still hunt with a crossbow and other archery equipment.

A spokesman for Slatery did not immediately return a call.