Like to grill a Sperry’s steak or chop at home?

Friday, December 30, 2011, Vol. 35, No. 52
By Hollie Deese

Sperry's owner Al Thomas’ latest service is the home delivery of the same beef served in his signature restaurant.

“We switched to Creekstone Farms about six years ago and have had great result with the product,” Thomas says. Quality was the most important thing to him, more than price, and 100 out of 100 cows have to be Black Angus, when the standard to be certified is 51 out of 100 cows.

“I have some in my freezer right now,” says Claire Miller, a longtime Sperry’s customer. “They have been so nice to me, and honestly, I really feel I need to support the things people do like that.

“It sounds cliché to say it is a Nashville institution, but when you think of things that have been there as long as it’s been and it hasn’t changed, Sperry’s qualifies. We don’t have very many of those places anymore.”