Santa’s bag holds no pools, major appliances this year

Friday, November 26, 2021, Vol. 45, No. 48

Prices are ascending as the holidays descend upon the city, and developers and builders are frustrated as they are unable to keep pace with demand. Individuals desiring renovations, additions and swimming pools are incensed that no one will work for them.

Pool contractors are telling many would-be swimmers to keep their pants on – literally and figuratively – as wait times for pools are now two to two and a-half years. Someone needs to open a pool company. That is, someone with at least a basic understanding of blasting through limestone.

New construction is often completed with no appliances in place. Some living in new million-dollar houses are cooking with microwaves and hot plates. The scratch and dent stores are in need of more clumsy movers, as the inventory in their warehouses is depleted.

Happy Holidays.

Richard Courtney is a licensed real estate broker with Fridrich and Clark Realty, LLC and can be reached at