Zillow now more embedded in local real estate offices

Friday, February 19, 2021, Vol. 45, No. 8

Over the past 15 to 20 years, most real estate firms have transitioned to call centers to help schedule appointments for the firms’ listings. Many companies relied on either “Showing Time Appointment Center” or “Centralized Showing Service,” my personal favorite, as the telephone connections were better and the service provided by those answering the phone was more professional.

Both services requested feedback from the showing agents and hounded them until they provided something. Additionally, they instructed the callers as to how to gain entry into the homes, many of which had the inexpensive, non-electronic combination locks.

The two firms are now one, with “Showing Time” buying “Centralized Showing” and, inevitably, dropping the level of service. Last week, the combined entity was sold to – surprise! – Zillow. If a person has a combination lock, Zillow has their number.

Just because we are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get us.

Sale of the Week

Last week was a busy time for the developers of the condominiums known as 31st and Belwood, a name derived from their location, which, as one might imagine, is at the corner of 31st Avenue North and Belwood Street a couple of blocks north of West End.

Residents might think that since the development sports the same moniker as the address, it would eliminate questions as to the locale of the midrise. Ask the owners of Third and Lindsley or 12th and Porter how many times each week they have had to explain to those seeking directions to their respective and respected establishments.

31st and Belwood

Last week, three different units closed within the property with prices of $800,000, $880,000 and $930,000, or $375, $389 and $399 per square foot, respectively. As is the case in single-family homes, the smallest unit commanded the highest dollar per square foot.

Darin Cunningham, founder of the Cunningham team, keeping the names easy to remember, was the listing agent and reeled in the buyers for all three. His language in the comments vary from unit to unit going from the elementary to the sophisticated, providing descriptions for the novice and savvy.

Those who listen to the Tennessee Titans on radio or will hear color provided by Mike Keith and Coach Dave McGinnis, a colorful fan favorite who has anywhere from 18 to 27 years coaching in “this league,” depending on who is providing the commentary.

His in-depth knowledge of the game and his vivid, technical, jargon-filled commentary has entertained the fan base, and many callers attempt to emulate his explanations and speak with authority when they get through to his radio show.

While the following is a lame attempt to recreate his descriptions, here goes:

“The Packers came out in personnel three and had six tenths blocking with the receiver running a squash and pop 90 route, and they caught the Titans in a water drop, 70, with snake eyes rolling up to cover the horse back who was red. When that happens, the safety must invert and scream ‘Alcatraz’ to the corner, who can either drop into cover two or play ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ in the key of G.”

One of his better comments was his reply to a disgruntled fan who was upset with Coach Mike Vrabel having dual roles as head coach and defensive coordinator. The caller implied a big play surrendered by a defensive back in an important game was due to Vrabel’s inefficiencies.

In defending Vrabel, McGinnis said that he had never heard of a defensive coach tell a player something to the effect of “when you line up to guard a receiver, I want you to take your eyes off of him and let him run right past you.”

So it goes with Darin Cunningham in his interpretation of the zoning for 31st and Belwood, as he stated it was a “High-end RM zoned for four bedrooms and four bathrooms, non-owner-occupied, short-term rental eligible.”

Coach McGinnis would have preferred the RMw/4/4 for NOOSTR.

Regardless of the verbiage, the condos are selling with 2,474 square feet going for $935,000.

Rooftop decks have become mandatory as of late, and these condos provide views of the Vanderbilt campus and the historic Dudley Field, where many a football record has been broken, some by Vandy.

If Vanderbilt ‘s Clark Lea could lure Coach Mac over for a few hours each week, the Tide could turn.

Richard Courtney is a licensed real estate broker with Fridrich and Clark Realty and can be reached at richard@richardcourtney.com.