Titans must get a lead, let defense continue strong play against Chargers

Friday, October 18, 2019, Vol. 43, No. 42

The Titans are reeling from a terrible offense that is wasting solid defensive efforts week after week. Now they add in the possibility of a quarterback change after benching Marcus Mariota.

Here are the keys to the Titans’ latest attempt to right the ship.

First down

Protect the QB. Whoever is under center – Mariota or Ryan Tannehill – the Titans offensive line has been a mess. No quarterback can thrive until the Titans can fix the offensive line woes.

Second down

Rely on the defense. Not that the Titans weren’t already doing this, but if Tennessee is going to win games, the defense has to go from good to great.

Third down

Run the ball better. The Titans built the offense around Derick Henry but can’t seem to get him going on a consistent basis.

Henry had only 28 yards on just 15 rushes against the Broncos in a game that should have been tailor-made for him.

Fourth down

Get a lead. The Titans are not built for comebacks, but they also have not been able to get a lead and hold it recent weeks.

-- By Terry McCormick