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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition

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Public Records - Friday, August 09, 2013

3,150 Public Records consisting of 3,150 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Accountants - Active0
Accountants - Inactive0
Accounting Firms0
Architecture Firms0
Auto Dealers0
Beauty & Cosmetology Shops0
Business Licenses26
Car Salesman0
Contracting Companies - Building0
Contracting Companies - Electrical0
Contracting Companies - Heating & Air0
Contracting Companies - Mechanical0
Contracting Companies - Plumbing0
Employment Agencies0
Engineering Firms0
Engineers - Inactive & Retired0
Home Improvement Contractors0
Home Inspectors0
Insurance Agents0
Insurance Companies0
Interior Designers0
Land Surveyor0
Landscape Architects0
Landscape Architecture Firms0
Limited License Electrician0
Limited License Plumber0
Marriage Licenses0
Misc Register Filings12
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers/Distributors0
Newcomers: Utility Connections194
Other Liens8
Private Probation Services0
Public Adjuster0
Real Estate Agents0
Real Estate Firms0
Title Companies0
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity2
Court Calendars: Chancery3
Court Calendars: Circuit15
Court Calendars: General Sessions1474
Court Calendars: State Criminal237
Court Filings: Chancery4
Court Filings: Circuit23
Court Filings: Federal4
Court Filings: General Sessions181
FED Warrants51
Power of Attorney & Decrees60
Probate Court4
Tax Liens & Releases0
Easements & Land Related0
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications101
Mortgage: Releases160
Mortgage: Trust Deeds56
Notice of Completion0
Permits: Building17
Permits: Electrical65
Permits: Mechanical81
Permits: Plumbing35
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds59
Quit Claim51
Rents & Leases7
Trustee Appointments9

court filings

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View08/09/13Easley, Eric; Easley, Sandra; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Cotton, Christopher; Farmers Insurance Company; Hall, Martrell 
View08/09/13Scott, Denise; Trotter, Phillip 
View08/09/13Cavallaro, Leo; State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins Co Aso Reginald Valley 
View08/09/13Reedy And Company Rentals Llc Dba Reedy & Co; Todd, Jessmonica; Ward, Seniqua 
View08/09/13Bryant, Jim; Trustmark National Bank; Cross, Wanda W 
View08/09/13Hart, Stennis; Owens, Ernest 
View08/09/13Dennis, Phillip; Lowrey, Gary; Stewart, Wilkinson & Wilson 
View08/09/13Hudson, Quantas; Jones, Ivanhoe; Stewart, Wilkinson & Wilson 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital-Desoto Inc; Neal, Twanna 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital-Desoto Inc; Stockton, Tony 
View08/09/13Golden, Rodney; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital-Desoto Inc; Tatum, Sherrelle 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital - Women; Pace, Charity 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital - Women; Scott, Wendy 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Langford, Bailey 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Mcgonagill, Fred 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Morman, Eddie 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Moslely, Michael 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Neal, Twanna 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Ramsey, Nicole 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Reed, Joyce 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Pierce, Barbara; Pierce, Michael 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Williams, Darren 
View08/09/13Holmes, Donnecha; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Wilmot, Leigh 
View08/09/13Baptist Memorial Hospital; Wright, Joyce 
View08/09/13Farmer, Alan; Farmer, Wendi; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Doulas, Alexis; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Campbell Clinic (Athena); Hignight, Steven 
View08/09/13Jones, Heather; Metropolitan Anesthesia Alliance 
View08/09/13Barner, Jennifer; Mid South Imaging And Therapeutics, Pa 
View08/09/13Claborn, Robert; Msk Group, Pc (Athena) 
View08/09/13Dean, Justin; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Patriot Bank; Peyton, Gwendolyn 
View08/09/13Harris, Patricia; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hart, Natasha; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Ferrillo, Albert; Ferrillo, Jennifer; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Fulghum, Connie; Memphis Surgical Specialists Pc 
View08/09/13Lane, Lokela; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Donald, Judy; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Newberry, Merlinda 
View08/09/13Johnson, Vashelia; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Johnson, Tierra; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Price, Steven 
View08/09/13Lindsey, Shamika; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hale, Stacey; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Lockett, Toccara; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hill, Rodney; Hill, Thelma; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Jones, Trukeyshe; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Johnson, Shirezapha; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Evans, Corey; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Holman, Diana; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Jackson, Toshia; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Johnson, Natanya; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Jackson, Denise; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Gordon Batiste, Janeen; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Green, Carita; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Herron, Jacqueline; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Donato, Mitzi; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Flores, Olinda; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Greene, Kizuwanda; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Lvnv Funding Llc; Watkins, Vanessa 
View08/09/13Hood, Lisa; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Fia Card Services Na; Mbeyu, Yahaya 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Porter, Angela 
View08/09/13Barbera, Richard; White Plumbing & Medical Contractors Inc 
View08/09/13Hollingsworth Capital Partners; White Plumbing & Medical Contractors Inc 
View08/09/13Fia Card Services Na; Sprague, Karla 
View08/09/13Fremin, Patrick; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Deviney Construction Company Inc; Memphis Light, Gas, & Water 
View08/09/13Ingram, Yolanda; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Joyce, Cathy; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Davis, Serena; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Midland Funding Llc; Palmer, Jerome 
View08/09/13Midland Funding Llc; Willis, Sharon 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Perkins, Leno 
View08/09/13Gary, Mercedes; Gary, Valencia; M L G & W Legal Dept 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Smith, Chiffon 
View08/09/13Lewis, Sahron; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Dandridge, Lisa; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Jones, Tammy; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Irvins, Rico; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Elrod, Teresa; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Lvnv Funding Llc; Parkman, Roberta 
View08/09/13Lvnv Funding Llc; Pate, Reginald 
View08/09/13Boggan, Rosalyn; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Campbell, Marquita; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Lvnv Funding Llc; Oliver, Grayland 
View08/09/13Broussard, Amber; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Harris, Charniece; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Johnson, Tondelayo; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Gray, George; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hamrick, Darlene; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Lawson, Carolyn; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Holt Powell, Christina; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Gates, George; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hill, Terry; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hammond, Daniele; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Daughtery, Monica; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13James, Darrell; James, Robyn; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Howell, Tammie; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Kennedy, Anjunica; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Onley, Anita 
View08/09/13Craig, Tommy; Pyod Llc 
View08/09/13Pyod Llc; Saulsberry, Louise 
View08/09/13Midland Funding Llc; Qualls, T 
View08/09/13Midland Funding Llc; Parker, Michael 
View08/09/13Cosgrove, Rob; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Johnson, Virico; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Hill, Emily; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Boone, Susanne; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Elliott, Yvonne; Midland Funding Llc 
View08/09/13Griffin, William; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Oaks, Antionette 
View08/09/13Keaton, Percy; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Pope, Jacques 
View08/09/13Henderson, Tangela; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Longmire, Dusharme; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Hill, Bruce; Williams, Tiffany 
View08/09/13Kent, Cheryl; Salano, Amado 
View08/09/13Heritage Baptist Academy; Tharpe, Kodia 
View08/09/13Heritage Baptist Academy; Williams, Charlotte; Willis, Chyra 
View08/09/13Leachman, Keith; Term City Furniture 
View08/09/13Practical Ventures Llc; Smith, Erica 
View08/09/13Isaac, Sharon; Practical Ventures Llc 
View08/09/13Gray, Bernard; Gray, Sharon; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Reynolds, Amber 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Merriwether, Devin 
View08/09/13Grandberry, Christy; Okinus Inc 
View08/09/13Kirk, Stacy; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Dean, Rufus; Hope Federal Credit Union Fdba American Savings Crdt Union 
View08/09/13First Metropolitan Financial Services, Inc; Walls-Hargrove, Dorothy 
View08/09/13Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare; Wilson, Rachel 
View08/09/13United Credit Corp. Of Southaven; Wilkes, Claressie 
View08/09/13Nickerson, Lisa; Quiklend Fdba Aaa Cash Fast Llc 
View08/09/13Cobb, Tamoshanter; Methodist Health System Fed Cr Un 
View08/09/13Arvon Funding Llc C/O Gordon Food Service; Blocker, Chris 
View08/09/13General Construction Services Inc; Jefferson, Tonia 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Holmes, Laporcha 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Burks, Quinnie 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Hayes, Cherrica 
View08/09/13Hartman, Joneshia; Pyramid Financial Inc 
View08/09/13Mcclendon, Donel; Pyramid Financial Inc 
View08/09/13Cole, Kwanna; Pyramid Financial Inc 
View08/09/13Easley, Eric; Easley, Sandra; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Huffman, Paula; Huffman, Stanley; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Davis, Anthony; Wilkinsville Partners Llc 
View08/09/13Hodge, Andrew; White Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors, Inc. 
View08/09/13Bibbs, Elesia; Knight Law Firm 
View08/09/13Clover, Kim; Thielemier, Rhonda 
View08/09/13Freeman, Denzel; Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare 
View08/09/13Bogan, Javian; Memphis Light Gas & Water; Richmond, Michelle 
View08/09/13Nesbitt, Eulitha; Trustmark National Bank 
View08/09/13First Bank; Pickett, Alvarez 
View08/09/13A & A Financial, Llc; Nabors, Shamika 
View08/09/13Powers, Nicholas; Springleaf Financial Services 
View08/09/13Gillum, Sedric; Springleaf Financial Services 
View08/09/13Maxwell, Michael; Springleaf Financial Services 
View08/09/13A & A Financial, Llc; Dortch, Seneca 
View08/09/13A & A Financial, Llc; Holt, Leteria 
View08/09/13City Direct Llc; Collins, Robert 
View08/09/13City Direct Llc; Williams, Anita; Williams, Rozelle 
View08/09/13City Direct Llc; Mitchell, Eric 
View08/09/13Barber, Monika; Budget Financial Inc 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Smiith, Iriana 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Gipson, Camry 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Gipson, Quataria 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Price, Crystal 
View08/09/13Bonds, Johnisha; Budget Financial Inc 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Jones, Anthony 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Townsend, Laavey 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Moore, Vickie 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Spann Iii, Willie 
View08/09/13Budget Financial Inc; Henry, Joshua 
View08/09/13Booker, Shanta; First South Financial Credit Union 
View08/09/13First South Financial Credit Union; Franklin, Karey 
View08/09/13Brisco, Sidney; Flemmons, Robert; Flemmons, Ryan; Lancaster, David; Lancaster, Jeffrey 
View08/09/13A & A Financial Llc; Yancy, Stephanie 
View08/09/13Jackson, Gennisea; Pyramid Financial Inc Assignee/Pyramid Used Cars 
View08/09/13Billy Pegg Inc Dba Mph Stone And Stucco Fka Centurion Stone; Mcafee, Rex