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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition

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Public Records - Thursday, July 19, 2012

3,299 Public Records consisting of 3,299 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Accountants - Active0
Accountants - Inactive0
Accounting Firms0
Architecture Firms0
Auto Dealers0
Beauty & Cosmetology Shops0
Business Licenses18
Car Salesman0
Contracting Companies - Building0
Contracting Companies - Electrical0
Contracting Companies - Heating & Air0
Contracting Companies - Mechanical0
Contracting Companies - Plumbing0
Employment Agencies0
Engineering Firms0
Engineers - Inactive & Retired0
Home Improvement Contractors0
Home Inspectors0
Insurance Agents0
Insurance Companies0
Interior Designers0
Land Surveyor0
Landscape Architects0
Landscape Architecture Firms0
Limited License Electrician0
Limited License Plumber0
Marriage Licenses26
Misc Register Filings8
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers/Distributors0
Newcomers: Utility Connections83
Other Liens15
Private Probation Services0
Public Adjuster0
Real Estate Agents0
Real Estate Firms0
Title Companies0
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity4
Court Calendars: Chancery14
Court Calendars: Circuit6
Court Calendars: General Sessions1443
Court Calendars: State Criminal334
Court Filings: Chancery12
Court Filings: Circuit27
Court Filings: Federal0
Court Filings: General Sessions63
FED Warrants176
Power of Attorney & Decrees26
Probate Court4
Tax Liens & Releases0
Easements & Land Related4
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications105
Mortgage: Releases113
Mortgage: Trust Deeds196
Notice of Completion2
Permits: Building27
Permits: Electrical71
Permits: Mechanical82
Permits: Plumbing24
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds56
Quit Claim29
Rents & Leases1
Trustee Appointments24

court calendars

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View07/19/12Hatcher, Shawn Orlando; Rodriguez, SamuelUnion Spring Rd
View07/19/12Dale, Ricardo; Scholl, Michael EdwinFairway
View07/19/12Becton, Matrin; Mcafee, MartyRt 4 Box 600
View07/19/12Ford, William James; Mcafee, MartyP.O. Box 1150
View07/19/12Boyd J, Michael; Pera, Thomas PaulRand
View07/19/12Cobb, Patrick; Johnson, Michael JosephArgonne
View07/19/12Brunner, John; Patel, Ruchee J.Union Springs Rd
View07/19/12Dorsey, Tristan; Wright, Glenn 4YWilliams
View07/19/12Albers, Timothy John; Humphrey, BernardExchange
View07/19/12Babb, Donna; Pera, Thomas Paul11 1/2
View07/19/12Carter, Marques; Erwin, JakeShelley Renee
View07/19/12Carter, Marques; Erwin, JakeShelley Renee
View07/19/12Conely, Larry; Sims, LarryAlta Vista
View07/19/12Ferguson, Claiborne H.; Hawkins, GaryFryser View
View07/19/12Hollins, Demetrius; Rodriguez, SamuelIoka
View07/19/12Hudson, Mateen; Woods, JeffSouthwall
View07/19/12Ivory, Shamira; Ozment, Joseph ScottFrayser View
View07/19/12Mitchell, Charles S.; Morris, ArtisiaSpottswood Manor
View07/19/12Brashier, Kenneth W; Matthews, DamoneLeath Street
View07/19/12Howze, Quincy; White, Lawrence R.Poplar
View07/19/12Howze, Qunicy; White, Lawrence R.Poplar
View07/19/12Banks, Brandon; Hall, Robert TrentNathan Avenue, #22
View07/19/12Graves, Sedric; Mayne, Amy GaynorInez
View07/19/12Hill, Sean; Johnson, William LavonGlenarm
View07/19/12Davis, Ealrode; Gowen, RobDevoy
View07/19/12Colston, Jason HLocke Cuba
View07/19/12Johnson, Jennifer; Shields, KejuanBluebell
View07/19/12Davis, Cedric; Williams, Timothy JoelBrent Dale
View07/19/12Howard, Danny; Umsted, NeilRockledge
View07/19/12Green, Gerald Stanley; Mason, AntonioBrian Cove
View07/19/12Ajanaku, Akida; Tolley, Randall BlakeN Claybrook St
View07/19/12Gwynn, Dewoyne; Springer, Paul JParwinn
View07/19/12Mitchell, Charles S.; Morris, ArtisiaSpottswood Manor
View07/19/12Johnson, Michael Joseph; Smith, TracyNova Reese
View07/19/12Johnson, Eric; Kelley, Bruce JDeer Creek Rd
View07/19/12Payne, Kevin; Saripkin, Mark ASouth Wellington
View07/19/12Mitchell, Tammica; Pritchard, John PriestKnight Arnold
View07/19/12Griggs, William; Sanjeev, MemulaMallory
View07/19/12Hill, Sean; Johnson, William LavonGlenarm
View07/19/12Copeland, Larry; Johnson, GabrielGreenland
View07/19/12Lakey, William Michael; Mask, BrandonHardwood-Trail
View07/19/12Davis, Cedric; Williams, Timothy JoelBrent Dale
View07/19/12Taylor, Jonathan; Thackery, Dianne MichelleDuchess
View07/19/12Hill, Sean; Johnson, William LavonGlenarm
View07/19/12Ajanaku, Akida; Tolley, Randall BlakeN Claybrook St
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; Beloate, AdamCherry Hill Ln
View07/19/12Gosnell, William Cleveland; Stinson, Alexander 
View07/19/12Denton, LadunW. Brooks Road
View07/19/12Erby, Fred; Hale, Jimmy NorrisArlington
View07/19/12Wright, JoshuaCedar Meadow
View07/19/12Mckinney, DemondrousUnion
View07/19/12Dickerson, Richard; Parris, Robert LynnWilson
View07/19/12Tolley, Randall Blake; Weir, DeandresSemple
View07/19/12Rook, Chasity; Saripkin, Mark ARaleigh Lagrange
View07/19/12Milliner, JainaeDeer Forest
View07/19/12Childress, Theresa Dee; Wolf, CarmenRockwood
View07/19/12Lynn, Alisa Michele; Shannon, LaquitaAshford Rd
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Murphree, Angela DavisDubbs
View07/19/12Mcclusky, Lorna Sull4an; Overall, AndrewSunny Glade
View07/19/12Fitzgerald, Larry E; Moore, JessieDunn
View07/19/12Jones, Dwanyal; Stein, Brett BDunn
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Howze, QuincyPoplar
View07/19/12Green, Gerald Stanley; Hill, RicoCourt
View07/19/12Hudson, Mateem; Woods, JeffSouthwall
View07/19/12Bragg, Charles A; Thomas, James E.Tulsa
View07/19/12Lawrence, Erica R; Thackery, Dianne MichelleNational
View07/19/12Richardson, Erique; Springer, Paul JBelleau
View07/19/12Fuad, Murad; Kent, Mary KathrynHolly Hill
View07/19/12Krause, Kevin Theodore; Robinson, ComodoreDolan
View07/19/12Bush, Donald; Stein, Brett BUnknown
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Frederick, DavidPort Harbor Drive
View07/19/12Carwell, Kedrick; Hale, Jimmy NorrisSt Paul
View07/19/12Hingle, BrianHaleville
View07/19/12Ball, Joseph; Khumalo, Linda Kay ParsonButternutt
View07/19/12Hand, Alex; Turner, KamilahCaravel
View07/19/12Denton, Ladun; Erwin, JakeW. Brooks Road
View07/19/12Campbell, Michael R.; Taylor, MichaelGrand
View07/19/12Felkner, Robert Charles; Jackson, RandyMerton
View07/19/12Rayborn, Davier; Williams, Zipporah C.Limewood
View07/19/12Bender, Andrew Edward; Hudson, DariusCambrige Station
View07/19/12Bush, Donald; Stein, Brett BUnknown
View07/19/12Jones, Rodriques; Saripkin, Mark AArrendale
View07/19/12Doty, JamesMeadow Trail Cove
View07/19/12Rook, Kristopher; Saripkin, Mark APoplar Oaks Circle #4
View07/19/12Campbell, Michael R.; Perkins, AnthonyRosewind Cirlcle
View07/19/12Blevins, Bennie; White, Lawrence R.Bede
View07/19/12Mickiewicz, Daniel J.; Turner, RichardBarley Hills Cir
View07/19/12Bartlett, Gray; Suk, JoongShrew Berry Lane
View07/19/12Richardson, Tilton; Schreiner, Steffen GeorgeSkyridge Drive
View07/19/12Montgomery, Rodreigues; Thackery, Dianne MichelleRangeline
View07/19/12Lenow, Edwin Charles-Le; Moore, MarkelviusTemplehill Trail
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Barnett, DeangeloMohawk Ave
View07/19/12Cole, Terrence; Gilchrist, CharlesLeacrest
View07/19/12Austin, Branden; Horne, Arthur EForest Crest
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Barnett, DeangeloMohawk Ave
View07/19/12Bentley, DustySouth Center
View07/19/12Carter, Marques; Erwin, JakeShelley Renee
View07/19/12Copeland, Larry; Morrison, ChristopherRichmond Hills
View07/19/12Carter, Antonio; Sherman, JackChristopher
View07/19/12Conrad, Kendarish; Scholl, Michael EdwinWick Cliff Lane
View07/19/12Parker, John H.; Webb, QuanteWinchester
View07/19/12Newman, MychalRollins Meadow
View07/19/12Conrad, Kendarish; Scholl, Michael EdwinWick Cliff Lane
View07/19/12Daniel, Rodney; Tolley, Randall BlakeTreadwell
View07/19/12Carman, Gregory Thomas; Riley, JeffreySophia
View07/19/12Gonzalez, Carlos; Johnson, Michael JosephBrown Bark
View07/19/12Briggs, Michael; Garrett, Coleman WesleyCedartree
View07/19/12Faulkner, Joshua; Gosnell, William ClevelandPoplar
View07/19/12Byers, Rodney; Pehanick, JosephWesley Ct
View07/19/12Eskridge, Taylor M.; Jean, MarvinVandale
View07/19/12Champion, Ronnie; Stein, Brett BEldridge
View07/19/12Felkner, Robert Charles; Nelson, JustinDempster
View07/19/12Thackery, Dianne Michelle; Wallace, MariusGladstone
View07/19/12Brown, Tierre; Mcclusky, Lorna Sull4anCrystal Oak
View07/19/12Watkins, GordonDon
View07/19/12Jeffries, Rickey; Sims, LarryOrr St
View07/19/12Thackery, Dianne Michelle; Thomas, CarlOrr
View07/19/12Copeland, Larry; Thomas, MonteriusWillow Oak #3
View07/19/12Caraway, Darius; Derossitt, KathrynVicky
View07/19/12Anderson, Dennis; Pehanick, JosephStage
View07/19/12Nowlin, William Webb; Ross, StephenPlumlee Lane
View07/19/12Bender, Andrew Edward; Ross, KevinPlumlee Lane
View07/19/12Gurkin, J Whitten; Miller, JohnathanRegent
View07/19/12Clark, Lawrence; Saripkin, Mark AKyle
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Fleming, CedricFontana Ave
View07/19/12Lynn, Alisa Michele; Towner, FelipeBarron
View07/19/12Bellew, Dewey; Riggs, Ronald ThomasDunn
View07/19/12Hudson, RobertHunter Place Dr.
View07/19/12Fitzgerald, Larry E; Vann, TyreikJoanne
View07/19/12Fletcher, JeremyOutland Rd
View07/19/12Albers, Timothy John; Jones, EricMerimac
View07/19/12Pera, Thomas Paul; Williams, OliverBluff Wood
View07/19/12Matthews, DamoneLeath Street
View07/19/12Gatlin, Michael James; Mayfield, ChristianButterowrth
View07/19/12Case, Jennifer; Lipsey, ArthurHickey
View07/19/12Allison, James Torreyson; Jones, MarloneMerrycrest Dr
View07/19/12Davis, Justin; Walker, Charles BrentTutwiler
View07/19/12Russell, Tony; Thackery, Dianne MichelleDouglas
View07/19/12Monnette, ShermaineOntario
View07/19/12Johnson, Eric; Kelley, Bruce JDeer Creek Rd
View07/19/12Ballin, Marvin Earl; Dotson, LavarisSeminary Cove
View07/19/12Allen, Laterious; Sturdivant, Emma JaneBoxdale
View07/19/12Rice, FredKney
View07/19/12Blocker, Twanna; Candy, Johnnie RaymondOuter Pkwy
View07/19/12Lewis, Nigel; Washington, PatriciaShelby
View07/19/12Spencer, Janice; Wood, MitchellMaury
View07/19/12Cremeans, Serena; Horne, Arthur EThistleway
View07/19/12Goodson, Mary; Massey, William DennisWesley Court
View07/19/12Burt, Latoya; Hale, Jimmy NorrisShannon
View07/19/12Dolan, John Louis; Forehand, AshleyMeadowlake
View07/19/12Mosley, Jacqueline; Waggoner, Gerald DennyNorth Bellevue
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; White, ShalondGreenbrook
View07/19/12Tillis, JoylynnRyanwood
View07/19/12Hogan, Demetria; Springer, Paul JHarahan
View07/19/12Readus, LatrishaWestview Cv.
View07/19/12Gill, BrittniSand Crossing Cove
View07/19/12Fuchs, Lauren; Snavely, TammyJackson Ave
View07/19/12Mosley, Robert Todd; Wilson, CindyOrchi
View07/19/12Morton, Craig V; Nelson, AngelaNeely
View07/19/12Jones, Crystal; Stowers, DavidYellowbirch
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Evans, PaulaSkye
View07/19/12Mccandless, MelissaSpringwater Cove
View07/19/12Eubanks, Keiarra; Gosnell, William ClevelandMargurit
View07/19/12Pittman, Angela; Sims, LarryRandle
View07/19/12Jones, Crystal; Stowers, DavidYellowbirch
View07/19/12Bartlett, Gray; Spaul, AprilEastbrook
View07/19/12Mogy, Eric; Ueal, UrsulaFoote Park Cove
View07/19/12Hall, Eric Scott; Matthews, AlenaSonora
View07/19/12Fuchs, Lauren; Greenwell, SusanVera Cruz
View07/19/12Addison, Carlyn; Roberson, KimberlyAlwood
View07/19/12Howard, CassandraCedar Ridge
View07/19/12Buckley, Lonnie; Walker, Charles BrentUnknown
View07/19/12Campbell, Michael R.; Taylor, MichaelGrand
View07/19/12Bailey J, Javier; Mcdaniel, Mark StevenOtter Drive
View07/19/12Candy, Johnnie Raymond; Hollis, DavidCraft Street
View07/19/12Carraway, James 
View07/19/12Witzigman, TomSheila Street
View07/19/12John, Matthew; Milan, ShaquilleMyron Cove South
View07/19/12Richardson, Tilton; Schreiner, Steffen GeorgeSkyridge Drive
View07/19/12Davis, Stephen; Ganguli, Juni SPerkins
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; Wright, DwayneGage
View07/19/12Howard, Marlon; Krause, Kevin TheodoreDuke Ellington #111
View07/19/12Gotten, Henry Bragg; Shackelford, NathanPaterson Apt #5
View07/19/12Abeles, Clifford T.; Thomas, JohnnieAt Large
View07/19/12Green, Gerald Stanley; Johnson, KristinaMain
View07/19/12Derossitt, James P; White, ClarenceDavant
View07/19/12Grier, John; Lynn, Alisa MicheleHobson
View07/19/12Copeland, Larry; Harding, CordricusJasmine Drive
View07/19/12Armstrong, Rodgerick; Garrett, Coleman WesleySandy Brook Cove
View07/19/12Lewis, CardeliaSchilling Farms
View07/19/12Lewis, CardeliaSchilling Farms
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Patel, MiteshJeffery Street
View07/19/12Roberts, Steven Glen; Roberts, ThomasCullum Rd.
View07/19/12Mcwhirter, Barry J.; Sabeha, AbdoNewport
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; Williams, LonnieRhodes#2
View07/19/12Hill, RicoCourt
View07/19/12Montgomery, Rodreigues; Thackery, Dianne MichelleRangeline
View07/19/12Richardson, Tilton; Schreiner, Steffen GeorgeSkyridge Drive
View07/19/12Powels, JasonFilmore
View07/19/12Bland, Lavonte; Hale, Jimmy NorrisNeely
View07/19/12Lawyer, Michael Haden; Valadez, EduardoParmont
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; White, AzureEastport Cv
View07/19/12Bostick, Cornelius; Lurry, ClaudeCicalla
View07/19/12Powels, JasonFilmore
View07/19/12Martin, JordanWindstream
View07/19/12Eskridge, MarkelTimothy
View07/19/12Gurkin, J Whitten; White, AdrianGilleas
View07/19/12Fletcher, Jeremy; Tipton, Catherine AnnettaOutland Rd
View07/19/12Gathright, AnthonyWhitney
View07/19/12Burrow, Latonya Sue; Jones, BrandonSassafras River Dr
View07/19/12Brewer, ScottyHopewell
View07/19/12Davis, Dwayne; Thackery, Dianne MichelleHolmes
View07/19/12Khalife, Terrell; Saripkin, Mark AFaulkner
View07/19/12Huey, RicoDottie
View07/19/12Nunley, DelanoWabash
View07/19/12Henderson, FreddieGolden
View07/19/12Mason, MichaelMaplewood St
View07/19/12Long, Alphonzo; Ozment, Joseph ScottEverest
View07/19/12Gordon, Ray; Sturdivant, Emma JaneMichigan
View07/19/12Edwards, Frederico; Sanjeev, MemulaColorado
View07/19/12Sanford, MarcertElmridge
View07/19/12Brooks, Jonathan; Lewis, NigelRegan Street
View07/19/12Keen, TerryPaul Crossing
View07/19/12Kent, Mary Kathryn; Miller, DarrellJackson Ave
View07/19/12Pree, Styron DPoplar
View07/19/12Thompson, Tim J; Virgous, DennisTerrell
View07/19/12Barnes, TimothyRiney
View07/19/12Franklin, CartiousMillington
View07/19/12Mayne, Amy Gaynor; Miller, ElroyNichlos St
View07/19/12Barber, JamalEgypt Central
View07/19/12Dale, GeorgeMississippi
View07/19/12Burns, Benjamin; Working, Michael RLaurant
View07/19/12Davis, GraylandTulane
View07/19/12Williams, Marcus6Th Street
View07/19/12Payne, Eddie LChestnut
View07/19/12Smith, MyronWarrington
View07/19/12Williams, LawrenceHickock Drive
View07/19/12Hysmith, HerbertBox 1000
View07/19/12Williams, OliverBluff Wood
View07/19/12Favors, PeterUnknown
View07/19/12Buckley, LonnieUnknown
View07/19/12Lewis, TimothyFlowering Peach
View07/19/12Jackson, KendallCostilla
View07/19/12Dandridge, Ronald; Lynn, Alisa MicheleSimpson
View07/19/12Bailey, Christopher LChisca
View07/19/12Moment, KennethGruber
View07/19/12Schaub, ChadDunn
View07/19/12Eddings, TevinWheat Springs
View07/19/12Chavez, LuisDurbin
View07/19/12Sales-Gomez, OvidioElliston Rd
View07/19/12Harris, MarvisMikewood Dr.
View07/19/12Williams, RobertChilders
View07/19/12Oliver, TimPaullus
View07/19/12Hayslett, ChristopherLester
View07/19/12Mathes, CourtneyRossetta
View07/19/12Corliss, AlanDuke
View07/19/12Mccarty, JoshuaSunnyvale St.
View07/19/12Wallace, MariusGladstone
View07/19/12Minnis, DeangeloBreedlove
View07/19/12Moore, MichaelLamaster
View07/19/12Dodson, DennisNetherwood Ave.
View07/19/12Miller, RobertRainey
View07/19/12Blackwood, FelixWillow Springs
View07/19/12Jackson, DariusScenic Hwy
View07/19/12Mcclain, EvinKimball Rd.
View07/19/12Jenkins, SamKansas Apt.#1
View07/19/12Jackson, DariusScenic Hwy
View07/19/12Mcatee, AntoniousHenry
View07/19/12Kildebeck, Craig ARustic
View07/19/12Davis, FrederickStony Point Drive
View07/19/12Mccutcheon, MichelleEastern
View07/19/12Benton, Latoya; Mitchell, DanielleFredericks
View07/19/12Mckinnon, Anesha; Thackery, Dianne MichelleSt Pierre
View07/19/12Moore, CharlotteWillett
View07/19/12Albers, Timothy John; Dunlap, InettaWellington
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; White, AzureEastport Cv
View07/19/12Watson, NicoleLinwood
View07/19/12Randle, JoValley Brook Road
View07/19/12Milam, GeorgeUnknown
View07/19/12Raithel, AmandaDunn
View07/19/12Collins, Doris JBrookhaven
View07/19/12Kennedy, AbbyRossiland
View07/19/12Beasley, ShrondaChickamauga Avenue
View07/19/12Benton, Latoya; Sims, LarryFredericks
View07/19/12Jones, Jeffrey Hudson; Morton, KalobCurbertson
View07/19/12Sabeha, AbdoNewport
View07/19/12Sabeha, AbdoNewport
View07/19/12Sherman, Jack; Smith, KierraCountry Manor
View07/19/12Loyde, Ed Henry; White, Lawrence R.Crump Ave
View07/19/12Powell, Brandon CMorning Trace
View07/19/12Seelig, EricaNordmore
View07/19/12Durham, Handel R; Edwards, AnthonyHarrison
View07/19/12Copeland, Larry; Thomas, MonteriusWillow Oak #3
View07/19/12Ballin, Leslie Irwin; Guy, TroyGermantown
View07/19/12Thackery, Dianne Michelle; Thomas, CarlOrr
View07/19/12Burnett, Amarius; Mitchell, Charles S.Brockman Dr.
View07/19/12Schreiner, Steffen George; Scott, GeraldCable
View07/19/12Taplet, Lekeysha Dinita; Thompson, Tim JWatson
View07/19/12Mogy, Eric; Thompson, Michael AnthonyWarren St
View07/19/12Mesler, Mark Albert; Porreca, EdwardGoodbar
View07/19/12Craig, William; Whitsitt, William RaymondCrievewood
View07/19/12Wright, Joshua SamuelCedar Meadow
View07/19/12White, Lawrence R.; Zambroni, ChristopherBonair
View07/19/12Benton, Latoya; Mitchell, DanielleFredericks
View07/19/12Benton, Latoya; Mitchell, DanielleFredericks
View07/19/12Perkins, Samuel Lee; Thompson, Desiree TPrescott
View07/19/12Williams, MarkiusMarianna
View07/19/12Brown, James H; Kent, Mary KathrynRedbud
View07/19/12Alliano, Anthony; Ballin, BlakeP.O. Box 98192
View07/19/12Alliano, Anthony; Alliano, Anthony M; Ballin, BlakeP.O. Box 98192
View07/19/12Albers, Timothy John; Bobo, Justin RBurns
View07/19/12Jackson, Adrien Daunte; Pera, Thomas PaulSussex Ln. South #01
View07/19/12Redden, Christopher LeeSelman
View07/19/12Allen, Christopher; Candy, Johnnie RaymondPecan Hill Drive
View07/19/12Mcghee, Porshe; Schaeffer, James FosterMeditteranean Dt
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; White, Dalton MitchellMediterranean
View07/19/12Blocker, Maurice MHaleville
View07/19/12Clark, ChristopherJenwood
View07/19/12Anding-Ford, Martina JayonSeymor
View07/19/12Ellis, Joyce DevonMendenhall Apt 4B
View07/19/12Miller, Felicia LTulane
View07/19/12Benton, Latoya; Mitchell, DanielleFredericks
View07/19/12Stewart, Aaron JamaarAppian
View07/19/12Thirlkill, Karlos LebronDempster
View07/19/12Barnes, C J; White, AzureEastport Cv
View07/19/12Farambounou, LassanaTerrance Ln
View07/19/12Smith, John BradfordGallop Cove
View07/19/12Saulsberry J, George AnthonyWinchester
View07/19/12Gomez, Sebastian TMetropolitan Ln
View07/19/12Rodriguez, Shalabe AbdulTammaron
View07/19/12Perez, Jose SKendall Ln
View07/19/12Abeles, Clifford T.; Reese, LandshofSt Elmo
View07/19/12Scurllrk, DeunteOxford Lake
View07/19/12Elseman, Brad; Mcelroy, William GSouthmoore Cv