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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition

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Public Records - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3,386 Public Records consisting of 3,386 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

Law & Government

Real Estate & Development

Accountants - Active0
Accountants - Inactive0
Accounting Firms0
Architecture Firms0
Auto Dealers0
Beauty & Cosmetology Shops0
Business Licenses24
Car Salesman0
Contracting Companies - Building0
Contracting Companies - Electrical0
Contracting Companies - Heating & Air0
Contracting Companies - Mechanical0
Contracting Companies - Plumbing0
Employment Agencies0
Engineering Firms0
Engineers - Inactive & Retired0
Home Improvement Contractors0
Home Inspectors0
Insurance Agents0
Insurance Companies0
Interior Designers0
Land Surveyor0
Landscape Architects0
Landscape Architecture Firms0
Limited License Electrician0
Limited License Plumber0
Marriage Licenses12
Misc Register Filings8
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers/Distributors0
Newcomers: Utility Connections106
Other Liens18
Private Probation Services0
Public Adjuster0
Real Estate Agents0
Real Estate Firms0
Title Companies0
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity7
Court Calendars: Chancery16
Court Calendars: Circuit36
Court Calendars: General Sessions1486
Court Calendars: State Criminal351
Court Filings: Chancery7
Court Filings: Circuit78
Court Filings: Federal3
Court Filings: General Sessions88
FED Warrants72
Power of Attorney & Decrees50
Probate Court0
Tax Liens & Releases48
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications103
Mortgage: Releases135
Mortgage: Trust Deeds143
Notice of Completion0
Permits: Building42
Permits: Electrical46
Permits: Mechanical57
Permits: Plumbing45
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds92
Quit Claim47
Rents & Leases7
Trustee Appointments7

court filings

DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View10/29/13Brother Loan And Finance Company; Chatman, Adrienne; Cheadle, John R Jr. 
View10/29/13Love, Jasmine; Salama, Mohammed; Siskind Susser Pc 
View10/29/13Carter, Misty; Lvnv Funding Llc; Mendelson, David 
View10/29/13Dominico Rezzi D/B/A Rizzis Bistro And Paradiso Pub; Motamedi, Kayhan; Dominico Rizzi D/B/A Rizzi's Bistro And Paradiso Pub; J, S 
View10/29/13Reaves, Linda; Tillard, Shawn 
View10/29/13Franks, Mark; Stephens, Cameron; Bartholomew, Julie 
View10/29/13Acm Riverwalk Iv Llc Aso Chase Bank Usa Na; Sanders, Andrea 
View10/29/13Acm Riverwalk Iv Llc Aso Chase Bank Usa Na; Mccaskill, Cory 
View10/29/13Canterbury Woods; Washington, Patrice 
View10/29/13Barclays Bank Delaware; Wilks, Cleo 
View10/29/13Hines, Tamera; Mtc Management Inc 
View10/29/13Barboro Alley Flats Dba Barboro Flats; Wade, Kendrick 
View10/29/13Nts Development Co; Wade, B J 
View10/29/13First Premier Prop Llc; Hayes, Erika 
View10/29/13Enterprise Realtors Inc Dba Mid-South Home Rentals; Howard, Maya; Roaf, Janet 
View10/29/13Reed & Associates Of Tennessee Llc; Steward, Maurice; Stewart, Rechelda 
View10/29/13Cavalry Investments Llc Aso Hsbc Card Services Inc; Graves, Emily 
View10/29/13Sunshine Corporation; Taylor, Joe 
View10/29/13Cavalry Spv I Llc Aso Bank Of America Fia Card Services Na; Patel, Bhagu 
View10/29/13Paul, Karman; Sunshine Corporation 
View10/29/13Hardy, Eric; Sunshine Corporation 
View10/29/13Cavalary Spv I Llc Bank Of America Fia Card Services; Ivory, Jhamel 
View10/29/13Cavalry Spv I, Llc Aso Bk Of America/Fia Card Svc; Konstaintin, Rita 
View10/29/13Cavalry Spv I, Llc Aso Bk Of America/Fia Card Svc; Desta, Ingudaye 
View10/29/13Alonzo, Andres; Cavalary Spv I Llc Bank Of America Fia Card Services 
View10/29/13Fan Distributing Co; Garrett, Joyce 
View10/29/13Sunshine Corporation; Williams, Lamarcus 
View10/29/13Mcnabb, Larry; Sunshine Corporation 
View10/29/13Smith, Jerome; Sunshine Corporation 
View10/29/13Cavalary Spv I Llc Bank Of America Fia Card Services; Gaskins, Aiden 
View10/29/13Colorado Capital As Assignee Providian Bank; Moore, Neffertit 
View10/29/13Haulers Insurance Co Inc Aso Donna Jackson; Newsom, Cedric 
View10/29/13Jeans, Jacqueline; Pyramid Financial Inc 
View10/29/13Storey Concrete Company; Storey, Christopher; Wreg Tv 
View10/29/13Diet Center Aka Dc Internet Company Llc; Wreg Tv 
View10/29/13Bell, Brien; Bell, Lachandra; Washington Mutual Finance 
View10/29/13Hale, David; Melton, Joshua 
View10/29/13Enterprise Rent A Car Company Of Tennessee Llc; Williams, Kimyatta 
View10/29/13Acchiardo, Jennifer; Hutchinson School 
View10/29/13County Trustee; Prescott Place Apartments 
View10/29/13County Trustee; Justo Ruben Mena Dba Quality Masonry 
View10/29/13Christopher Rhodes Dba Christyles Barber Shop; County Trustee 
View10/29/13County Trustee; Regal Auto Wash Xxvi Assoc 
View10/29/13County Trustee; Richard Rice Dba Rice Enterprises, Llc 
View10/29/13Alfonso H Hernandez Dba El Toro Loco Mexican Bar & Grill; County Trustee 
View10/29/13County Trustee; Horizon Construction Llc Dba Horizon Construction Co 
View10/29/13Tbf Financial Llc; Williams, Kevin 
View10/29/13Featherstone, Loyal; White, Carl 
View10/29/13Bridgefield Casualty Insurance Company; Wholesale Equipment Company 
View10/29/13Consumer Insurance Usa Inc Aso Kaitlyn Glidwell; Consumer Insurance Usa Inc Aso Robbie Shawver; Douglas, George 
View10/29/13Budget Financial, Inc; Westmoreland, Courtney 
View10/29/13Messick, Connie; Titan Homes Corporation 
View10/29/13Budget Financial, Inc; Damper, Bridget 
View10/29/13First Metropolitan Financial Services Inc; Thomas, Candy 
View10/29/13Budget Financial, Inc; Moore, Rekeia 
View10/29/13Pyramid Financial Llc; Sanders, Kimisa 
View10/29/13Budget Financial, Inc; Hughes, Demetrica 
View10/29/13Jones, Rudolph; Jones, Susan; Loveland, Ashley; Loveland, Steven 
View10/29/13Pyramid Financial Llc; Thomas, Demarcus 
View10/29/13Crites, Michael; Kismet Property Management Llc; Thielecke, Ashley 
View10/29/13Howard, Gwendolyn; Pyramid Financial Llc 
View10/29/13Moore, Tracy; Titan Homes Corporation 
View10/29/13Parrish, Sheila; Pyramid Financial Llc 
View10/29/13Maxwell, Annie; Mills, Kendrick; Titan Homes Corporation 
View10/29/13Jeffries, Lashonda; Pyramid Financial Llc 
View10/29/13Affordable Management, Llc; Flake, Anthony; James, Jerri 
View10/29/13Hardy, Tanya; Vaughn, Ricky 
View10/29/13Allstate Insurance Co Aso Denise Strickland; Kennedy, Willard; Transwood Inc 
View10/29/13County Trustee; Kenneth Marino Dba Webgrafix 
View10/29/13Brewer, Gregory; Brewer, Tamika; Salem Manor Apartments 
View10/29/13Stewart, Easaw; Titan Homes Corporation; Turner, Tomeka 
View10/29/13Mohamed, Mohamed; Tyus, Johnny 
View10/29/13Dickens, Joyce; Sunshine Corporation; Townsend, Christopher 
View10/29/13Crescent Bank & Trust; Stephens, Dexter 
View10/29/13Batchlor, Christina; Batchlor, Teresa; Springdale Creek Apartments; Young, Charles 
View10/29/13Bankhead, Latoya; Portfolio Recovery Associates 
View10/29/13Jameson, Todd; Navy Federal Credit Union 
View10/29/13Crescent Bank & Trust; Hoskins, Angela 
View10/29/13Ford Motor Credit Company; Hubbard, Kendal; Hubbard, Wanda 
View10/29/13Dobbins, John; Kai - Usa 
View10/29/13Gordon, Amy; Msw Capital Llc 
View10/29/13Haywood, Joyce; Msw Capital Llc 
View10/29/13Msw Capital Llc; Woods, Lorean 
View10/29/13Barbee, Erica; Davis, Rickey; Garmon, Dawnte; Harrington, Keith; Omni Insurance Company; Tucker, Ronze 
View10/29/13Freeman, Curtis; Malone, Denico; Rosenthal, Arthur 
View10/29/13Bama Metal Supply Llc; Orgill Inc; Wooten, Dustin 
View10/29/13Covington, Shirley; Unifund Ccr Partners 
View10/29/13Singleton, Michael; Unifund Ccr Partners