Batch Nashville sends Midstate’s best to the world

Friday, November 8, 2013, Vol. 37, No. 45
By Jennifer Justus

Samantha Williams

Yes, it’s better to give than receive. But here’s an idea that allows for both.

By signing up for Batch Nashville, you’ll receive a package of locally-made products with a theme such as “Rise & Shine,’’ or “After Dinner.’’

“It’s like a little present for themselves,” explains Batch Nashville co-founder Sam Davidson.

There’s even an element of surprise: You know the theme of the month ahead of time, and you know that the goodies are made in Middle Tennessee, but the exact food stuffs are a secret.

Batches arrive each month with at least four locally made goods, and customers can sign up for 1-month, 3-month or 12-month subscriptions.

Products for the “Rise & Shine” batch delivered in October, for example, included a package of Sunday Morning Pancake Mix, a bag of coffee beans from Garage Coffee Company, a jar of TruBee honey and a double serving of Cinnamon Girl oatmeal from Haulin’ Oats.

Davidson says Batch Nashville buys products from business owners at a wholesale or negotiated rate.

“We definitely don’t want people losing money,” he adds.

Batch Nashville subscribers are never quite sure what they are going to get in their monthly packages, but the odds are good they’re going to love their Middle Tennessee-made treats.

-- Photo Courtesy Of Teresa Blackburn

And in turn, business owners get their products in the hands of new customers.

Samantha Williams created her business making Sunday Morning Pancake Mix after raising $6,500 on Kickstarter, and Batch delivers to customers who might not have discovered her mix online or in local markets.

So, that’s the receiving part. The giving part is that Batches also can be shipped to friends in other locales, which makes it handy for the holidays.

In fact, Davidson had the idea to create the company when shopping for a basket of locally made items to send to a friend in Colorado.

When the Nashville native realized nothing like it really existed, he created the company with Rob Williams and Stephen Mosley.

While 30 percent of batches do go out of state, Davidson says it’s also been a great way for locals to make new discoveries about what’s happening around town.

“Nashville’s always been a great city for people to support and find local goods,” he says. “People like knowing where it comes from, who made it and the story behind it … Nashville definitely lines up to support small businesses.”

To receive the next Batch, which ships on Dec. 3, orders should be placed by Nov. 15. Cost is $45 for the December Batch or $97 for a subscription of December, January and February.

In addition to themed batches, gift batches in which contents are known also can be shopped for and purchased online at