Is racing over water, well, safe?

Friday, March 19, 2021, Vol. 45, No. 12

The Music City Grand Prix will be unique in that the course will feature a 600-yard straightaway across the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge and roughly 80 feet above the Cumberland River. That’s never been done in a grand prix race.

So what if there is a crash on the bridge?

“Obviously, we’re taking the safety measures necessary to protect those drivers and to keep them as safe as we can – from a barrier and a fencing and a steel cable and all those things – standpoint that we can do,” says Jason Rittenberry, COO of the Music City Grand Prix.

“And then, you know, there’s additional precautions which – just to let everyone know – we are prepared if a worst-case scenario does happen. From an emergency services standpoint, we will have rescue divers in the water that are on the Metro fireboat under the bridge.

“We’re taking all the precautions and prepared for anything that could happen but feel very confident going into it, based on the approvals that we’ve received from IndyCar and FIA that it is a safe course and a safe design.”