Rebounding vs. Ravens requires some quick fixes

Friday, November 20, 2020, Vol. 44, No. 47

First down: What the heck is up on special teams? The Titans have used three punters in three weeks, thanks mostly to Brett Kern’s injury. But why deactivate Ryan Allen and go with Trevor Daniel?

Punting wasn’t the only problem, and the Titans are very close to maybe having to make a hard decision on Stephen Gostkowski, who has missed eight field goals this year.

With a less-productive offense and a struggling defense, this team can no longer gloss over special teams errors.

Second down

Bottle up Lamar Jackson. Last year, the Titans downed the Ravens in the playoffs because they got a lead and essentially made Lamar Jackson one-dimensional. They cut him off going to the edge to run, and forced him to either scramble or make reads and throw the football.

The problem now is that Tennessee’s defense has fallen off considerably from last year, and that might be all the advantage the mercurial Jackson needs to get rolling.

Third down

Get back on the Henry train. Early in the year, we were all wondering if the Titans were going to burn out Derrick Henry, as he had at least 25 carries in each of the first three games. Since then, Henry does not have more 22 carries in any game, and he has all but disappeared in the passing game with just one catch the past three games.

The Titans need to get back to giving the big man the football early and often. The threat of Henry should help the pass protection and make Ryan Tannehill’s job must easier.

Fourth down

Bounce back time. The Titans had everything in front of them to coast to an AFC South title, and squandered it with an embarrassing loss at home to the Colts. Now, they’re in a dogfight for a playoff spot as the Colts, Browns, Dolphins and Raiders all sit 6-3, just like the Titans.

And Tennessee must play five of its final seven games on the road.

-- By Terry McCormick