WSMV news personalities file ageism lawsuit

Friday, December 1, 2017, Vol. 41, No. 48

NASHVILLE (AP) — Three former Tennessee on-air news personalities are suing their station over age discrimination claims.

Former WSMV-TV anchor Jennifer Johnson, ex-meteorologist Nancy Van Camp and ex-reporter Dennis Ferrier sued parent company Meredith Corporation in Nashville federal court.

The lawsuit says WSMV-TV removed many veteran on-air personalities starting in 2015, as managers mentioned dropping "old timers."

Paul Karpowicz, Meredith Local Media Group president, tells The Tennessean the claims are "unfortunate" and the ex-employees weren't "mistreated in any way."

The lawsuit says Johnson was demoted to reporter, given harder work and told her contract wouldn't be renewed 10 months before expiration.

It says Van Camp's contract wasn't renewed but she was retained until someone younger was found.

It says Ferrier, who admitted a minor on-air misstatement, was fired after complaining about workplace hostilities.