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Editorial Results (free)

1. McCarthy's pursuit of speaker's gavel comes at a high cost -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is in the fight of his political life, grinding through the promises and proposals, cajoling and deal-making necessary to win over reluctant colleagues whose support he needs to become House speaker.

2. McCarthy wins nomination for House speaker, but grind ahead -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leader Kevin McCarthy won the nomination Tuesday for House speaker, clearing a first step with majority support from his colleagues, but he now faces a weeks-long slog to quell right-flank objections before a final vote in the new year.

3. McCarthy makes case for House speaker, but right flank balks -

WASHINGTON (AP) — With Republicans close to gaining control of the House, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy maneuvered Monday to lock up support to become the next House speaker, pushing past the objections of his right flank and embarking on a bruising path to seize the gavel from Nancy Pelosi if Democrats lose the majority.

4. 'Too hyperbolic'? School board parental rights push falters -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservative groups that sought to get hundreds of "parents' rights" activists elected to local school boards largely fell short in last week's midterm elections, notching notable wins in some Republican strongholds but failing to gain a groundswell of support among moderate voters.

5. Republicans in struggle to break Democrats' hold on Congress -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The promise of a red wave receding, Republicans slogged state by state in a determined fight to break the Democrats' one-party hold on Washington, a breathtakingly close battle for control of Congress and the future of President Joe Biden's agenda.

6. GOP seizes on voter hesitancy to attack EVs as costly to US -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Heading into next week's midterm elections, many Republican candidates are seeking to capitalize on voters' concerns about inflation by vilifying a key component of President Joe Biden's climate agenda: electric vehicles.

7. Top Davidson County residential sales for September 2022 -

Top residential real estate sales, September 2022, for Davidson County, as compiled by the Nashville Ledger.

AddressCityZipFiling DateBuyersSellersSale Price
1817 Tyne Nashville 37215 9/23 Mitchell Elise Smith; Mitchell Banford Raye Irby Charles L; Irby Kate M; Montgomery Kevin D $5,600,000
909 Glendale Nashville 37204 9/9 Kadya LLC Lucky Numbers LLC $4,500,000
5655 Granny White Brentwood 37027 9/21 Stauffer Dean; Stauffer Shelagh Pacific Coast Prop LLC $4,300,000
3104 Woodlawn Nashville 37215 9/2 Double Happy Living Trust Edrm LLC $4,100,000
4706 Belmont Park Nashville 37215 9/13 Assad LLC Ellison Jennifer; Ellison Jon; Frost Jeremy $3,450,000
2510 Ridgewood Nashville 37215 9/26 McGinn Matthew Chatham Trust $3,300,000
4338 Chickering Nashville 37215 9/16 Eyken-Sluyters Eric; Nickin Amy 4338 Chickering Trust $3,250,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/20 Anderson Benjamin; Anderson Morgan 151 Nashville Project LP $3,200,000
102 Clydelan Nashville 37205 9/7 Iris LLC Kunkel Neil; Walker Paula $3,185,000
2028 Sunset Hills Nashville 37215 9/26 Magnolia Ridge Trust Montgomery Kevin D; Strifert Kim Elizabeth; Sweatt John David $2,950,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/13 Gannaway Richard Philip 151 Nashville Project LP $2,680,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Kambour Annaliese; Rubin Lawrence 151 Nashville Project LP $2,600,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/6 Mixter Prop LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,520,000
3704 Central Avenue Nashville 37205 9/29 Blane Hayden Lash; Blane James Brent Stansell James N Jr; Stansell Shirley B $2,500,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/23 Harlon J Kimbro Jr Revocable Living Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,490,000
3428 Stokesmont Nashville 37215 9/29 Vernich Leigh Wilhite; Vernich Paul David Austin Carolyn Sue; Head William Michael $2,450,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Kevin E Scott Revocable Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,440,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Fulling Mill Nashville Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,400,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/27 Buteo Prop LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,400,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/2 Denbrock Larry W 151 Nashville Project LP $2,375,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/30 Johnson Michael D 151 Nashville Project LP $2,325,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/13 Brogan Chase 151 Nashville Project LP $2,310,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/9 Kmi Holdings LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,310,000
7860 Learning Nashville 37221 9/29 Bellevue Storage Partners LLC Phelan Stow-It LLC $2,300,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 FS160 Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,255,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/27 Big Red Ventures LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,235,100
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/9 Grisham Cheryl L; Grisham Douglas M 151 Nashville Project LP $2,220,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/13 Henderson Robert 151 Nashville Project LP $2,185,000
906 Dorset Brentwood 37027 9/27 Mubarak Anthony; Mubarak Kendra W Conley Joanna Jordan; Conley Richard Matthew $2,100,000
1908 Edenbridge Nashville 37215 9/29 Kuriyan Chandra Revocable Trust Hadley Stacia; Hadley Thomas F $2,100,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Harnen James T Jr 151 Nashville Project LP $2,095,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Lindelm Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,035,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/16 Yifan Li Revocable Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,030,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/14 Davis Durwood Michael 151 Nashville Project LP $1,980,000
3426 Hopkins Nashville 37215 9/12 Sweeting Raeshell; Sweeting Shane Aldrich Laura Kathleen; Aldrich Michael Samuel $1,950,000
1809 Castleman Nashville 37215 9/7 Voit Louis Linwood III; Voit Victoria Ann Saros Juuse $1,950,000
4215 Harding Nashville 37205 9/20 DBI-MBA Prop LLC Robinson Tracey Lee $1,900,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/20 Morgan Robert 151 Nashville Project LP $1,870,000
921 Bowring Nashville 37215 9/21 Michaud Olafsson Revocable Trust; Olafsson Bentz Prop LLC; Mariel Rich Preservation Trust $1,850,000
  Nashville 37215 9/12 Coombs Brayden G; Coombs Kerry JB Partners $1,830,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/13 Cervinia LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,820,000
117B 46th Nashville 37209 9/29 Griffin Thomas Blackburn Karen; Blackburn Rick $1,800,000
1601 Observatory Nashville 37215 9/23 Rogan Alice Shivers Harriette H; Shivers Ralph D $1,800,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/9 Walls Kenneth Lucas 151 Nashville Project LP $1,780,000
5451 Granny White Brentwood 37027 9/22 Carlock Clay Jr Vouvalides Family Living Trust $1,775,000
16 2ND Nashville 37201 9/8 Agee John Warren; Agee Laurie Young 151 Nashville Project LP $1,770,000
899 Van Leer Nashville 37220 9/1 Stone Oak Builders LLC Allen Angela $1,755,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/7 Strong Marcy Lynn 151 Nashville Project LP $1,740,000
2008 Natchez Nashville 37212 9/20 Jackson Brett; Brzozowicz Emily Koster Kimberly $1,737,500
3509 Ruland Nashville 37215 9/28 Woys James Miles Paul Michael; Wellenraiter-Miles Beth Marie $1,725,000
4105 Estes Nashville 37215 9/28 Serck Emily Ayres; Serck Matthew Grady Hocking Heather Mayzell; Hocking Kyle Mitchell $1,700,000
3422 Benham Nashville 37215 9/29 Hood Terry William; Loeffler Eric Edward Hadidi Zinah; Izzy Manhal $1,699,000
2911B Snowden Nashville 37204 9/20 Al-Nimri Elaina; Gagliano Jeffrey White Pines Building Group LLC $1,675,000
930 Gale Nashville 37204 9/15 Sooner R Routhier Revocable Trust Grenier Geoffrey $1,650,000
935 Douglas Nashville 37204 9/7 Gulati Errin Weiss Nicole L; Weiss Robert A $1,595,000
305 Chamberlin Nashville 37209 9/28 Poss Molly M; Poss Robert N Finn Holdings LLC $1,595,000
323B McKennell Nashville 37206 9/22 Jones Benjamin Tyler; Jones Tess Marie Wiser Hannah; Wiser Thomas $1,520,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Day Robbie; Day Tiffani 151 Nashville Project LP $1,515,000
2615 Hemingway Nashville 37215 9/1 Montgomery Classic Const LLC Lima Maria De Fatima; Villalta Fernando $1,500,000
1405 Burton Valley Nashville 37215 9/8 Range Construction LLC Hoagey Janice Hunt; Hunt Betty Owens $1,500,000
1931 Warfield Nashville 37215 9/30 Brenda Wood Frei Living Trust Tomblinson Courtney Miles; Tomblinson Ian David $1,460,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/20 Gentry Claude Douglas; Gentry Sherry Jeanette 151 Nashville Project LP $1,435,000
4608 General Lowrey Nashville 37215 9/20 Keen Shawn Deschaine Jarrod M $1,425,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/9 Kavanagh John E III; Kavanagh Kathleen M 151 Nashville Project LP $1,400,000
1115 Biltmore Nashville 37204 9/13 Baker Cavanagh Rybacki Tarala; Rybacki Timothy $1,400,000
1244 Hickory Springs Brentwood 37027 9/21 Gregory And Alison Baumer Revocable Trust Black Annie Gaines; Black Annie Michele Tarbett; Crawford Cara Ainsley; Gaines Andrew Donald; Gaines Edward Eric; Gaines Robert Michael; Gaines Shelby Michaela; Gaines Mitchell Gene Russell $1,400,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/13 Welk Lynn H 151 Nashville Project LP $1,400,000
180 9th Nashville 37203 9/7 JJA Prop LLC Mansfield Beverly Darnall; Mansfield Stephen $1,400,000
1496B Woodmont Nashville 37215 9/13 Patel Ashish; Patel Priya Jet Group LLC $1,400,000
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 9/16 Franzen Holdings LLC Mary Kay Corbeil 2015 GST-Exempt Family Trust $1,395,000
1215B Sigler Nashville 37203 9/6 Timian Luke; Timian Scott Destefano Christopher; Destefano Lauren $1,370,000
501 Brook Hollow Nashville 37205 9/27 Gregory Real Estate LLC Leathers Meredith Boyd; Leathers Robert Alexander $1,365,000
116 Windsor Nashville 37205 9/27 Pickens Rebecca Lynn; Pickens Ward Austin Elizabeth T $1,360,000
134 Prospect Nashville 37205 9/21 Wang Yu; Zhao Juan Johnson A Richard; Johnson Mary D $1,350,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/2 Knestrick William E 151 Nashville Project LP $1,325,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Gonser Reggie Jarrett 151 Nashville Project LP $1,320,000
2502 Brittany Nashville 37206 9/13 Martin Charles Burke BMB Prop GP $1,317,500
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/7 Wall Daniel Mathews 151 Nashville Project LP $1,300,000
900 20th Nashville 37212 9/28 Alexander Howard; Alexander Rebecca Johnson Michael David $1,300,000
1103 2nd Nashville 37210 9/2 Fortune Ameliah Jennifer; Fortune Taylor Scalise Angela Shields; Scalise Justin Thomas; Shields Angela Delight $1,285,000
1115 Ozark Nashville 37206 9/28 Orr Shane; Orr Tia-Clair East Greenway Park LLC $1,284,800
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/7 Jnsanzo LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,275,000
5813 Robert E Lee Nashville 37215 9/14 Turner Barbara B; Turner James F Jr Seidner Mary D $1,268,800
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/23 222/2505 Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,253,800
1117 Ozark Nashville 37206 9/14 Pride Jonathan Raphael; Pride Sa Cara Shaw Aerial Infill LLC $1,252,600
4035 Sneed Nashville 37215 9/8 LOF White Pines Building Group LLC $1,250,000
507 Woodhurst Nashville 37220 9/28 Cherwak George II; Cherwak Jade Harber Nathan; Harber Samantha $1,250,000
3515 Byron Nashville 37205 9/30 Wright Katherine M; Wright Paul J Stephanie S Hamilton Living Trust $1,250,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Windley Family Revocable Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,241,000
1901 Warfield Nashville 37215 9/23 Stoll Andrew Myers Raechel Lee; Myers Ryan William $1,240,000
5 Peach Blossom Nashville 37205 9/16 Woodlief Philip Crumel Dawn Risa $1,240,000
700 Hillwood Nashville 37205 9/8 Kawecki Jacek; Kawecki Meghan Lybrand Terry P; Reddick Rebecca E $1,235,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/20 Tannenbaum Aaron 151 Nashville Project LP $1,223,800
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 9/12 Skyrock LLC MGG Revocable Trust $1,220,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/27 Chelsea TN LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,213,700
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Spoolstra Albern; Spoolstra Stephanie 151 Nashville Project LP $1,205,000
301 Demonbreun Nashville 37201 9/19 Sanchez Holdings LLC T&M Encore LLC $1,200,000
700 12th Nashville 37203 9/27 Chatham Trust Mancuso Scott $1,200,000
4111 Colorado Nashville 37209 9/1 Proctor Elizabeth C; Proctor Robert W Jr Colgan Kenneth Earl; Colgan Phillip Eugene; Colgan Robert Steven $1,200,000
514 Davidson Nashville 37205 9/9 Lehman Danae; Lehman Steve 2K Dev LLC $1,200,000
4617 Churchwood Nashville 37220 9/27 Greenleaf Jennifer B; Greenleaf William R Concord Capital LLC $1,200,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 One Hundred Percent LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,193,800
625 27th Nashville 37209 9/6 Fabbro Dante; Sissons Colton SBK LLC $1,165,000
1924 Castleman Nashville 37215 9/15 Province Builders LLC Taylor Judith Ann $1,150,000
834B Argyle Nashville 37203 9/27 Tisch Bertram A; Tisch Caitlin LS-TG Home Fund LLC $1,150,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Nakamoto Co Ltd 151 Nashville Project LP $1,141,800
2031 Neelys Bend Madison 37115 9/2 Riley Jeffrey C; Braly Curtis Croxall Terrie $1,137,500
2815 Kenway Nashville 37215 9/20 Chesnut Infill GP King Tony Craig; Saito Kaori $1,133,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/27 Mark E Carr Declaration of Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,130,000
1403 Forrest Nashville 37206 9/9 Katz Benjamin Michael; Wolfe Jessica Rachel Cone Christina; Doherty Andrew $1,127,000
832 Argyle Nashville 37203 9/20 Shvartsman Mark Ls-Tg Home Fund LLC $1,120,000
501 27th Nashville 37209 9/6 Xue Xiahua Zhang Yao; Zhu Ling; Bai Mingfeng $1,100,000
3733 Estes Nashville 37215 9/30 McClain Cory Bam Ventures LLC $1,090,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/20 Patel Neil; Patel Raj 151 Nashville Project LP $1,090,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/7 Leduc Living Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,078,700
209 54th Nashville 37209 9/2 Groth Sylvia L Brady Cassandra C; Brady John P $1,075,000
6104 Chickering Nashville 37215 9/23 Shulman Brian; Shulman Lisa Jane H Sullivan Living Trust; Family Trust $1,075,000
839 Dewees Nashville 37204 9/12 Weiss Robert A Ghost Investments Inc $1,050,000
807 Porter Nashville 37206 9/20 Mickle Ryan PPM House Trust Agreement $1,050,000
9033 Old Charlotte Pegram 37143 9/21 Harmon Chris G; Harmon Sharon K Nolan Adele; Seaman Jason R $1,050,000
6512 Jocelyn Hollow Nashville 37205 9/29 Morrison Erik; Morrison Lindsay Wise Hunt Kayla F; Hunt Ryan P $1,050,000
1316 3rd Nashville 37208 9/26 Haley David; Haley Jill Belcher William Jr; Lux Ryan; Rose-Belcher Stephanie $1,050,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/7 Donna S McCreery Revocable Living Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,050,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/7 T&B Property Holdings LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,030,000
608 Madison Nashville 37208 9/15 608 Madison Street Unit 2 Trust Mainland Germantown LLC $1,011,750
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Ross Doan Revocable Living Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,003,700
144 Prospect Nashville 37205 9/23 Osborne Anthony Phillip; Osborne Jennifer S Parkes Paula Smith Estate $1,000,000
6620 Holt Nashville 37211 9/9 Milliken Nancy; Milliken Todd; Milliken Todd M Bussell Helen T; Bussell Kenneth G $1,000,000
785 Brook Hollow Nashville 37205 9/1 Janice E Ticich Revocable Trust Wiggs Jon; Wiggs Jonathan; Wiggs Jordan; Wiggs Sheryl Jordan $999,999
6024 Brentwood Chase Brentwood 37027 9/1 Bethel Aaron; Bethel Carly Wendland Lauri Jean; Wendland Scott Michael $999,900
1824 10th Nashville 37203 9/6 Griffin Haley; Griffin Perry Stewart Emily R; Stewart Kevin L $999,000
3330 Love Nashville 37212 9/15 Womer Fay Y; Womer Mark T Goodson John W; Kemp Katherine Marie $995,000
3602 Mayflower Nashville 37204 9/9 Carter Jessica; Carter Spencer Herron David S; Moore R L $994,000
3733 Estes Nashville 37215 9/30 Bam Ventures LLC Miller Nathaniel Moore; Miller Katharine Louise $990,000
4311 Nebraska Nashville 37209 9/28 Bock Dillon; Bock Kristin; Cardo Randy Serck Emily; Serck Matthew $985,000
4256 Jamesborough Nashville 37215 9/1 Smith Hunter Joseph; Smith Katherine Dabney Williams Rebecca White $983,000
1515 Norvel Nashville 37216 9/30 Trinidad Andres O; Trinidad Kelly M Carter Benjamin E $980,000
2111 10th Nashville 37204 9/7 Knell Family Prop LLC Middleton Tyler $975,000
605 16th Nashville 37206 9/1 Jacob Paul; Nair Devika Park Jeremy M; Park Kendall C $975,000
139 Kenner Nashville 37205 9/27 Greene Joy T; Greene Steven L Whelan Patrick $970,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Chu Angela; Milazzo Evan 151 Nashville Project LP $970,000
5960 Lickton Goodlettsville 37072 9/21 Culver Christy J; Culver Jay G Dillon Sarah; Dillon William E $962,000
476 Humphreys Nashville 37203 9/13 Ojas Oasis LLC S Rae Productions LLC $954,250
1553 Harding Nashville 37215 9/9 Owen Dev LLC Bars Hooper Holdings LLC $950,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Khan Sajid 151 Nashville Project LP $950,000
1017 Mansfield Nashville 37206 9/28 Jenkins Lauren; Jenkins Steven Newport Group Prop LLC $950,000
1110 6th Nashville 37207 9/16 Davis Sean Akira Kassinger Jacob A; Kassinger Olivia $950,000
859 Vibe Nashville 37216 9/15 Cmc Dev LLC GDM Prop LLC $950,000
110 31st Nashville 37203 9/19 Adkisson Craig Kelley Trustee; Craig Kelley Adkisson Trust Chen Katherine K; Hayes Leslie G $950,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 9/8 Johnson Nils 151 Nashville Project LP $945,000
2627 Airpark Nashville 37206 9/23 Davis Michael F Harrison Johnny R; Ulshafer Steven Lee $925,000
4410 Soper Nashville 37204 9/2 2K Dev LLC Stewart Julia H; Stewart Wavell P $925,000
608 Barrywood Nashville 37220 9/21 Bethel Traci; Head David Hammers Karen; Percy Karen; Hammers Stephen $925,000
2818B Kirkwood Nashville 37204 9/8 Mobeck Prop LLC Gunnar Jessica $925,000
1553 Harding Nashville 37215 9/9 Bars Hooper Holdings LLC Speer Judith Lynn Brewer $905,000
1710 Primrose Nashville 37212 9/22 Rolling Hollow Prop LLC Northern Cheree; Thomas Evelyn; Thomas Gary; Thomas Shirley $900,000
932 Archer Nashville 37203 9/13 St Joesph Prop LLC LF Farms LLC $895,000
4026 Lealand Nashville 37204 9/2 Hull Michael Maggart Revocable Living Trust; Mark Edwina Maggart Revocable Living Trust $894,000
909B Beechmont Nashville 37206 9/2 Leonard Michael; Smith Brenna Jackson Valley Land Partners LLC $893,000
1409A Hawkins Nashville 37203 9/30 Mock Che Becori Snyder William F $875,000
1400 Arthur Nashville 37208 9/28 Kjjj Equities Group LLC 1400 Arthur LLC $875,000
4308 Morriswood Nashville 37204 9/19 Alvis Ann; Alvis Bret Curley Linda K; Davidson Brigid $875,000
530B Stevenson Nashville 37209 9/2 Schaefer Charles J; Schaefer Janet A Lauderback George Phillip II; Lauderback Tina Lynn $870,000
110 31st Nashville 37203 9/2 Thanawalla Farid Link Sonya J $867,500
2909 Glenmeade Nashville 37216 9/13 Karas Rj Michael; Karas Megan Maria Yinzers LLC $865,000
6212 Banbury Brentwood 37027 9/7 Odom John Scott Jr; Odom Lisa Ellington Owens Julie L $860,000
6001 Woodland Hills Nashville 37211 9/30 Zanotti Sarah Talbert Darrell B; Talbert Kimberly R $860,000
111 Glendale Garden Nashville 37204 9/30 Beechboard Robert Daniel; Lopez Gabriel Dominguez Michelle L; Montgomery Michelle L; Dominguez Robert R Jr $855,000
222 Chapel Nashville 37206 9/14 Arbor Revocable Living Trust Vanboskirk Shar $850,000
405B 10th Nashville 37206 9/14 Crenshaw William B Jackson Valley Land Partners LLC $850,000
421 36th Nashville 37209 9/16 Bondili Balaji; Bondili Meghna Wilson Virginia M $850,000
754 Alloway Nashville 37203 9/12 Shilz Adam J Galioto Amanda; Lynn Michael R $850,000
842 Bresslyn Nashville 37205 9/8 Lrs Prop LLC Kms Prop LLC $850,000
407B 10th Nashville 37206 9/1 Tanner Anthony; Tanner Erin Jackson Valley Land Part LLC $850,000
514B Moore Nashville 37203 9/30 McCarthy Molly Melissa Schumacher Grant A; Schumacher Amanda R $840,000
913B Marilyn Nashville 37209 9/16 Edwards Kimberly; Nardozzi Daniel Dodd Dev Group LLC $840,000
327 Elberta Nashville 37210 9/20 Fiona Whelan Prine Family Trust Davis Glory; Therber Angela Gaye; Therber Betty Sue Estate; Therber Darlene; Therber Deborah; Therber Franklin D Estate; Therber Jonathan Wade Executor; Therber Marvin Kent; Therber Roger; Fairhope Faith Therber $840,000
700 12th Nashville 37203 9/2 Nicoletta Kevin Gannaway Richard P $830,000
512 Achievement Nashville 37209 9/30 Hudson Megan; McKemie Warren Nedds Robert Daniel $825,000
4807 Granny White Nashville 37220 9/1 8Gco Revocable Living Trust; Church Stephen Trustee Blank Joseph John III; Boyd Margaret B; Boyd Patrick S $825,000
6666 Brookmont Nashville 37205 9/15 Rothberg Kim; Rothberg Michael Vilis Trust $820,000
700 12th Nashville 37203 9/12 Taube Emily Campbell; Taube Emily Campbell; Taube Emily Campbell Sarah E Gates Revocable Trust $806,000
916B Crescent Hill Nashville 37206 9/27 Golder Erika P; Golder Jonathan David Southern Legacy Homes LLC $805,000
2301B Barclay Nashville 37206 9/19 Michael T Modic Revocable Trust; Modic Michael T Trustee Prichard Megan; Prichard Richard $804,900
5564 Nevil Brentwood 37027 9/21 Owens Julie Howard Mary Miller $804,000
404 16th Nashville 37206 9/7 Mansoori Sarah Bright-Kramer Christy; Kramer Jesse Wayne; Bright Christy $803,000
5002 Dakota Nashville 37209 9/6 Cielo Ventures LLC Bars Hooper Holdings LLC $800,000
6 Middleton Nashville 37210 9/1 Tf Unit 1 LLC Ritzen George Lee $800,000
2722 Sharondale Nashville 37215 9/22 Faris Katherine; Standard Scott Crawford Jr Geer Christopher J $800,000
808 Regimental Hermitage 37076 9/6 French Corey; Williams Jeremy Grandview Custom Homes LLC $800,000


8. CNN management intent on changing perception of the network -

NEW YORK (AP) — It was the kind of story that media reporter Brian Stelter would normally sink his teeth into — if only it didn't involve him.

CNN said last week it was cancelling "Reliable Sources," its 30-year-old program on the media, and letting Stelter go, part of a nascent effort by new management to reclaim a brand identity that it feels was damaged during the Trump era.

9. Jackson pledges to decide cases 'without fear or favor' -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is telling senators she would defend the Constitution and decide cases "without fear or favor" if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

She is delivering her opening statement Monday at her high court confirmation hearing. She is the first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court.

10. Top Davidson County residential sales for February 2022 -

Top residential real estate sales, February 2022, for Davidson County, as compiled by the Nashville Ledger.

AddressCityZipFiling DateBuyersSellersSale Price
6129 Hillsboro Nashville 37215 2/24 Ellis Michael 6129 Hillsboro LLC $4,675,000
5894 Ashland Nashville 37215 2/15 Stern Adam; Stern Kristin PGT Trust $3,650,000
4514 Harpeth Hills Nashville 37215 2/23 Hopke Renee; Hopke William J Chandelier Dev Inc $3,408,253
2005 Cromwell Nashville 37215 2/24 Chapman William T IV Trustee Calderon Rafael A $3,100,000
501 Westview Nashville 37205 2/8 Phillips Oliver C Fry Julian $3,100,000
3821 West End Nashville 37205 2/1 McAlevey Lynne H Trustee Melkus Kenneth $3,000,000
4401 Tyne Nashville 37215 2/15 Tsd Holdings LLC Turner Kelli $2,850,000
601 Madison Nashville 37208 2/23 Pelican Funds LLC Mainland Germantown LLC $2,791,000
721 Lakeshore Old Hickory 37138 2/4 Lakeshore Pointe Realty LLC Apple Johnie M $2,725,000
3925 Cross Creek Nashville 37215 2/28 Carleton Heather Anne; Carleton Jerry Francis Province Builders LLC $2,585,000
913 Lawrence Nashville 37204 2/15 Butcher Celia R; Butcher Jack Province Builders LLC $2,500,000
5415 Stanford Nashville 37215 2/14 Hauff Jessica; Vidaureeta Rafael Butterworth Christopher; Hargett Charles $2,375,000
1808 Sweetbriar Nashville 37212 2/18 Brian Duke Bevans Revocable Living Trust; Sheri L Bevans Revocable Living Trust Eftekhari Georgette; Eftekhari Shervin; Eftekhari-Asl Shervin $2,250,000
7 Wynstone Nashville 37215 2/15 Schmidt Jordan Talbott Mahsa; Talbott Masha $2,200,000
2024 Kingsbury Nashville 37215 2/15 DP CA Residence Trust Baker Gary D; Baker Laura B $2,145,000
130 Windsor Nashville 37205 2/17 Pritchett William Huber Todd C $2,040,000
916 Acklen Nashville 37203 2/1 Nowinski Robert II Paragon Group LLC $2,000,000
955 Draughon Nashville 37204 2/9 Beegle Jessica Paige Build Nashville LLC $1,950,000
105 Page Nashville 37205 2/28 Lane Holding LLC Miller Alastair; Miller Lauren $1,800,000
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 2/25 Mullens Mary Colleen Apperson Michael W $1,780,000
601 Madison Nashville 37208 2/14 Owens Bradley Ryan Mainland Germantown LLC $1,756,500
6451 Worchester Nashville 37221 2/28 Ross Keri Ann Baycora Leyla $1,750,000
5200 Hickory Hollow Antioch 37013 2/10 Rowan Propco LLC 5200 Hickory Hollow Partners LLC $1,750,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Hamby Chris; Hamby Sherri 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,750,000
4305A Utah Nashville 37209 2/17 Lothenbach Frank Jr Trustee Richland Building Partners LLC $1,680,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/17 Sub Innovations LLC 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,668,000
4712 Tanglewood Nashville 37216 2/17 Hackett Family Trust Mabee Janelle M; Mabee Steven R II $1,650,000
515 Church Nashville 37219 2/15 Mitchell Jan El Caballero Joaquin G Jr Trustee $1,650,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/17 Cargile Robert Matison III 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,638,000
3438 Stokesmont Nashville 37215 2/25 Blackwelder Mgmt Group LLC Harris Morgan $1,625,000
329 McKennell Nashville 37206 2/1 M Squared LLC Southern Exchange & Acquisition Inc Trustee $1,625,000
707B Crescent Nashville 37205 2/18 Denker Henrik Bmb Properties $1,615,000
1610B 6th Nashville 37208 2/2 Smith Ryan Donnell Bennu Business Holdings LLC $1,595,000
518 Wilson Nashville 37215 2/11 Geraci Living Trust Mulle Katie Stone $1,587,500
4807 Dakota Nashville 37209 2/17 Veenstra Zachary Build Nashville Db2 LLC $1,550,000
1812 Holly Nashville 37206 2/3 Hulse Ethan Apg Rentals LLC $1,550,000
1808 Blair Nashville 37212 2/24 Evans Brent Joseph; Mueller Dorothee Alexandra Pilkington Richard $1,500,000
900 20th Nashville 37212 2/11 Fiala Bruce A; Fiala Katie Oconnell Webb Kalen P; Webb Michael R $1,500,000
705 Darden Nashville 37205 2/18 Top of the Hill Enterprises LLC H Gail Gibson-Milliron Revocable Trust $1,475,000
1909 Russell Nashville 37206 2/24 Goldman Gregg Davis Ryan P $1,450,000
4013 Colorado Nashville 37209 2/23 Dettwiller Ann Kathryn Baker Matthew G $1,400,000
6400 Harding Nashville 37205 2/18 Day Suzanne Bercut Trustee Bowler Gail H Trustee $1,400,000
6212 Hickory Valley Nashville 37205 2/3 Vintage South LLC Dashiff Michael D $1,400,000
411 Prestwick Nashville 37205 2/7 Winsett Elizabeth Moats Shelley $1,389,595
1615 5th Nashville 37208 2/28 Newman Brian T Dabrowski Catherine R $1,367,000
2308 White Nashville 37204 2/1 Hall Brandon Koehler Snyder William Francis $1,365,000
706 Cantrell Nashville 37215 2/1 Bartek Stephen III Davies Michael Bremner Trustee $1,340,000
4112 Idaho Nashville 37209 2/1 Murray Jessica L BRG LLC $1,325,500
946B Glendale Nashville 37204 2/18 Rowley John Posnik Oksana $1,325,000
2416 Linden Nashville 37212 2/2 Efinger James K Hyde Const Group LLC $1,324,000
1411 Old Hickory Brentwood 37027 2/1 Home Capital LLC Cary William James $1,300,000
3800 Nebraska Nashville 37209 2/23 Jackson Matthew Davidson Kathleen $1,270,000
840 Woodmont Nashville 37204 2/11 Havill Aaron Michael; Havill Courtney E Silvers Bernie; Silvers Jodie $1,265,000
114 47th Nashville 37209 2/14 Jmb Holdings LLC Richland Building Partners LLC $1,208,325
1904 Kimbark Nashville 37215 2/10 Hood Kristen Prince Brittany Walker $1,200,000
103 Pembroke Nashville 37205 2/17 Culp Lacey; Culp William B III Smith David H; Smith Gardner O $1,200,000
224 Heady Nashville 37205 2/17 224 Heady LLC Cavazos Gary D Estate $1,200,000
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 2/22 Gray Jill E Obmascik; Gray Michael J Wohlers Chad $1,200,000
6201 Bresslyn Nashville 37205 2/2 Marengo St Inv LLC Top of the Hill Enterprises LLC $1,200,000
815 Forest Acres Nashville 37220 2/16 Moorad Jan Coleman Brian D $1,200,000
1900 Oakhill Nashville 37206 2/14 Amos Allison Earley; Amos Anthony Jason Paragon Group LLC $1,200,000
909 Gilmore Nashville 37204 2/16 Kelly Megan Douglas Slaughter Jeffrey Carl $1,200,000
2059 Timberwood Nashville 37215 2/8 Marcus Kent Trustee Sauder Donald R Trustee $1,200,000
3635 General Bate Nashville 37204 2/3 Phillips Bradley Shulman Adam Charles $1,199,900
515 Church Nashville 37219 2/1 Watson Kevin Hardie William Huger III Trustee $1,175,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/22 Signature Six LLC 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,164,000
1110 Sigler Nashville 37203 2/17 2015 Lucas Family Trust Price Amber $1,150,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Haley Richard Wallace 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,149,000
26 Washington Nashville 37205 2/10 Waltemath Gary Potter Thomas K $1,140,000
5662 Cloverland Brentwood 37027 2/3 5662 Cloverland LLC Crabtree Diane Moseley $1,125,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Coury Robert S 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,117,000
1414 Woodmont Nashville 37215 2/7 Hampton George Marfell Jason Thomas $1,101,000
2537 Park Green Old Hickory 37138 2/16 Grand Gors LLC Music City Classics Inc $1,100,000
2607 Whites Creek Nashville 37207 2/16 2607 Whites Creek Pike LLC 1 Public Homes LLC; Fedorovich Edward $1,100,000
5304 Brentview Hills Nashville 37220 2/9 Walne James A Paden Matthew Terry $1,076,000
2725 Westwood Nashville 37204 2/18 Loecher Brittany; Loecher Nikolas Westwood I LLC $1,055,000
732 Greeley Nashville 37205 2/3 Garwill LLC Belote Eloise G $1,050,000
128 Abbottsford Nashville 37215 2/2 J& B Realty Holdings LLC Brent Michael D Executor $1,040,000
325 Chamberlin Nashville 37209 2/24 Beckner James Lancaster Jr Dwyer Steven $1,040,000
6136 Chickering Nashville 37215 2/9 Chesnut Infill Gp Sandidge Kent IV $1,030,000
4413 Charleston Place Nashville 37215 2/10 Grice Charles A Whitefield Lowell C Trustee $1,025,000
1311 Tyne Nashville 37215 2/10 J L Holloway LLC Hatch Deborah Lunn $1,000,000
705 27th Nashville 37208 2/17 Burrell Sisters Mgmt LLC Thrive At City Heights LLC $1,000,000
2130 Buena Vista Nashville 37218 2/18 Fed Dev LLC Mayo Dianne S; Mayo Marable Lee Jr $1,000,000
707 27th Nashville 37208 2/8 Nash Keary Elizabeth Thrive at City Heights LLC $1,000,000
3721B West End Nashville 37205 2/17 Elizabeth Meade Wills 1999 Irrevocable Trust Carpenter Mona L $995,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/17 Raver C Cybele 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $992,000
1708 Carvell Nashville 37203 2/10 Bmb Properties Jenkins Paul $990,000
1502 Kirkwood Nashville 37212 2/3 Mohindra Mikas Tudor David M $985,000
1213 5th Nashville 37208 2/15 1213 5Th Ave N LLC Boyd Irene R $975,000
515 Church Nashville 37219 2/25 Kimberly Anderson Stone Consolidated Trust Pfeiffer Matthew R; Pfeiffer Whitney $975,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/16 Chargerco Properties II LLC 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $961,205
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 2/18 Khoukaz Maya Hartsell Joey Scott $960,000
2224 Castleman Nashville 37215 2/11 Adcox James M III Trustee Knestrick Andrew $960,000
1029 14th Nashville 37212 2/14 Spence Leigh Ann 1029 14Th Avenue Partners LLC $950,000
2937 Primrose Nashville 37212 2/28 Sasser Kathryn Hays Reynolds Zachary $950,000
3418 Acklen Nashville 37212 2/18 Noble Kash C; Sillers Tia M Yancey Cynthia K S $950,000
1311 Lillian Nashville 37206 2/11 Huseby Homes LLC Huseby Robert D $930,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Debelak Angela Kimberly 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $920,000
1413 Hawkins Nashville 37203 2/24 Zajicek Che B; Zajicek Jorie Adams Grayson Hill $910,000
1306 Gartland Nashville 37206 2/9 Gallagher Alisha Mae Shim Erin L $909,000
20 Rutledge Nashville 37210 2/17 Clement Debra N; Clement Robert B Jr Hamby Christopher W; Hamby Sherri L $890,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/23 Womack Stephen B 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $889,000
1813 Rosewood Nashville 37212 2/9 Griffin-May Allacyn Lee Mills Frank C $887,550
1803 Hillside Nashville 37203 2/18 Carlone David; Carlone Heidi Stewart Christine Marie; Stewart Jeffrey $887,000
2035 Overhill Nashville 37215 2/25 Jarvis John Barlow Budhwani Hina $875,000
4035 Sneed Nashville 37215 2/11 White Pines Building Group LLC Wood E Thomas; Wood Nicki Pendleton $875,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/16 Wilford Obadiah 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $874,000
1014A Mitchell Nashville 37206 2/4 Juarez Ruben Checkerboard Properties $870,000
1257 John Nashville 37210 2/28 Lms Homes LLC 1257 John St LLC $869,000
416 17th Nashville 37206 2/24 Murphy Leslie S Pedigo William J III $865,000
315 Fann Nolensville 37135 2/14 Hearn Brandon; Hearn Constance Marie Macey Linda Kay; Macey William Edgar III $865,000
2000 Natchez Nashville 37212 2/17 1029 14Th Avenue Partners LLC Moore James $855,000
6717 Greeley Nashville 37205 2/22 Build Nashville Db2 LLC Bailey Nancy $850,000
1711 Sherwood Nashville 37216 2/22 Baker Jillian; Baker Patrick E Craven Alyson Holland; Craven Richard Oliver $850,000
3804 Harding Nashville 37215 2/7 Webber Gerald Welch Michael Bradley $850,000
1014B Mitchell Nashville 37206 2/14 Erb Sarah; Pedder Jamie Checkerboard Properties $850,000
131 Woodmont Nashville 37205 2/10 Winkle Virginia Elizabeth Randall Schofield Hal $849,900
1104 Petway Nashville 37206 2/28 Dold Hollis; Karam Claire Minchew Alan B $836,500
521 Garfield Nashville 37208 2/25 Faulks Steven Lee Dangelo Carine $835,000
125 Postwood Nashville 37205 2/2 J& B Realty Holdings LLC Yeary Hubert E $835,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Pyles Steven Craig Trustee 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $832,000
1126 Haysboro Nashville 37216 2/14 Amplexus Properties LLC Foster Patrick S $830,000
2000 Scott Nashville 37206 2/2 Cordes Lindsay Meehan Shawn $826,000
1002 Division Nashville 37203 2/14 Going Easy Nashville LLC Williams Amanda; Williams Cary $825,000
6016 Deal Nashville 37209 2/22 Bush Maria Eileen Price MCH Const Of Tn LLC $825,000
200 Rising Sun Old Hickory 37138 2/28 Nelly Jeffrey Todd Parli Jared M $805,000
6228 Williams Grove Brentwood 37027 2/10 Fennell Crystal D Trustee Everett James C $801,000
749 Meade Nashville 37205 2/3 Fripalm Land Co LLC Esquivel David R $800,000
336 Ewing Nashville 37207 2/22 Ldg Land Holdings LLC McCarthy Colin Michael $800,000
826 Kirkwood Nashville 37204 2/14 Boulevard Nashville LLC; Colson Services LLC Braden Alfonzo III; Brown Bernice; Brown Melvin Lamont; Spencer Dorothy M; Spencer Dorothy Mae $800,000
4309C Gallatin Nashville 37216 2/9 Kumar Joanne Trustee Blue Sky Const Inc $799,900
1105 Paris Nashville 37204 2/1 Bolton Stephen Casey Young Charles W IV $795,000
21 Roehrig Old Hickory 37138 2/18 Gammon Daniel Martin; Sullivan Allison Maureen Drees Premier Homes Inc $792,810
811 48th Nashville 37209 2/1 Williamson Andrew Diaz Jonathan A $790,000
506 Buchanan Nashville 37208 2/15 Lipe Nathan R Totin Alexis; Totin Chris $787,000
5007 Tennessee Nashville 37209 2/3 Forman Anna Oak Proerty LLC $785,000
6210B Pennsylvania Nashville 37209 2/22 Meyers Chadwick Dwight Gunnar; Small Brooke Nicole City Limits Const LLC $779,000
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2500 White Nashville 37204 2/17 2500 White Rental Owner Spe LLC Midtown Realty LLC $761,250
8041 Highway 70 Nashville 37221 2/1 Bryant Kenton Hodges Anna Rebecca $760,000
1631 Northview Nashville 37216 2/11 Gardwill LLC Bond Iola M Estate; Murray Shirley M Executrix $760,000
4907 Georgia Nashville 37209 2/22 Ashland Rentals LLC Bryant Gary L $751,000
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2500 White Nashville 37204 2/17 2500 White Rental Owner Spe LLC Midtown Realty LLC $739,000
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1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Pride Nick 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $725,725
2500 White Nashville 37204 2/17 2500 White Rental Owner Spe LLC Midtown Realty LLC $724,375
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Gillooly Timothy E 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $721,500
1141 Shelton Nashville 37216 2/28 North Nathan Ira; Rawson Taylor Cecil Thomas N $720,000
6117 Deerbrook Nashville 37221 2/1 Lorance Kevin A Dinsmore Michael O $720,000
3000 Poston Nashville 37203 2/8 Savia Marie A Trustee Bhatia Kapil $718,000
1823 Tammany Nashville 37216 2/24 Johnson Rosemary; Schmidler Adam Mitchell Misty $710,000
1215 Greenfield Nashville 37216 2/16 Dubray Cory; Dubray Taylor Snyder Charles W Jr; Snyder Stacy Ries $705,000
904B Marilyn Nashville 37209 2/23 J& V Austin Family Inv Ltd Wieczorek Stephanie $703,500
1237 Preston Nashville 37206 2/16 Gavin Barry; Gavin Melissa Burkett Homes Inc $700,000
3517 Pleasant Valley Nashville 37204 2/23 2K Dev LLC Stahl Andrew $700,000
4778 Drakes Branch Nashville 37218 2/2 Morton Christopher B& D Dev Group LLC $700,000
524A Stevenson Nashville 37209 2/2 Gobble Christopher A WLC Const LLC $700,000
335 Vivelle Nashville 37210 2/9 Ybarra Tyler RLP Const LLC $700,000
5205 Stallworth Nashville 37220 2/22 Field Taylor Oliva Veronica $700,000
1012 Maynor Nashville 37216 2/1 Jeremiah Jennifer Sweat Joshua $700,000


11. Goal in sight, Democrats confront need to sell agenda -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Polls show that a strong majority of Democrats — and a majority of the American public — support the broad priorities of the roughly $2 trillion social and environmental spending bill that the House approved Friday. Democratic lawmakers predict that President Joe Biden's bill, once enacted, will be "transformational" for the country.

12. Review says Pentagon reacted appropriately to Jan. 6 riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — An independent review has concluded that the Defense Department and its top leaders acted appropriately before and during the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, despite sharp criticism from some local and congressional leaders that the military did not respond quick enough as protesters breached the building.

13. Titans and Hall of Famers to honor the late Bum Phillips -

The late Bum Phillips, a Texas coaching legend who worked wearing a cowboy hat, is being honored by the team he led to two AFC championship game appearances.

In Tennessee, a quarter-century after the franchise left Texas for Music City.

14. House backs commission on Jan. 6 riot over GOP objections -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House voted to create an independent commission on the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, sending the legislation to an uncertain future in the Senate as Republican leaders work to stop a bipartisan investigation that is opposed by former President Donald Trump.

15. House GOP ousts Trump critic Liz Cheney from top post -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans ousted Rep. Liz Cheney from her post as the chamber's No. 3 GOP leader on Wednesday, punishing her after she repeatedly rebuked former President Donald Trump for his false claims of election fraud and his role in fomenting the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

16. In booting Cheney, 'My Kevin' leads GOP back to Trump -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Kevin McCarthy is leading his party to an inflection point, preparing to dump Rep. Liz Cheney from the No. 3 House leadership position and transform what's left of the party of Lincoln more decisively into the party of Trump.

17. Army to put civilian in charge of criminal probes, add staff -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army is putting a civilian in charge of its criminal investigations, adding staff and freeing up more agents to work on cases, in a plan to address widespread failures that surfaced last year after a string of murders and other crimes at Fort Hood, Texas.

18. 'Clear the Capitol,' Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows -

WASHINGTON (AP) — From a secure room in the Capitol on Jan. 6, as rioters pummeled police and vandalized the building, Vice President Mike Pence tried to assert control. In an urgent phone call to the acting defense secretary, he issued a startling demand.

19. General: Pentagon hesitated on sending Guard to Capitol riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Department leaders placed unusual restrictions on the National Guard for the day of the Capitol riot and delayed sending help for hours despite an urgent plea from police for reinforcement, according to testimony Wednesday that added to the finger-pointing about the government response.

20. General: Pentagon hesitated on sending Guard to Capitol riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Department leaders placed unusual restrictions on the National Guard for the day of the Capitol riot and delayed sending help for hours despite an urgent plea from police for reinforcement, according to testimony Wednesday that added to the finger-pointing about the government response.

21. Pelosi denounces GOP leaders over Georgia lawmaker's posts -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Speaker Nancy Pelosi intensified pressure Thursday on House Republican leaders for their handling of a controversial GOP freshman, denouncing them for placing a lawmaker who Pelosi says has "mocked the killing of little children" on the chamber's education committee.

22. FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack -

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.

23. 21,000 National Guard troops approved for DC -

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials say Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy has approved bringing in 21,000 National Guard members to Washington, D.C., to assist with security surrounding the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

24. FBI says it warned about prospect of violence ahead of riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI warned law enforcement agencies ahead of last week's breach of the U.S. Capitol about the potential for extremist-driven violence, U.S. officials said, contradicting earlier statements that they were caught off guard by the assault by supporters of President Donald Trump.

25. EXPLAINER: Why National Guard's role was limited during riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the aftermath of the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last week, questions are being raised about why the District of Columbia National Guard played such a limited role as civilian law enforcement officers were outnumbered and overrun.

26. AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts record on National Guard in DC -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is distorting how he responded to the chaos at the Capitol this week, falsely stating that he acted immediately to bring in the National Guard.

How his statement compares with the facts:

27. Capitol Police rejected offers of federal help to quell mob -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Three days before supporters of President Donald Trump rioted at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And as the mob descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times, according to senior defense officials and two people familiar with the matter.

28. Police officer's death intensifies Capitol siege questions -

WASHINGTON (AP) — A police officer has died from injuries suffered as President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol, a violent siege that is forcing hard questions about the defeated president's remaining days in office and the ability of the Capitol Police to secure the area.

29. Siege of US Capitol by pro-Trump mob forces hard questions -

WASHINGTON (AP) — One day later, the violent siege of the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump's supporters forced painful new questions across government — about his fitness to remain in office for two more weeks, the ability of the police to secure the complex and the future of the Republican Party in a post-Trump era.

30. Urging calm, DC mayor calls in National Guard for protests -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington, D.C.'s mayor urged calm Monday as some 340 National Guard troops were being activated while the city prepared for potentially violent protests surrounding Congress' expected vote to affirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

31. Trump, allies in desperate bid to undo Biden win at Congress -

WASHINGTON (AP) — With mounting desperation, President Donald Trump called on Republican lawmakers Monday to reverse his election loss to Joe Biden when Congress convenes for a joint session this week to confirm the Electoral College  vote.

32. Trump ally McCarthy is reelected leader of House Republicans -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Kevin McCarthy easily won reelection as House Republican leader, a stunning turnaround as the entire GOP leadership team was rewarded by their colleagues for reducing the Democrats' House advantage in the November election.

33. Military wary that shakeup could upend its apolitical nature -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The words spoken by America's top military officer carried a familiar ring, but in the midst of a chaotic week at the Pentagon, they were particularly poignant.

"We are unique among militaries," said Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "We do not take an oath to a king or a queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual."

34. Dems clinch House control, but majority likely to shrink -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats clinched two more years of controlling the House but with a potentially razor-thin majority, a bittersweet finale to last week's elections that has left them divided and with scant margin for error for advancing their agenda.

35. National Guard taps units for rapid response to civil unrest -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Guard has designated military police units in two states to serve as rapid reaction forces so they can respond quickly to any potential civil unrest around the country, following violent protests that rocked the nation's capital and several states this summer.

36. Top Davidson County residential sales for August 2020 -

Top residential real estate sales, August 2020, for Davidson County, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

Chandler Reports has been publishing Real Estate Market Data since 1968. That year, Chandler began collecting residential sales information for the Chandler Residential Report, considered the authoritative source for residential real estate sales information. Over the next three decades, the publications have been continually refined, enhanced and expanded, growing to include lot sales data, new residential construction and absorption information, and commercial sales. In 1987, Chandler Reports began one of the first on–line real estate market data services in the country, and is a nationally recognized leader in the industry. In 2004, Chandler Reports was purchased by The Daily News Publishing Co. In 2007, Chandler introduced RegionPlus, including property research for Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Visit online at chandlerreports.com.

37. Pentagon bans Confederate flag in way to avoid Trump's wrath -

WASHINGTON (AP) — After weeks of wrangling, the Pentagon is banning displays of the Confederate flag on military installations, in a carefully worded policy that doesn't mention the word ban or that specific flag. The policy, laid out in a memo released Friday, was described by officials as a creative way to bar the flag's display without openly contradicting or angering President Donald Trump, who has defended people's rights to display it.

38. Trump: No change at bases named for Confederate officers -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Wednesday said his administration will "not even consider" changing the name of any of the 10 Army bases that are named for Confederate Army officers. Two days earlier, Defense Secretary Mark Esper indicated that he was open to a broad discussion of such changes.

39. Active-duty troops deployed to DC region start to leave -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Several hundred active-duty troops brought in to help if needed with the civil unrest in the nation's capitol are leaving Washington, D.C. Thursday, just a day after their initially planned departure was abruptly delayed.

40. Pentagon-Trump clash breaks open over military, protests -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is not only drawing criticism from his usual political foes but also facing backtalk from his defense secretary, his former Pentagon chief and a growing number of fellow Republicans.

41. Pentagon-Trump clash breaks open over military and protests -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's Pentagon chief shot down his idea of using troops to quell protests across the United States, then reversed course on pulling part of the 82nd Airborne Division off standby in an extraordinary clash between the U.S. military and its commander in chief.

42. Thousands defer plans to leave the military during crisis -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Army Sgt. Antonio Gozikowski was planning to leave the military next month and head to college.

After serving for six years, the dental assistant's goal was to become a dentist, and then return to the Army in a few years with his expanded medical skills. But now, with the coronavirus forcing universities to consider virtual or reduced schooling this fall, he decided to take advantage of a new Army program and extend his military service for six more months.

43. Army defends decision to have West Point graduation -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army's top leaders on Thursday defended their decision to bring 1,000 cadets back to the Military Academy at West Point for graduation, where President Donald Trump is slated to speak, saying that despite the coronovirus risk students would have had to return anyway to prepare for their next duty assignment.

44. Military sees no quick exit from 'new world' of coronavirus -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. military is bracing for a months-long struggle against the coronavirus, looking for novel ways to maintain a defensive crouch that sustains troops' health without breaking their morale — while still protecting the nation.

45. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for February 2020 -

Top residential real estate sales, February 2020, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

46. Army: No investigation into Vindman -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday there is no investigation into the Army officer who until last week worked at the White House National Security Council and was a key witness in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

47. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for June 2019 -

Top residential real estate sales, June 2019, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

48. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for 2018 -

Top residential real estate sales, 2018, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

49. LaFleur accepts offer to become Packers coach -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Green Bay Packers are turning to fast-rising offensive whiz Matt LaFleur to aid Aaron Rodgers and end a two-year absence from the postseason.

50. Tops on House Democrats' to-do list: Try to end shutdown -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats are sweeping into power this week on a campaign promise of improving government for ordinary Americans. But first, they'll have to get government reopened from the partial shutdown.

51. Hill leaders to attend White House briefing on border -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic and Republican congressional leaders are expected to attend a briefing on border security at the White House as the government remains partially shut down and President Donald Trump asks in a tweet, "Let's make a deal?"

52. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for November 2018 -

Top residential real estate sales, November 2018, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

53. GM fights government to retain tax credit for electric cars -

WASHINGTON (AP) — General Motors is fighting to retain a valuable tax credit for electric vehicles as the nation's largest automaker contends with the political fallout triggered by its plans to shutter several U.S. factories and shed thousands of workers.

54. Pelosi's opponents counting on chaos to deny her speakership -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Call it the chaos theory for picking the next House speaker.

Those Democrats trying to stop California Rep. Nancy Pelosi from reclaiming the job say they don't need a rival candidate just yet. Instead, they plan to show that Pelosi lacks the votes to win the race. And then, they say, new challengers will emerge.

55. House Republicans elect McCarthy as leader with eye to 2020 -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy easily won an internal party election to take over the shrunken House GOP caucus, handing the seven-term Californian a familiar role of building the party back to a majority as well as protecting President Donald Trump's agenda.

56. Senate slipping away as Dems fight to preserve blue wave -

NEW YORK (AP) — In the closing stretch of the 2018 campaign, the question is no longer the size of the Democratic wave. It's whether there will be a wave at all.

Top operatives in both political parties concede that Democrats' narrow path to the Senate majority has essentially disappeared, a casualty of surging Republican enthusiasm across GOP strongholds. At the same time, leading Democrats now fear the battle for the House majority will be decided by just a handful of seats.

57. GOP fight over leadership after November vote to be messy -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Win or lose in the race for the majority, House Republicans are at risk of plunging into a messy leadership battle after the November election, with the party lacking a clear heir apparent to take the place of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

58. Nashville Film Festival executive committee chosen -

The Nashville Film Festival board has announced its executive committee for the festival’s 50th anniversary year.

Jim Scherer, founder and president of artist management and music licensing company WHIZBANG, Inc., will serve as board president.

59. 11 House Republicans seek impeachment of DOJ's Rosenstein -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans sharply escalated their months-long clash with the Justice Department as a group of 11 conservatives introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the official who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

60. Trump's migrant policy: First blowback, then about-face -

WASHINGTON (AP) — As a crisis of migrant children separated from their families provoked national outrage, President Donald Trump said he was powerless to act through an executive order. Five days later, he did just that.

61. Trump threatens another shutdown as budget battle heats up -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has warned Congress that he will never sign another foot-tall, $1 trillion-plus government-wide spending bill like the one he did in March. His message to lawmakers in both parties: Get your act together before the next budget lands on my desk.

62. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for April 2018 -

Top residential real estate sales, April 2018, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

63. Trump proposing billions in spending cuts to Congress -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is finalizing a multibillion-dollar roster of proposed spending cuts but is leaving this year's $1.3 trillion catchall spending bill alone.

The White House said it is sending the so-called rescissions package to lawmakers Tuesday, with Capitol Hill GOP aides saying about $7 billion would come from unused funding from the Children's Health Insurance Program.

64. At hearings, EPA chief seeks to divert blame for ethics woes -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, yet another Trump administration official with his job on the line over ethical concerns, took heat from lawmakers over his profligate spending and lobbyist ties and tried to divert responsibility to underlings.

65. Ryan anoints McCarthy to be his successor as House speaker -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan has endorsed his top lieutenant, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, to be his successor, giving a significant boost to the Californian's candidacy in hopes of averting a divisive contest that could make an already difficult election year even tougher for divided Republicans.

66. McCarthy, Scalise are likely contenders for House speaker -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some say it's a fight between West and South. Or a test of who can woo conservatives. Or who would be the better fundraiser and communicator for a divided party struggling to protect its House majority.

67. Ryan bowing out, sending ripples of uncertainty through GOP -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Wednesday he will retire rather than seek another term in Congress as the steady if reluctant wingman for President Donald Trump, sending ripples through a Washington already on edge and spreading new uncertainty through a party bracing for a rough election year.

68. Facing heat at home, GOP leaders may rescind some spending -

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Republicans run into a buzz saw of conservative criticism over a deficit-expanding new budget, GOP leaders and the White House are looking for ways to undo the damage by allowing President Donald Trump to rescind some of the spending he signed into law just 10 days ago.

69. Ryan hopes spending bill disputes can be settled Tuesday -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Battles over priorities in a huge government-wide spending bill are essentially settled, leaving a scaled-back plan for President Donald Trump's border wall and a huge rail project that pits Trump against Capitol Hill's most powerful Democrat as the top issues to be solved.

70. White House declassifies partisan memo on Russia probe -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Friday declassified a partisan and bitterly disputed memo on the Russia investigation, clearing the way for House Republicans to release allegations of what they say is FBI misconduct.

71. Trump: FBI, DOJ have 'politicized' probe in favor of Dems -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump, dogged by an unrelenting investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia, lashed out Friday at the FBI and Justice Department as politically biased and prepared to release a classified memo that Republicans say would reveal abusive FBI surveillance tactics.

72. House passes massive tax package; Senate to vote next -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Gleeful Republicans on Tuesday muscled the most sweeping rewrite of the nation's tax laws in more than three decades through the House. House Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed criticism of the widely unpopular package and insisted "results are what's going to make this popular."

73. House GOP weighs repeal of health mandate in tax bill -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans are weighing a repeal of a key tenet of the Obama-era health care law in their tax overhaul as the House's tax-writing committee begins work on shaping the bill.

Speaker Paul Ryan said Sunday Republicans are discussing whether their tax plan should include a repeal of the Obama health law's requirement that people have insurance coverage or face a penalty, a step pushed by President Donald Trump but seen by some GOP lawmakers as possibly imperiling a much-needed legislative victory.

74. GOP leader says NRA-backed gun bill shelved indefinitely -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republican leaders called for unity and prayer Tuesday after the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, but offered no new legislation to tighten gun laws and said a bill to ease regulations on gun silencers would be shelved indefinitely.

75. GOP, White House eye deep cuts to corporate tax rate -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House and congressional Republicans are finalizing a tax plan that would slash the corporate rate while likely reducing the penalty for the wealthiest Americans, with President Donald Trump ready to roll out the policy proposal at midweek.

76. GOP eyes killing popular tax breaks to finance overhaul -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans straining to find about $1 trillion to finance sweeping tax cuts are homing in on two popular deductions that are woven into the nation's fiscal fabric — the mortgage interest deduction that millions of homeowners prize and the deduction for state and local taxes popular in Democratic strongholds.

77. House backs $1.2T spending bill with more money for military -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican-led House on Thursday passed a sweeping $1.2 trillion spending bill that provides billions more dollars for the military while sparing medical research and popular community development programs from deep cuts sought by President Donald Trump.

78. Congress returns, faces pressing issues including Harvey aid -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers returned to Washington Tuesday facing fast-approaching deadlines, including pressing demands to replenish dwindling disaster aid reserves as Texas and Louisiana dig out from Harvey and an even more powerful hurricane, Irma, bears down on the U.S.

79. Top Middle Tennessee residential transactions for May 2017 -

Top residential real estate sales, May 2017, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

80. House OKs bill averting Saturday gov't shutdown, Senate next -

WASHINGTON (AP) — With just hours to spare, the House easily approved a short-term spending bill Friday that would prevent a partial federal shutdown over the weekend. But on President Donald Trump's 99th day in office, lawmakers were leaving for the weekend without completing two other measures he's coveted: A Republican health care overhaul and a budget financing government for the entire year.

81. Short of support, House won't vote on health bill this week -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House won't vote on Republican legislation scuttling much of President Barack Obama's health care law until at least next week, a GOP leader said Thursday. The decision deals a setback to the White House, which has pressured congressional Republicans to pass the bill by Saturday — President Donald Trump's 100th day in office.

82. GOP health bill in shambles, House commences two-week break -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican health care bill remained in shambles Thursday as House leaders threw up their hands and sent lawmakers home for a two-week recess. GOP chiefs announced a modest amendment to curb premium increases, but internal divisions still blocked their promised repeal of former President Barack Obama's law.

83. Senate, White House pass on House push to revive health bill -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans and White House officials sounded ready to abandon efforts to repeal and replace the nation's health care law, at least for now, even as House Republicans — and the president himself — insisted Tuesday they were not ready to give up.

84. Ryan falls short in first test of Trump presidency -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan guaranteed a win on the Republican plan to dismantle Barack Obama's health care law. Instead, he suffered a brutal defeat, cancelling a vote and admitting "we're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future."

85. GOP leaders claim momentum as health bill clears hurdles -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leaders drove their long-promised legislation to dismantle Barack Obama's health care law over its first big hurdles in the House on Thursday, claiming fresh momentum despite cries of protest from right, left and center.

86. Top Middle Tennessee residential transactions for Dec. 2016 -

Top residential real estate sales, December 2016, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

87. Trump's tariff plan hits a hurdle: Congressional Republicans -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump's plan to use steep tariffs to punish companies that move overseas is running into an obstacle: Congressional Republicans.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned Monday that such an approach could cause a trade war. A better way to achieve the goal of keeping companies in the U.S. and growing jobs would be to rewrite the tax code and lower corporate rates, McCarthy said.

88. GOP could repeal, before replacing, Obamacare -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress may vote to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law before coming up with a replacement, GOP leaders said Tuesday.

The approach could allow congressional Republicans to take swift action on one of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign promises, while putting off the hard part. And while repealing the law could be done with GOP votes alone, any replacement plan would likely require the cooperation of minority Democrats in the Senate, something that will not be easy to come by.

89. Top Middle Tennessee residential transactions for July 2016 -

Top residential real estate sales, July 2016, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

90. Obama, GOP leaders meet as campaign din hinders compromise -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Searching for potential compromise, President Barack Obama is bringing the Republicans who run the House and Senate to the White House to try to hash out an agenda for his final year, even as his top legislative priorities appear to be losing steam.

91. McCarthy predicts no gov't shutdown over Planned Parenthood -

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top House leader predicted Monday that Washington will avoid stumbling into a government shutdown next week over a tea party-backed drive to take away Planned Parenthood's funding.

92. Momentum builds for reviving Export-Import Bank -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional backers of the U.S. Export-Import Bank are close to reviving it four months after conservative foes ensured that its charter expired.

93. Fresh starts as GOP taps new speaker, approves budget deal -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans embraced a new leader Wednesday and swiftly consented to a major budget-and-debt deal to avert a federal financial crisis, highlights of a day of dramatic fresh starts at the Capitol after years of division and disarray.

94. Fresh starts as GOP taps new speaker, votes on budget deal -

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans embraced a new leader Wednesday and prepared to get behind a crisis-averting budget-and-debt deal in a day of dramatic fresh starts at the Capitol after years of division and disarray.

95. No shutdown, no default: Congress leaders, Obama back deal -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Striving to end a cycle of crisis, congressional leaders and the White House united Tuesday behind an ambitious budget and debt deal aimed at restoring a semblance of order to Capitol Hill and ending the threat of government shutdowns and defaults until well after a new president takes office.

96. McCarthy abruptly withdraws candidacy for House speaker -

WASHINGTON (AP) — With no warning, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew Thursday from the contest for speaker of the U.S. House, shocking fellow Republicans just before voting was to begin and plunging Congress into chaos.

97. Top residential real estate transactions for April 2015 -

Top residential real estate transactions, April 2015, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

98. GOP budget slashes spending, aid to poor -

WASHINGTON (AP) — A budget plan stuffed with familiar proposals to cut across a wide swath of the federal budget breezed through the House Budget Committee on Wednesday, but its sharp cuts to health care coverage for the middle class and the poor, food stamps and popular domestic programs are a nonstarter with President Barack Obama.

99. Top Midstate residential real estate transactions for March 2013 -

Top March 2013 residential real estate transactions for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

100. Lawmakers: Obama wooing might break budget logjam -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican lawmakers said Sunday they welcome President Barack Obama's courtship and suggested the fresh engagement between the White House and Congress might help yield solutions to the stubborn budget battle that puts Americans' jobs at risk.