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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition
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Editorial Results (free)

1. Tennessee Vols look for more wins in Heupel's 2nd season -

The Tennessee Volunteers say they know what they're doing and exactly what they want out of coach Josh Heupel's second season.

What they want is more wins — and Heupel believes they know how to reach that goal.

2. NCAA charges Tennessee football program with 18 violations -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — The NCAA on Friday charged Tennessee with 18 recruiting violations involving allegations of illegal cash, gifts and benefits given under fired football coach Jeremy Pruitt.

3. Top Davidson County commercial sales for Q1 2022 -

Top commercial real estate sales, first quarter 2022, for Davidson County, as compiled by the Nashville Ledger.

AddressCityZipFiling DateBuyersSellersSale Price
306 12th Nashville 37203 3/29 XHR Nashville Gulch LLC Nashville Gulch Hotel LLC $203,360,000
2004 West End Nashville 37203 1/5 2010 West End LLC DRI/CA Nashville LLC $158,720,000
4717 Centennial Nashville 37209 3/2 Centennial Tn Part LLC Pr III Broadstone Nations LLC $128,625,000
8075 Sawyer Brown Nashville 37221 1/18 8075 Sawyer TN LLC Sawyer Brown Rd Owner LLC $118,256,000
330 Pennington Centre Nashville 37214 2/16 Pennington Centre Blvd Owner LLC CRP/LPC Pennington Bend Owner LLC $95,700,000
184 Hicks, 111 Old Hickory Nashville 37221 2/2 CP5 Vue at Warner LLC Iroquois Part LLC $85,800,000
1000 Cartwright, 101 Old Stone Bridge Goodlttsvlle 37072 2/10 Sl6 Nashville Ind LP Milburn SPN LLC $76,500,000
3562 Pin Hook Antioch 37013 2/16 3562 Pin Hook Road LLC SBDT Nashville LLC $70,500,000
100 Brentwood Oaks Nashville 37211 1/21 Sunroad Brentwood Oaks Apts LLC Brentwood Gp $57,350,000
101 Brixworth Nashville 37205 3/31 Brixworth Part LLC Nashville Metropolitan LLC $52,200,000
401 Church Nashville 37219 3/14 Trimac 401 Church Property Owner LLC 401 Church Street Property Owner LLC $50,500,000
1700 State Nashville 37203 1/4 1700 State Street TN Owner LLC Ww Olympus Midtown LP $48,000,000
411 Broadway Nashville 37203 1/4 411 LLC Broadway Prop LLC $47,975,000
2200, 2300 Charlotte Nashville 37203 3/14 Cpreif Sheds On Charlotte LLC Sheds Nashville LP $47,500,000
860 Murfreesboro Nashville 37217 1/4 Qpg East Nashville Apts LLC Lion Summit LLC $47,000,000
810 Lea, 300, 308 10th Nashville 37203 3/30 Mqmf Nashville Lea Avenue LLC Amg 810 Lea LLC $45,000,000
506 Nelson, 580 Royal Nashville 37214 1/3 LRF2 Nash 565 Royal Pkwy LLC Boron - TN LLC $36,000,000
203 Peabody, 507, 509, 511, 515, 517, 519, 521 2nd, 518 3rd Nashville 37210 1/4 Second Ave Nashville Prop LLC Second Ave Prop Gp $35,000,000
121 Airpark Center Nashville 37217 3/17 Exeter Airpark Center Building 3 LLC Airpark East Owner LLC $31,218,750
765 McMurray Nashville 37211 1/5 Lion Brentwood LLC Brentwood Station Sponsor Group LLC $30,250,000
50 Teledyne Lavergne 37086 1/12 Exeter 50 Teledyne LLC Teledyne Place TN LLC $28,700,000
505 Old Hickory Nashville 37209 1/10 Crescenta Valley Mini Storage LP A+ Sorage Old Hickory Bellevue LP $26,500,000
571 Margaret Robertson Hermitage 37076 3/15 Margaret Robertson Housing I LLC Margaret Robertson Apts II LP $22,250,000
700 Inverness Nashville 37204 3/18 Inverness Owner LLC Melrose Storage LLC $21,850,000
128 2nd Nashville 37201 1/4 128 Second Prop Owner LLC Possum Real Estate Holdings LLC $21,000,000
1101, 1111 63rd Nashville 37209 1/28 1101 Sixty Third LLC Genesco Inc $20,000,000
209 Broadway Nashville 37201 2/18 BB Broadway LLC Broadway Realty Strategic Inv LLC $20,000,000
500 Ocala Nashville 37211 3/15 Hickory Forest Housing I LLC Hickory Forest II LP $19,250,000
1321 Murfreesboro Nashville 37217 1/21 DA Invs Subsidiary II LLC OP AEP Prop LLC $18,500,000
1222 Demonbreun Nashville 37203 2/16 Nashville Gulch PII Jv Holdings 12D Nashville Land Part LP $18,300,000
97 White Bridge Nashville 37205 1/10 White Bridge Multifamily Part LLC Fountains LLC $17,325,000
0 Hobson Antioch 37013 3/15 Kagr2 Antioch 3754 LLC Antioch 3754 Medical Prop LLC $17,300,000
5320, 5324, 5330 Charlotte Nashville 37209 1/10 Egg Richland Creek LP Melrose Co $17,000,000
5646 Amalie Nashville 37211 1/13 Amalie Prop LLC Nashville M3-08 LLC $17,000,000
1106 Davidson Nashville 37206 2/4 1000 Davidson LP GPT Murfreesboro Davidson Owner LLC $16,243,500
30 Peabody Nashville 37201 3/10 Pr II/Sh Peabody Union Apts Owner LLC Metropolitan Dev And Housing Agency $16,000,000
601 5th, 500 Lafayette, 509 Lea Nashville 37203 1/5 Hamate-Lafayette Dev LLC Randal Nashville Prop LLC $15,900,000
1944, 1973 Southerland Nashville 37207 2/3 Martin Realty Of Montgomery County LLC Southerland Prop Owner LLC $15,750,000
28 Parcels Nashville 37209 3/18 Bgc Dev LLC Hill 33 LLC $15,500,000
203, 228 Sealey Madison 37115 1/12 Orchard Park FS LLC Orchard Park Part LLC $15,300,000
203, 228 Sealey Madison 37115 3/8 Dominion Orchard LLC Orchard Park Part LLC $15,300,000
1035 Eastland Nashville 37206 3/30 Cherner Eastland LLC Lion Lockwood Eastland LLC $14,875,000
2706 Glenrose Nashville 37210 1/14 Maple Creek TN LLC Glenrose LLC $13,833,000
2148 Gallatin Madison 37115 1/27 Brookwood Capital Part LLC Monarch Rivergate LLC $13,770,000
695 Grassmere Nashville 37211 1/28 Clf Grassmere Nashville LLC Orion Nashville TN LLC Vereit Real Estate LP $12,895,400
446 Chestnut Nashville 37203 1/21 Nashville Phase III Prop Holder 2 LLC Potter Lincoln R $12,250,000
1 Music Nashville 37203 3/23 Spirit Master Funding X LLC Nashville Music Row Garage Owner LLC $12,173,913
3000 Franklin Nashville 37204 1/25 Greenbriar Prop LLC Greenbriar Apartment Part $12,000,000
1400 Adams Nashville 37208 1/10 HC Hammermill LLC Germantown Hammer LLC $12,000,000
300 Kate Madison 37115 3/15 Madison 2 Pack LLC 300 Kate Street Part LLC $11,750,000
1505, 1507, 1511, 1513, 1601, 1603 Dickerson, 1600 Luton Nashville 37207 1/26 Key Dickerson LLC Clouse Tony R $11,600,000
708 Fogg, 618, 620 8th Nashville 37203 2/11 620 8th Avenue S Ground Owner LLC MTP Dev - 620 8th Ave South LLC $11,100,000
548 Hamilton, 1312 Martin Nashville 37203 1/4 MTP-Martin Ave Propco LLC Brooks William M Jr $10,500,000
916 4th, 300 McCann Nashville 37210 1/10 Mainland 4Thllc TN Golf & Travel LLC $10,066,950
1218, 1224, 1236 Dickerson, 5 Ligon Nashville 37207 1/4 1218 Dickerson LLC Swafford Martha Carol Estate $10,000,000
700 Myatt Madison 37115 3/23 700 Myatt Dr Owner LLC Bip III Madison LLC $9,874,612
616 Ewing Nashville 37203 3/28 W H Storage Part LLC Flavor Catering LLC $9,200,000
2868 Elm Hill Nashville 37214 1/13 MRK Fed LLC Preh Fed LLC $8,680,000
481 McNally Nashville 37211 1/11 114 RE Inv LLC Faisue McNally Prop Part $8,500,000
525 Basswood Nashville 37209 1/18 Psf II Rock Harbor Propco LLC AFC South Inc $8,150,000
91 Van Buren Nashville 37208 1/3 Hc Van Buren LLC Vanburen LLC $8,000,000
135 2nd Nashville 37201 1/21 522 4Th Ave S LLC Second Ave North Part LLC $7,770,500
900, 914 Trinity Nashville 37207 1/3 Pr III/Wood East Nashville LLC Sauve Joseph William $7,600,000
405 40th Nashville 37209 3/4 405 40th Ave N Propco LP 405 Charlotte Dev Part $7,255,000
522 4th Nashville 37210 1/14 Jemals Honky Tonk II LLC 522 4th Ave S LLC $7,170,000
616 Due West Madison 37115 3/3 Madison Memorial Part LLC Due West Towers LLC $7,000,000
621 Rivergate Goodlttsvll 37072 3/8 Om Sai 9 LLC Laxmi Hospitality Group LLC $6,900,001
2421 Lebanon Nashville 37214 1/26 Dwight Wagner Family Limited Parthip II Triangle Regency Vi LLC $6,900,000
3715 Hillsboro Nashville 37215 3/7 Schreiner Dev Knoxville LLC Tennessee Cvs Pharmacy LLC $6,831,958
478 Allied Nashville 37211 1/11 114 RE Inv LLC Faisue Prop Parthip $6,500,000
0 Trinity Nashville 37207 2/7 Rsd West Trinity Lane LLC Cove Residential Holdings II LLC $6,100,000
4105 Clifton, 701 41st, 4018, 4020 Indiana Nashville 37209 2/24 Toll Southeast LP Co Inc Hoosier Capital LP $5,753,600
125 Fernco Nashville 37207 1/18 Exeter 125 Fernco LLC Budig Realty LLC $5,600,000
621 9th Nashville 37203 1/5 M Cubed Division Street LLC S&W Part $5,500,000
816 Old Hickory Madison 37115 3/15 Madison 2 Pack LLC 816 Hickory Part LLC $5,500,000
2413 Elliston, 2410 West End Nashville 37203 1/19 Gtom West End LLC Tidman J Haskell Jr $5,150,000
246 5th Nashville 37219 3/11 Newco Arc LLC Patel Sanket $5,150,000
115 Duluth Nashville 37209 2/18 Duluth Prop LLC TSB Properties $5,125,000
801 Visco Nashville 37210 3/9 Visco Propco LLC Renaissance Stone Cutting LLC $4,900,000
447, 451 Murfreesboro Nashville 37210 3/9 Alto Part LLC Dental Specialty Holdings LLC $4,835,450
2001 Warfield Nashville 37215 3/25 2001 Warfield Part LLC Warner Dudley II $4,801,500
464 Chestnut Nashville 37203 1/21 Nashville Phase III Prop Holder 2 LLC McAlco Const Inc $4,800,000
690 Davidson Nashville 37213 2/4 800 Davidson LP GPT M'boro Davidson Owner LLC $4,581,500
2400 10th Nashville 37204 2/14 Saa LLC Greter Christ Temple Church Inc $4,522,500
13880 Old Hickory Antioch 37013 3/31 Egh Land Dev LLC Evergreen Hills Gp $4,465,000
610 Magazine Nashville 37203 2/11 Barista 610 LLC Golden Sounds LLC $4,425,000
5750 Nolensville Nashville 37211 1/14 6416 Woodman Ave LLC Nolensville Old Hickory LLC $4,285,700
The Chelsea at Oceola Units 1-30 Nashville 37209 1/31 223 Oceola LLC S&J Oceola LLC $4,280,000
206 1st Nashville 37213 1/18 PBS EB Nashville LLC Fish Tammy R Todd Trustee $4,200,000
1500 JP Hennessy, 1508 Firestone La Vergne 37086 1/24 SNL IOV JP Hennessy Owner LLC Dfa LLC $4,100,000
926 Main Nashville 37206 1/31 RSV QOF Prop LLC Woodsmoor GP $4,000,000
721 Myatt Madison 37115 2/14 Madison Suburban Utility Dist American Multi-Cinema Inc $4,000,000
503 Trinity Nashville 37207 3/25 Crossing Holding LLC W Trinity Land Dev Gp $4,000,000
0 Central Hermitage 37076 1/27 Beazer Homes LLC Gleaves Family Part LP $3,995,000
949 Main Nashville 37206 2/17 949 Main Part LLC Oak Tree Part LLC $3,900,000
2100 Clifton Nashville 37203 2/11 Nash Bami LLC Nextdoor Inc $3,750,000
5055 Old Hickory Hermitage 37076 3/14 Harlan Txrh 2019 LLC Cot J Prop LLC $3,665,000
991 Thompson Nashville 37217 1/12 Nyx TN LLC Thompson Series Unico TN LLC $3,600,000
14965 Old Hickory Nashville 37211 1/11 Tutera TN Car Wash Old Hickory LLC Smith David R Trustee $3,527,860
335 Harding Nashville 37211 1/13 Cot J Prop LLC Appalachian Land & Leasing Company LLC $3,500,000
1620, 1626 State Nashville 37203 3/16 Frazmand Reza Petrucelli James D $3,500,000
914 3rd Nashville 37210 1/10 Mainland 4Th LLC TN Parking Inc $3,433,050
919, 921 Main Nashville 37206 1/14 921 Main LLC Norfleet Stanton E $3,400,000
0 Haynie Nashville 37207 1/20 Mab-Tully LLC Bell Group LLC $3,400,000
1025, 1029, 1033, 1037 Jefferson Nashville 37208 1/19 GRE RE II LLC BHCX Real Estate LLC $3,400,000
105 Rains Nashville 37203 2/17 Structural Bolt & Manufacturing Inc Britt Dennis R; Britt Sharon J $3,400,000
1001, 1003 18th Nashville 37212 1/13 Scarritt-Bennett Center Upper Room $3,390,000
436 Murfreesboro Nashville 37210 1/11 Tutera TN Car Wash Murfreesboro Pike LLC Smith David R Trustee $3,301,340
615 Old Hickory Nashville 37209 1/14 Beazer Homes LLC Seaside Fla LLC $3,294,400
615 Old Hickory Nashville 37209 3/29 Beazer Homes LLC Seaside Fla LLC $3,294,400
1016 Woodland Nashville 37206 3/2 Grass Hill Prop LLC Krbc Prop LLC $3,200,000
2422 Brick Church Nashville 37207 2/7 Southern Heritage Real Estate Holdings Co LLC Brick Church Realty LLC $3,090,000
0 Earhart Mt Juliet 37122 3/3 Hooper Property LLC Kds Inv General Parthip $3,046,667
2211 8th Nashville 37204 1/5 Mainland 8th LLC Lutz Michael $3,000,000
4539 Cato, 4608 Ashland City Nashville 37218 3/2 Cato Road Dev Part LLC Overby Jeff Executor $3,000,000
2301 12th Nashville 37204 1/18 501 Gallatin Part LLC 1221 Part LLC $2,950,000
557 Stewarts Ferry Nashville 37214 3/25 Stewarts Ferry Shopping Center Cameron Debbie $2,950,000
4801 Centennial Nashville 37209 2/3 4801 Centennial LLC Pr III Broadstone Nations LLC $2,850,000
5820 Nolensville Nashville 37211 2/1 Davishire Capital Mgmt LLC Tseng Lung Y $2,825,000
0 Curtis Nashville 37218 1/5 Curtis Street Dev LLC Curtis Part LLC $2,750,000
600 4th Nashville 37219 3/9 West Iris Realty LLC 4Th Avenue Part LLC $2,725,000
904 Buchanan Nashville 37208 1/3 Onthebuc LLC Bna Buchanan Inv LLC $2,675,535
1241 Robinson Old Hickory 37138 2/7 Papa Romeo Holdings LLC Oates Creek LLC $2,650,000
1510 Hayes Nashville 37203 1/3 Reed District Landco Part LLC Crawford George V III; Lindseth Florence R; True Ellen D Crawford $2,600,000
1908 Lebanon Nashville 37210 2/3 Rsd Lebanon Pike LLC Pride Richard Giles $2,600,000
3100 Brandau Hermitage 37076 2/3 Tweden Wallace D Trustee 3100 Brandau LLC $2,594,000
4514 Ashland City Nashville 37218 3/11 Eskimo Ashland Mobley Jeffrey Administrator CTA $2,500,000
1020 Old Hickory Madison 37115 3/25 Larkin Springs Tn Owner Iv LLC Monarch Dev Cre LLC $2,500,000
2330 Murfreesboro Nashville 37217 1/4 Patel Sanjay D Gillcrest LLC $2,350,000
4001 Lebanon Hermitage 37076 3/9 Sim Jea Wook Marblehill Hermitage LLC $2,290,000
405 Trinity Nashville 37207 1/14 JMJ Enterprises Inc Sim Hyun Bo $2,250,000
5421, 5425, 5429 Franklin Nashville 37220 3/11 Douglas Franklin Road LLC Kf Legacy LLC $2,250,000
2105 Sunset Nashville 37212 3/2 Miles Inv LLC 2105 Sunset LLC $2,238,000
483 Craighead Nashville 37204 1/3 483 Craighead Holdings LLC McGhee Phillip M; McGhee Shirley $2,200,000
21 Cleveland Nashville 37210 3/10 Boyd Joshua Fesmire Candace $2,200,000
1100, 1112 Lishey, 1105, 1109 Stainback Nashville 37207 3/7 Bubis Jayne; Bubis Martin Grace Apostolic Church; Grace Apostolic Church Inc $2,150,000
5055 Old Hickory Hermitage 37076 1/31 Cot J Prop LLC Appalachian Land & Leasing Co LLC $2,132,090
2515, 2517 White Nashville 37204 1/19 Farmuse LLC Bob Lewis Blue House LLC $2,100,000
6365 Nolensville Nashville 37211 1/26 Holt Apts LLC First Freedom Bank $2,100,000
43 Hermitage Nashville 37210 1/20 Rutledge Hill LLC Wall 2 Wall Ventures LLC $2,100,000
2111 Antioch Antioch 37013 1/10 Nazemi Shawyon Trustee Whitson Mitchell $2,050,000
4107 Hillsboro Nashville 37215 2/9 Seven Seventeen LLC Tri-City Inv LP $2,050,000
0 Pennington Bend Nashville 37214 1/19 Pennington Bend LLC Hames Shirley Smith $2,040,000
206 Cole Nashville 37210 3/9 Jps Prop 201 Blanton Avenue LLC $1,994,505
4400 Charlotte Nashville 37209 3/14 Carney Estates LLC Spiva George N $1,975,000
1020 Old Hickory Madison 37115 3/4 Monarch Dev Cre LLC Equity Trust Co Custodian $1,970,000
3603 Central Hermitage 37076 1/5 CP Real Estate LLC Oftadeh Mohammed Taghi $1,950,000
916 Acklen Nashville 37203 1/5 Correa Sara Hughes Dinoff Paragon Group LLC $1,950,000
1402 Dickerson, 142, 144 Elmhurst Nashville 37207 1/4 NG Dickerson LLC McHenry Harriet D $1,905,000
501 Gallatin Nashville 37206 1/12 Condit Prop LLC 501 Gallatin Part LLC $1,900,000
1004 Old Tree Nashville 37210 3/4 Heavenland LLC 1004 Old Tree LLC $1,800,000
1605 17th Nashville 37212 3/2 One Hundred Percent LLC Martin Allbee Miller Bryan & Assoc LLC $1,775,000
19 Music Nashville 37203 1/25 Chera Jane Trustee Jeffiers Karen Fisher Trustee $1,750,000
0 Murfreesboro Antioch 37013 2/3 Hmn Inv Inc Belz/Becker-Lewis-Shlenker Prop $1,750,000
425 Westboro, 408 American Nashville 37209 3/11 Two Dogs Dev LLC Porter Eddie L $1,725,000
12761 Old Hickory Antioch 37013 2/7 Auto Central LLC Ferdowski Farzin $1,704,000
613 Douglas, 1303 Jones Nashville 37207 3/11 Walton_Douglas & Jones LLC Williamson Michael P $1,700,000
839 Trinity Nashville 37207 2/9 W Trinity Land Dev GP Chatman Jerry E $1,500,000
0 Whitsett Nashville 37210 3/30 Emery Steven Douglas B&E Irrigation & Landscaping LLC $1,500,000
1020 Old Hickory Madison 37115 1/18 Equity Trust Company Hon Old Hickory LLC $1,475,000
0 DICKERSON Nashville 37205 2/22 WH Storage Part LLC 1404 Dickerson LLC $1,450,000
0 Dickerson Nashville 37207 3/23 429B Houston St LLC Sallie R Hicks Family LLC $1,422,960
2804 Gallatin Nashville 37216 2/3 W&S Inc Dortch John Lynn $1,335,000
1100 Hadley Old Hickory 37138 1/14 Second Missionary Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Old Hickory $1,321,000
2850, 2940 Morgan, 7500 Wilkinson Joelton 37080 1/14 Morgan Road Ventures LLC Winters E Wayne $1,320,000
106 Harding Nashville 37205 3/7 106 Harding Part LLC Harding Pike Prop $1,309,000
2305 Eastland Nashville 37206 1/25 Mack Props LLC Haitian Ministry Theophile Church In Christ Inc $1,300,000
7273 Centennial Nashville 37209 3/28 Nla Gch Nashville LLC Centennial Place Realty LLC $1,295,000
120, 134 Main, 3108 Brandau Goodlttsvlle 37072 2/23 Rummel Jonathan A A Mechta LLC $1,280,500
3108 Brandau Hermitage 37076 2/3 Tweden Wallace D Trustee 3108 Brandau LLC $1,278,000
2400 Antioch Antioch 37013 1/31 Saad Prop LLC Kingdom Homes LLC $1,250,000
2218A 11th Nashville 37204 1/31 Morris E Ray Terry Michael Scott; Terry Sarah C $1,250,000
1715 Murfreesboro Nashville 37217 2/25 Cougar Murfreesboro Pike Real Prop LLC Eatherly Barbara L $1,250,000
1902 Sweetbriar Nashville 37212 3/11 McFadden Edmund W Prahl Michael $1,242,250
101, 109, 115, 201 Woodruff Madison 37115 3/3 Dedicated Inv LLC Big South Ventures LLC $1,230,000
701, 705, 707 40th Nashville 37209 3/1 Woodbine Comm Org Inc Oz615 LLC $1,225,000
406 Woodbine Nashville 37211 1/26 Middle TN Land Holding Project LLC Ford Steven Mark $1,210,000
0 8TH AVE SOUTH Nashville   2/11 620 8Th Avenue S Ground Owner LLC Csx Transportation Inc $1,200,000
1104 Baptist World Center Nashville 37207 3/3 Blue Sky Const Inc Ttf Inv LLC $1,200,000
2605 Winford Nashville 37211 3/14 Holdings 10.2 LLC Heard Gregory $1,200,000
2813 Bransford Nashville 37204 3/4 Bransford Ave Part LLC Nieman William J Trustee $1,200,000
2935 Berry Hill Nashville 37204 2/3 Tkm Properties LLC Patton Logistics Inc $1,175,000
5748 Pettus Antioch 37013 3/9 Sdh Nashville LLC Green Trails LLC $1,170,000
1005 Dickerson Nashville 37207 1/19 Dickerson Oz Part LLC TN Turn Key Invs LLC $1,150,000
1668 Antioch Antioch 37013 3/18 Alsadi Mohammed Gannon Stephen R $1,150,000
325 Menees Madison 37115 3/4 Krell Brandon Douglass Lamarr Cynthia Marie $1,128,000
3831 Gallatin Nashville 37216 3/28 R E Comfortspaces LLC Ideal Solutions LLC $1,100,500
6289 Eatons Creek Joelton 37080 1/12 Joelton TC Ventures LLC Smith Joe N $1,100,000
107, 109 23rd, 2300 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Harwell Samuel Knox Jr Harwell Fred Russell $1,100,000
216 19th Nashville 37203 2/8 Sher LLC Bucktayl Part $1,100,000
4119 Murfreesboro Antioch 37013 3/11 Ps Southeast One Inc Lanning Jonathan $1,100,000
2814 Dogwood Nashville 37204 3/15 Epiq Engineering LLC Limor Susan R $1,090,000
4035 Nolensville Nashville 37211 2/16 Gawargi Hosam N; Hanna George Sawiers Kathy; Sawiers Melad; Sawiers Melad D $1,050,000
2816 Azalea Nashville 37204 2/15 Azalea Place Part LLC William J Neiman & Marcia M Neiman Joint Rev Living Trust Agmt $1,045,000
0 4th Nashville 37210 1/12 Mainland 932 4th LLC Land Dev.Com LLC $1,025,000
0 Nolensville Brentwood 37027 1/20 Branchwater Nolensville LLC 6640 Nolensville Road LLC $1,000,000
2823, 2825 Bransford Nashville 37204 2/2 Super 98 Holdings LLC Gilchrist Invs GP $1,000,000
624 Main Nashville 37206 3/14 Neighborhood Holdings LLC Budslick Paul $1,000,000
1200 Old Hickory Madison 37115 3/7 Gp Self-Storage 1216 LLC McKay Christina $990,000
0 Hester Beasley Nashville 37221 1/12 McFarland Mary Elizabeth Slate Natalie Marie $975,000
2254 Winford Nashville 37211 3/30 2254 Winford LLC Cav Prop LLC $975,000
800 Davidson Nashville 37205 1/12 West Meade Tennis Prop LLC West Meade Swimming Club $950,000
1005 Dickerson Nashville 37207 1/11 TN Turn Key Invs LLC Byrum Claude Allen $950,000
4715 Andrew Jackson Hermitage 37076 3/22 Fifth Third Bank Na Lineberry Prop Inc $925,000
3700 Gallatin Nashville 37216 2/28 3700 Gallatin Pike LLC Captain Ds LLC $900,000
3494 Dickerson Nashville 37207 3/9 McWhirter Mary Envirotest Corp $900,000
932 4th Nashville 37210 1/12 Mainland 932 4Th LLC Rogers Terry P $875,000
131 15th Nashville 37203 3/7 Reed District Landco Part LLC P&R Holdings Of Birmingham $875,000
4914, 4916 Charlotte Nashville 37209 3/14 Charlotte Pike Prop LLC Bradford Wendy Lara $875,000
715 Gallatin Madison 37115 3/23 Pne Inv LLC Envirotest Corp $865,000
1612, 1616 Luton Nashville 37207 1/26 Key Dickerson LLC Ringemann Amon $855,000
0 Pennington Bend Nashville 37214 3/16 Ng- Nashvlle LLC Ryman Corporate Prop LLC $850,000
1704 8th Nashville 37203 3/16 Lmk Holdings LLC Epiq Engineering LLC $849,900
6305 Charlotte Nashville 37209 3/25 Jsc Property Mgmt LLC Old Republic Exchange Co $801,400
1256 Thomas Nashville 37210 3/11 Roberts John Bm Builders LLC $799,000
0 Old Hickory Antioch 37013 3/28 Patterson Company LLC McAdams Richard $794,048
33 Music Nashville 37203 2/10 Shr Realty Group LLC PPS Dev Inc $790,000
0 Old Hickory Antioch 37013 2/14 Patterson Co LLC Lehman J Trent; McAdams Richard $784,242
Kozy Prop Antioch 37013 1/5 WMG Aquisitions LLC Warhorse Mt View I LLC $775,000
0 Battle Nolensville 37135 2/16 Singto Phoukhouane Tune Paul H $770,000
1508 Robinson Old Hickory 37138 3/7 Patel Paresh Kotlaris Charles A $750,000
0 Eatons Creek Nashville 37218 1/12 Bad Prop LLC Edmondson Robert Eugene Executor $749,000
0 Murfreesboro Antioch 37013 1/5 Pinhook Part LLC Kozy Stephen J $725,000
100 Bonnabrook Hermitage 37076 1/25 100 Bonnabrook LLC Bonna LLC $720,000
615 Douglas Nashville 37207 3/11 Walton_Douglas & Jones LLC Smith Delnita A $700,000
556 Rosedale Nashville 37211 2/10 Franke Alexander HBH LLC $682,000
5989, 5997 Kolz Joelton 37080 3/9 Revision Homes LLC Kolz Carolyn S $663,000
0 Collins Nashville 37221 1/14 Larence Ritter Prop LLC Dale David Bernard $659,700
110 Glancy Goodlttsvll 37072 3/25 Dong Christine Glancy Part $655,080
0 MT VIEW Antioch 37013 1/28 Ang Parthip Warhorse Mt View I LLC $650,000
12545 Old Hickory Antioch 37013 1/5 Farsian Alex Blakley Michael $650,000
1990 Wingo Goodlttsvll 37072 3/2 Nashville Zoo Inc Bates Barbara Jean; Calloway Connie Joyce $650,000
245 Foster Nashville 37207 3/8 Snow Jeremy Perkins Mgmt LLC $649,999
382, 388 Ewing Nashville 37207 1/21 Precision Dev LLC Melder Prop $630,000
0 Ewing Nashville 37207 2/11 Bama LLC Ewing Drive LLC $625,000
1103 Calvin Nashville 37206 3/3 Condit Prop LLC Peacock Sherry $625,000
2004 Hamilton Nashville 37218 1/13 Bella Cyrus Devs LLC Brandon Deborah F $600,000
4901 Linbar Nashville 37211 2/25 TM Inv LLC American Global LLC $600,000
0 White Bridge Nashville 37209 2/9 Hanna Kirolos Farricielli Greg $600,000
1022 Graycroft Madison 37115 3/1 D And A Holdings LLC Due West Towers LLC $600,000
410 Bell Nashville 37217 1/27 Baluch Masoud John Thompson Kenneth R $592,000
912, 914 Harpeth Valley Nashville 37221 1/12 CGJJ Prop LLC Pbnj Managment LLC $590,000
478 Allied Nashville 37211 1/11 Faisue Prop Parthip Berry Daniel McIntyre Jr Estate $580,397
0 Highway 100 Nashville 37221 1/26 Pulliam Robert P Brado David Edward $570,000
1103 Straightway Nashville 37206 3/16 Respen Builders Inc Sutherland Devon J $560,000
2502 Trevecca Nashville 37206 2/22 Peterson Joseph Trevecca Ave Holdings LLC $550,000
1703 Jo Johnston Nashville 37203 2/1 Arnold William S Arnold Invs Inc $547,460
2120 Murfreesboro Nashville 37217 1/21 Mission Realty LLC Next Generation Holdings LLC $540,000
0 CLUB CREEK Nashville 37209 1/4 Galdino Gregory Michael Snyder Hillman George Jr $540,000
408 37th Nashville 37209 2/22 37Thnash LLC Bailes Elizabeth; Bailes Shawn; Bailes Shawn Edward; Jones Frankie L $536,000
1016 Woodland Nashville 37206 3/2 Gleeson Brock D; McGinnis Amber M ONeill Michael W $530,000
1926 10th Nashville 37208 1/27 G&M Prop LLC Corder Leon M Jr Trustee $520,000
2006 Hamilton Nashville 37218 2/22 Hamilton GP Don Hardin Group LLC $510,000
3000 Vanderbilt Nashville 37212 2/3 Bruno Marc Galletti Salvatore $505,000
102, 108 Porter Nashville 37206 1/24 Puncochar Richard J Trustee Roberts Mary Corolyn $500,000
0 3RD Nashville 37208 3/25 Zeitlin Jeff Mpag LLC $500,000
4933 Jonquil Nashville 37211 1/21 Seay Daniel Ryan Kenneth D $495,000
3228 Clarksville Nashville 37218 3/21 Lockart Kurt Campbell Eugene $480,000
0 Myatt Madison 37115 1/21 Auto Vault Garage LLC Myatt Drive Prop LLC $475,000
622 Dry Creek Goodlttsvll 37072 1/4 Bernard Elizabeth Y; Bernard John K 8 Ten Farm Trust $475,000
212 Foxwood Nashville 37210 1/10 Payne Todd J Trustee Arnold Eric $475,000
3620 Anderson Nashville 37217 3/2 Toss Eyd Feldman Kevin $475,000
0 Ashland City Nashville 37218 2/10 Fortuitous LLC Music City Holdings LLC $460,000
1510 Demonbreun Nashville 37203 2/4 Kelley Patrick G Roeder Mark $455,000
3013 Ambrose Nashville 37207 3/9 East Trinity Part LLC Scott David C $450,000
409 McAdoo Nashville 37205 1/25 Hive Nashville LLC Nashvillage LLC $440,000
6040 Marrowbone Lake Joelton 37080 3/23 Andreeson Family Parthip LLC Gwaltney Chris A $440,000
0 Ashland City Nashville 37218 1/28 Music City Holdings LLC Rjx Prop LLC $420,000
1101 6th, 604 Madison Nashville 37208 1/28 Bellini Anthony Mainland Germantown LLC $415,550
3500 Saint Lawrence Joelton 37080 2/15 George Construction Co LLC Ray Tarra A; Ray Thomas $400,000
303 Criddle Nashville 37219 3/24 Jeter Guy Reynolds William Bradley $400,000
0 Clay Lick Whites Cr 37189 3/16 Deutschmann Mark Langley Thomas A $399,900
1700 County Hospital, 3212 Hydes Ferry Nashville 37218 3/7 C&H Prop LLC Summey Clarence $380,000
1510 Demonbreun Nashville 37203 2/1 Swiney Edward Shane Trustee Mondello Alyssa $370,000
1108 Hadley Old Hickory 37138 1/14 Second Missionary Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Old Hickory $360,000
5748 Pettus Antioch 37013 3/17 Sdh Nashville LLC Green Trails LLC $360,000
533 Old Hickory Madison 37115 1/11 Yafai Nabil Rabiei Mojtaba Trustee $350,000
1617 Underwood Nashville 37208 2/28 Roper Charisma S Affordable Housing Resources Inc $350,000
837 Wren Goodlttsvll 37072 1/14 Wren Ave LLC Williams-Besler Freda A $340,000
0 Old Charlotte Nashville 37209 2/9 Snyder William Francis Doherty Neal Ferguson $333,000
118 Cedar Goodlttsvll 37072 3/18 Topp Jeremy Mullen Rachelle A $330,000
120 Donelson Nashville 37214 2/1 Cem Properties LLC Omohundro Laurel Cheek $325,000
4459 Little Marrowbone Joelton 37080 3/24 Nashville Event Lighting LLC Camacho Robert F $325,000
7470 Charlotte Nashville 37209 3/14 Starr Trent Patrick Schoepke Kara $325,000
0 Griffith Nashville 37221 3/28 Clement Robert N Freeman William H $325,000
6952 Highway 70 Nashville 37221 2/8 Rabiei Lily Cobb Kelly $305,000
1218 Campbell Goodlttsvll 37072 1/12 Geissler Christopher L Harris Cheryl Trustee $300,000
0 Knight Whites Cr 37189 2/9 Shular Tennessee Holding Co LLC Holloway Charles H; Holloway Mary K $300,000
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2325 Elliston Nashville 37203 1/25 Miller Bradley S Keen P Jason $292,000
819 33rd Nashville 37209 3/21 Xe Dev Co LLC Corinthian Baptist Church $290,000
444 Hicks Nashville 37221 3/11 Del Refugio Enterprises LLC Apostolic Christian Church Of Nashville TN $290,000
1808 State Nashville 37203 3/25 Better Real Estate LLC Roberts John R $289,900
1038 Murfreesboro Nashville 37217 3/9 Green Marcus Live Well Inv LLC $285,000
515 Menees Madison 37115 3/8 Conger Matthew Tyler Shelby John H $280,000
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8056 Old Pond Creek Pegram 37143 3/9 Zemer Elaine Choate Emily S $100,000


4. Bowl loss aside, Heupel has Vols on winning trajectory -

It was of little consolation to Tennessee that the Vols played in one of the most entertaining bowl games of the season. They wanted to win. But even with the setback, the first season under Josh Heupel can be judged as nothing but a success.

5. Vols look to make statement vs Purdue in Music City Bowl -

NASHVILLE (AP) — First-year Tennessee coach Josh Heupel has the Volunteers in the Music City Bowl for the third time overall.

This time, the Volunteers will take on Purdue in an SEC-Big Ten matchup on Thursday. It's an indication of how much has changed in a year for the Tennessee football program.

6. Vols look to make statement vs Purdue in Music City Bowl -

NASHVILLE (AP) — First-year Tennessee coach Josh Heupel has the Volunteers in the Music City Bowl for the third time overall.

This time, the Volunteers will take on Purdue in an SEC-Big Ten matchup on Thursday. It's an indication of how much has changed in a year for the Tennessee football program.

7. Last 1-year UT coach sent program on 11-year slide -

The vibe around UT football was different from the moment Josh Heupel arrived and remained so through the end of his first regular season.

Players were having more fun and looking forward to attending practices. They stayed later at the facility to hang out with each other and competed hard during games. No one was walking on eggshells or fearful of making mistakes.

8. Vols welcome alumni, high-riding Dawgs for biggest game -

Most football programs schedule a downtrodden opponent for their homecoming game to celebrate an easy win. Tennessee went in the exact opposite direction this season.

The Vols (5-4, 3-3) are hosting No. 1 Georgia (9-0, 7-0) in an SEC East showdown that is attracting national media attention. The 51st meeting between the programs is the SEC on CBS game of the week at 2:30 CST, and SEC Nation will be broadcasting on-site in Knoxville.

9. Tennessee probe done, won't self-impose postseason bowl ban -

Tennessee will not self-impose a postseason bowl ban after wrapping up its investigation into the recruiting issues that led to the firing of coach Jeremy Pruitt and nine others in January.

10. Vol QB Hooker happy for UT chance, not sure about staying for 2022 -

Hendon Hooker’s passion for football was never in question. But even the most dedicated athlete can use a reminder of how much the sport means.

That realization struck the Tennessee senior quarterback in September 2020 when, while still playing at Virginia Tech, he tested positive for COVID-19. He received a heart screening after he was released from quarantine, but the tests uncovered a potential heart issue that was unrelated to COVID.

11. Vols face 2 familiar foes in visit to No. 4 Crimson Tide -

Tennessee senior offensive lineman Jerome Carvin doesn’t need to watch extra tape this week to get a scouting report on Alabama’s leading tackler.

Carvin saw firsthand how disruptive Henry To’o To’o could be during years of practices. Now, Carvin and the Vols will have to deal with To’o To’o as an opponent in a game.

12. Tennessee kicks off Josh Heupel era hosting Bowling Green -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — The Josh Heupel era at Tennessee begins Thursday night, and the Volunteers' latest new head coach finally will debut his high-octane offense against Bowling Green.

"We are excited to go out and show the work we have put in during the last seven to eight months to go play some football," Heupel said.

13. Heupel names Michigan transfer Joe Milton Vols' starting QB -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Josh Heupel has named Joe Milton as the Volunteers' starting quarterback four days before the season opener against Bowling Green.

Milton, who arrived on campus this spring after three years at Michigan, beat out Harrison Bailey, who started three games for the Vols last season, and Hendon Hooker, who transferred from Virginia Tech in early January about 10 days before coach Jeremy Pruitt was fired.

14. 3 new coaches, 1 huge task -

Doug Mathews played football at Vanderbilt, coached at Tennessee and has lived the past three decades in Nashville, where he hosts weekend radio talk shows about college football and on Sundays follows the exploits of UT football.

15. Former Vols could have big impact on new teams -

Tennessee hasn't finished a season ranked higher than 22nd since 2007, yet there still figures to be a heavy Volunteer flavor to the playoff picture this year.

Or to put it more accurately, an ex-Volunteer flavor.

16. New Tennessee football coach Heupel brings 3 UCF assistants -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — New Tennessee football coach Josh Heupel is bringing three offensive assistants with him from the UCF staff.

Heupel, who coached UCF from 2018-20, announced six of his assistant coaches on Monday.

17. RB Eric Gray latest ex-Tennessee player to pick Oklahoma -

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — Tennessee running back Eric Gray has announced on Twitter that he will play for Oklahoma, becoming the third Volunteers' player to choose the Sooners in the past few weeks.

18. NCAA probe is 'speed bump' to Vols' new coach Heupel -

Josh Heupel believes he can win quickly at Tennessee and position the football program for long-term success. He's so confident that not even the specter of NCAA sanctions deterred him from joining his former UCF boss in a package deal for the Volunteers.

19. Vols' new AD plans to move quickly hiring new football coach -

Danny White is embracing the opportunity Tennessee is giving him to rebuild a Power Five program and not even the prospect of potential NCAA punishment deterred him from taking the athletic director job.

20. Tennessee moves quickly, hires UCF's Danny White as new AD -

Tennessee has hired UCF athletic director Danny White as the Volunteers' new athletic director just three days after the firing of football coach Jeremy Pruitt and athletic director Phillip Fulmer's retirement.

21. 4 Vols announce transfer plans 2 days after Pruitt's firing -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Linebacker Henry To'o To'o, running back Eric Gray, linebacker Quavaris Crouch and offensive lineman Jahmir Johnson all entered the NCAA transfer portal Wednesday, two days after Tennessee fired coach Jeremy Pruitt and nine others.

22. Tennessee fires Pruitt, 9 others for 'serious' NCAA issues -

The Tennessee football program is starting over yet again, this time after coach Jeremy Pruitt and nine others were fired Monday for cause when an internal investigation found what the university chancellor called "serious violations of NCAA rules."

23. Tennessee hires Steele as defensive assistant coach -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt has hired Kevin Steele as a defensive assistant coach, bringing him back to the program where the former Auburn defensive coordinator started his coaching career.

24. Tennessee signs Virginia Tech QB Hooker as graduate transfer -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee has signed Virginia Tech quarterback Hendon Hooker as a graduate transfer, bolstering the position after a pair of Volunteers decided to transfer.

25. Tennessee withdraws from Liberty Bowl due to COVID testing -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee has withdrawn from the Liberty Bowl because of COVID-19 test results, becoming the first team to back out since bowl berths were announced.

Tennessee released a statement Monday, a day after agreeing to play West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on Dec. 31. Tennessee paused all football activities after receiving the results of Sunday's testing.

26. Top Davidson County commercial sales for November 2020 -

Top commercial real estate sales, November 2020, for Davidson County, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

Chandler Reports has been publishing Real Estate Market Data since 1968. That year, Chandler began collecting residential sales information for the Chandler Residential Report, considered the authoritative source for residential real estate sales information. Over the next three decades, the publications have been continually refined, enhanced and expanded, growing to include lot sales data, new residential construction and absorption information, and commercial sales. In 1987, Chandler Reports began one of the first on–line real estate market data services in the country, and is a nationally recognized leader in the industry. In 2004, Chandler Reports was purchased by The Daily News Publishing Co. In 2007, Chandler introduced RegionPlus, including property research for Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Visit online at chandlerreports.com.

27. Tennessee, Vanderbilt see chance at much-needed win in other -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Interim coach Todd Fitch expects Vanderbilt will have enough players for their final home game of the season.

28. Tennessee senior kicker opts out of remainder of season -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee kicker Brent Cimaglia has opted out of the Volunteers' final two games of the season, citing injuries and a need to focus on his mental well-being.

Cimaglia said in a post on social media Monday that took him some time to come to that conclusion.

29. Tennessee dismisses LB Kivon Bennett hours after arrest -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee dismissed outside linebacker Kivon Bennett from the football team on Tuesday, hours after he was arrested during a traffic stop.

"There is a standard our student-athletes are expected to uphold at Tennessee, and today's incident fell well short of that standard," coach Jeremy Pruitt said in a statement.

30. SEC adapting to help league crown champion during pandemic -

Commissioner Greg Sankey and the Southeastern Conference have their finish line in sight: The league championship game is set for Dec. 19 in Atlanta.

The division champs might not be the only SEC teams playing that day.

31. Struggling Volunteers working to fix 3rd quarter breakdowns -

The Tennessee Volunteers have been able to take leads into halftime. Unfortunately, when they come out of the locker room for the third quarter, that's when the horror show starts.

The Vols (2-4) have lost four straight in part because they've been outscored 61-7 in the third quarter. They wound up blowing a 13-0 lead at Arkansas by giving up 24 unanswered points in the third quarter of the 24-13 loss.

32. Arkansas, Tennessee look to recover from tough losses -

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas coach Sam Pittman developed a friendship with Tennessee assistant Jim Chaney well before they landed on SEC coaching staffs.

It will get put on hold when Arkansas (2-3) hosts the Volunteers (2-3) on Saturday.

33. No. 2 Alabama looks to keep rolling vs struggling Tennessee -

By the numbers, Alabama-Tennessee isn't much of a rivalry anymore with the Crimson Tide having won 13 straight.

Don't tell that to Alabama fans.

"I know it's real big for the state of Alabama," said Crimson Tide nose guard D.J. Dale, a native of Birmingham, Alabama. "I look at it as them just being the next opponent, just taking it week by week and going into this week 0-0 and hopefully after the game we're 1-0."

34. Tide goes for 14th straight in 'Third Saturday in October' -

Here are things to watch in Week 5 in the Southeastern Conference:


Apologies to the purists: the "Third Saturday in October" rivalry between No. 2 Alabama and Tennessee actually falls on the fourth weekend of the month. But it's one of the few games that remained in its original spot when the Southeastern Conference ripped up schedules and switched to a 10-game, league-only setup because of COVID-19 concerns. No one will give the Volunteers a shot — oddsmakers installed them as 21-point home underdogs — after consecutive drubbings at Georgia and against Kentucky that prompted Jeremy Pruitt to fire defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh. But Tennessee led the Bulldogs 21-17 at halftime and would have had a better shot against the Wildcats if not for four consecutive turnovers, including two interceptions returned for touchdowns, in the first half. And last year in Tuscaloosa, the Vols settled for two field goals in the red zone and trailed 28-13 in the fourth when Jarrett Guarantano fumbled at the goal line. Trevon Diggs recovered and took it 100 yards the other way for a game-sealing score that gave the Tide its 13th consecutive victory in the series. Maybe Tennessee will have better luck Saturday since Alabama is coming off the SEC's final game featuring undefeated teams in 2020.

35. Tennessee has lots to work on after snapping winning streak -

The 18th-ranked Tennessee Volunteers have plenty of areas to work on after have their eight-game winning streak ended.

The list includes penalties, turnovers, the inability to run the ball or get enough pressure on the opposing quarterback.

36. Mays' saga brings new chapter to Tennessee-Georgia rivalry -

Right tackle Cade Mays and No. 14 Tennessee are about to add another juicy chapter to a Southeastern Conference football soap opera.

37. Pruitt gets raise, extension from Tennessee after 2 seasons -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — No. 16 Tennessee has given coach Jeremy Pruitt a raise and a contract extension through 2025 after two seasons on the job.

38. UT players happy to kick off bare-bones season -

Nobody knows how many games will actually be played. Nobody knows how many players will be available. Nobody knows how many spectators will be allowed to watch at any particular game.

Nobody knows much of anything for certain in a season unlike any other in the history of college football.

39. NCAA approves waiver for Tennessee's Mays -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — The NCAA notified No. 15 Tennessee on Thursday that offensive lineman Cade Mays' appeal for a waiver to play immediately has been approved.

40. Tennessee's challenge is building on 6-game winning streak -

Tennessee proved a season ago it can do more than just compete with the Volunteers winning their final six games, capped by a comeback bowl victory.

Now the Vols must prove they can play that way from the start.

41. Pruitt works to get ahead of Black Lives Matter unrest -

As a white male, Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt can’t possibly understand what his Black players live through on a daily basis.

He doesn’t know what systematic challenges they face just because of the color of their skin.

42. Pruitt says RB Jordan no longer with Vols -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt says running back Tim Jordan is no longer on the team after he was arrested May 30 in Florida on gun and marijuana charges.

43. Vols’ No. 10 recruiting class still seventh-best in SEC -

Emblematic of their 2019 season, the Tennessee Vols made a strong closing run to complete their 2020 recruiting class.

The Vols put the finishing touches on the highly ranked group last week during National Signing Day by securing four-star wide receiver Malachi Wideman and three-star athlete Damarcus Beckwith.

44. SEC's recruiting dominance particularly apparent this year -

The Southeastern Conference dominated the recruiting landscape even more than usual this year.

As the remaining unsigned football prospects finalized their college plans Wednesday, the SEC had six of the nation's top eight classes, according to composite rankings of recruiting sites compiled by 247Sports.

45. Suddenly, UT’s offensive line is envy of SEC -

For much of the last few seasons, Tennessee’s offensive line has been the subject of ridicule and frustration.

But thanks to a big announcement, solid recruiting and a severed pinky finger, the unit might transform into the team’s biggest strength in 2020.

46. Comeback in bowl game a reflection of Vols’ season -

Mistakes and missed opportunities caused them to fall behind early. Spectators began losing faith and abandoning hope of a potential turnaround. The quarterback was benched after some bad plays, only to return to lead the team down the stretch.

47. Tennessee scores twice late to defeat Indiana 23-22 in Gator -

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Tennessee sure knows how to get out of a huge hole.

The Volunteers scored twice in a 30-second span late, using an onside kick to help escape a 13-point deficit, and then held on to stun Indiana 23-22 in the Gator Bowl on Thursday night.

48. Indiana seeks rare 9th win in Gator Bowl against Tennessee -

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — It's been more than 50 years since Indiana won nine games in a season. The perennial Big Ten doormat, known more for its basketball prowess than its football progress, has a chance to match its most wins in program history Thursday night against streaking Tennessee in the Gator Bowl.

49. Tennessee players, coaches just happy to be bowling -

The location wasn’t going to matter to the players and coaches on the University of Tennessee football team. Just being eligible to compete in a bowl game and getting extra practices was worthy of celebration.

50. Pruitt finds recruiting success in backyard -

Securing the borders is a common recruiting goal among college athletic programs as coaches don’t want to let the best players from their state escape to other schools.

The Tennessee football program kept some talented recruits home in its 2020 class.

51. Meeting after Florida game helped turn Vols’ season -

Even the most optimistic Tennessee football fan would have been hard-pressed in early October to predict a seasonal resurrection.

Following a road loss to Florida, the Vols were 1-4 and searching for answers.

52. Neyland getting $180M in Phase 1 renovations -

The University of Tennessee has been given the green light to continue renovating Neyland Stadium.

As the facility nears its 100-year anniversary, Tennessee unveiled a revised year-by-year progress plan last week that school officials hope will enhance the game-day experience for fans and help with recruiting.

53. Vols' Pruitt optimistic Maurer will be available against UAB -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt is cautiously optimistic about quarterback Brian Maurer's potential availability for Saturday after concussions caused the freshman to sit out a game last week last week.

54. Tennessee QB Maurer unlikely to play against South Carolina -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt says quarterback Brian Maurer is "probably doubtful" for Saturday's game with South Carolina after the freshman sustained a concussion in each of the Volunteers' last two contests.

55. Vols QB Maurer uncertain for South Carolina game -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt is mum on the status of Brian Maurer for Saturday's game with South Carolina after the freshman quarterback sustained concussions in back-to-back weeks.

56. Byrd gets his moment after sticking with Vols -

Tyler Byrd could have easily transferred and sought more playing time elsewhere.

The senior wide receiver arrived at Tennessee in 2016 as a heralded recruit out of Naples, Florida. He flashed early in his freshman season but gradually saw his role diminish.

57. Vols confident QB Maurer will play against No. 1 Alabama -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt believes quarterback Brian Maurer will be available Saturday at No. 1 Alabama after a concussion prevented the freshman from finishing a 20-10 victory over Mississippi State last week.

58. Vols linebacker off team after arrest, comments about police -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Jeremy Banks has been dismissed from the Tennessee football team after video showed him cursing and saying "where I'm from, we shoot at cops" during his arrest last month following a traffic stop. The linebacker has apologized .

59. Tennessee AD Fulmer says he still believes in Pruitt -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt still has the support of athletic director Phillip Fulmer.

60. UT LB Banks apologizes for his conduct during arrest -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee linebacker Jeremy Banks has issued an apology through the school after video was released showing him cursing and saying that “where I’m from, we shoot at cops” during his arrest last month following a traffic stop.

61. Vols not saying who be starting QB against No. 3 Georgia -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt isn't saying which of his quarterbacks will earn the start Saturday when the Volunteers host No. 3 Georgia.

62. LBs Ignont and Reid, WR Jones leave Tennessee's team -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee linebackers Will Ignont and Shanon Reid and wide receiver Jacquez Jones have left the team.

Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt confirmed the exits of all three players Wednesday, one day after multiple reports indicated Reid and Jones had entered the transfer portal.

63. CB Bryce Thompson will travel to Vols' game at No. 9 Florida -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson will travel to the Volunteers' game at No. 9 Florida after getting arrested last month on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

Vols coach Jeremy Pruitt said Wednesday that Thompson will make the trip but noted that doesn't necessarily mean the sophomore will play Saturday. Pruitt said, "We're going to play these other guys, and one of these days Bryce will be back in shape and be ready to play, but it's going to take a little time for that to happen."

64. Freshman To’o To’o gets a foot up on competition -

Henry To’o To’o has given announcers a reason to grab the pronunciation guide because they know they will be calling his name multiple times.

The Tennessee freshman linebacker has made an instant impact for the Vols and provided hope for a brighter future amid a somber start.

65. Tennessee CB Thompson permitted to return to practice -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson has returned to practice less than three weeks after his arrest on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

When he will start playing again remains uncertain.

66. Tennessee turning to younger players except at QB -

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt will be relying more and more on younger players to help the Volunteers bounce back from their worst start in over three decades.

67. No way but up? Vols refect on how to bounce back -

The day started with a Vol Navy boat catching fire and sinking into the Tennessee River before sunrise.

People joked it may be a sign of things to come for the Tennessee football team.

Little did they know.

68. Vols set priorities for season, making a bowl, beating Vandy -

Reaching a bowl game and beating Vanderbilt used to be foregone conclusions for the Tennessee football team.

They have now become benchmarks of progress.

Expectations have changed around Knoxville with the program in the process of a major rebuild. The Vols finished 5-7 last season, including a second straight last-place finish in the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division.

69. No questions asked: Guarantano owns QB position -

One player on Tennessee’s roster was the clear-cut starter at his position months before the season started. The coaches didn’t even need to pretend otherwise to create competition.

Jarrett Guarantano is Tennessee’s quarterback.

70. Reinvigorated Jennings brings 'alpha male' to season -

If there was any doubt about Jauan Jennings’ status within the Tennessee football program, he quickly put it to rest.

Asked last week if he was the alpha male of the wide receivers, the redshirt senior responded: “I’m the alpha male anywhere I go.”

71. Vols' Pruitt looks backward to move forward -

First-year head coach Jeremy Pruitt was so focused on the bigger picture, he unintentionally overlooked what truly matters most.

After Pruitt was hired at Tennessee before the 2018 football season, he spent his first six months on the job making sure everything was in place for the future.

72. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for second quarter 2019 -

Top residential real estate sales, second quarter 2019, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

73. Tennessee AD Phillip Fulmer encouraged after eventful year -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer has said from the time he took over that his No. 1 priority is to turn around the slumping football program.

74. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for May 2019 -

Top residential real estate sales, May 2019, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

75. Tennessee linebacker Kirkland giving up football -

DESTIN, Fla. (AP) — Tennessee linebacker Darrin Kirkland Jr. won't play for the Volunteers as a fifth-year senior this fall.

Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt told reporters Tuesday at the Southeastern Conference spring meetings that both Kirkland and tight end James Brown have given up football because of injury issues.

76. Tennessee suspends DB Kenneth George Jr. after arrest -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee has suspended defensive back Kenneth George Jr. indefinitely after police said he punched an officer on the side of the head last week.

Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt said that "we don't tolerate behavior like that and we're going to support all law enforcement that we come in contact with," but added that "at the same time, we're going to support Kenneth through this and we'll see where it goes."

77. Vol ball: If you can’t beat ’em, outspend ’em -

There always seems to be more money in the bank account when it comes to Tennessee football.

Whether it’s hiring or firing coaches, the Vols find a way to dig deeper into their pockets to make things happen.

78. Top Middle Tennessee commercial sales for January 2019 -

Top commercial real estate sales, January 2019, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

79. Vols shuffle football staff, add Ansley as defensive coordinator -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee is spending big to give coach Jeremy Pruitt a more experienced staff with some familiar faces.

Pruitt announced staff changes Friday that included the hire of Derrick Ansley as a defensive coordinator who will handle all defensive calls. Pruitt had called Tennessee's defensive signals last season while Kevin Sherrer served as defensive coordinator.

80. Johansen scores 43 seconds into OT, Preds beat Stars 3-2 -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Nashville Predators know they might well end up seeing Dallas in the first round of the playoffs, and that made protecting home ice even more crucial after a loss here to the Stars only six days ago.

81. Tennessee athletics reports deficit of nearly $6.5 million -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee's athletics department has reported a budget deficit of nearly $6.5 million for the 2018 fiscal year, thanks partly to hefty buyouts for former football coach Butch Jones and athletic director John Currie.

82. Tennessee hires Georgia's Chaney as offensive coordinator -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Jim Chaney is returning to Tennessee for a second stint as the Volunteers' offensive coordinator after spending the last three seasons at Georgia.

83. Vols’ Pruitt looks for leaders in recruiting class -

Jeremy Pruitt recruited with a purpose this year, selecting players with more knowledge of the environment and certainty of what Tennessee’s football program truly needed.

Instead of scrambling to sign recruits he didn’t know very well, Pruitt actually had time to get to know the players. Instead of juggling multiple roles on two staffs, Pruitt was able to devote all his energy to securing commitments in the stretch run.

84. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for November 2018 -

Top residential real estate sales, November 2018, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

85. Tennessee has disappointing finish to Pruitt's 1st season -

Perhaps the clearest evidence of Tennessee's fall over the last decade is how the Volunteers have lost their status as the premier program in their own state.

Tennessee (5-7) squandered an opportunity to earn a bowl bid in coach Jeremy Pruitt's first season by losing 38-13 at Vanderbilt in its regular-season finale. This marks the third straight year that Tennessee has lost to Vanderbilt, an in-state rival it has traditionally dominated.

86. Vandy senior QB looking for rare 3rd straight win over Vols -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Kyle Shurmur has been chasing down a handful of Vanderbilt passing records held by Jay Cutler all season long.

Now the senior quarterback is poised to do something Cutler never managed. Shoot, no quarterback alive has done what Shurmur can do on Saturday: Beat in-state rival Tennessee three straight times.

87. Tennessee QB Guarantano's status 'day to day' for Vandy game -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee is trying to manage an uncertain quarterback situation as it prepares to visit Vanderbilt this week with a bowl bid at stake.

An injury prevented Jarrett Guarantano from playing the final three quarters of a 50-17 loss to Missouri last week. An injury also knocked wide receiver Marquez Callaway out of the Missouri game early.

88. UT's Phillips doesn’t want to watch any bowl games -

Sitting on the couch watching bowl games on television might be entertaining for the average fan. But for Kyle Phillips, “it was miserable.” The Tennessee senior defensive end wanted to be preparing to play last year rather than stewing over a historically bad season that ended with no SEC wins and a coaching staff change.

89. Kelly savors a season he could have skipped -

Todd Kelly Jr. could have just moved on from the University of Tennessee instead of returning for a fifth year. He was rehabbing from an injury, the Vols were in rebuilding mode under a new coaching staff and he had his degree.

90. Vols OL Smith out indefinitely due to blood clots in lungs -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee offensive tackle Trey Smith is out indefinitely after doctors discovered blood clots in his lungs, a recurrence of an issue that also caused him to miss spring practice.

Smith originally was diagnosed in February with blood clots in his lungs. He received a six-month course of anticoagulants, a form of blood thinners, and was cleared to play this season.

91. Vols riding high (for a change) as Tide rolls in -

Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt took a swig of water as he stood behind the podium, trying to choke back his emotions.

The Vols had just lost to Georgia, but Pruitt knew the final score didn’t reflect how hard his team had played. He wanted more for his players than just a “moral victory.”

92. Tennessee OLB Kongbo out for season with torn ACL -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt says outside linebacker Jonathan Kongbo has a torn anterior cruciate ligament and will miss the remainder of the season.

93. Tennessee DB Trevon Flowers has broken collarbone -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee safety Trevon Flowers has a broken collarbone that will sideline him for the next few weeks, hindering the depth of the Volunteers' young secondary as they deal with the toughest portion of their schedule.

94. Tennessee AD Fulmer: Vols 'working through cultural change' -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer said the Volunteers' football program is "working through a cultural change" and that he remains confident in first-year coach Jeremy Pruitt.

95. Tennessee's Pruitt says LB Sapp remains part of team -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt says linebacker Quart'e Sapp remains a part of the team after the coach and linebacker offered conflicting accounts of a sideline incident.

Pruitt had said Saturday after Tennessee's 47-21 loss to Florida that he asked Sapp to leave the sideline after the linebacker refused a request to enter the game. Sapp tweeted Sunday that "I never was asked nor did I ever refuse to go into the game."

96. Vols-Gators once meant something. Not as much now -

It used to be appointment viewing for every college football fan. It used to determine the SEC champion and factor into the national title chase.

But the rivalry between Tennessee and Florida has lost much of its luster over the last decade, with not much at stake beyond bragging rights.

97. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for August 2018 -

Top residential real estate sales, August 2018, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

98. Tennessee C Brandon Kennedy out for season with ACL injury -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Tennessee center Brandon Kennedy will miss the remainder of the season after injuring his anterior cruciate ligament in practice.

Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt said Wednesday night that the Alabama graduate transfer hurt his knee during Tuesday's practice.

99. Pruitt's challenge: Instill winning mindset into Vols -

KNOXVILLE (AP) — Jeremy Pruitt's dad says his son suffers from the "coaching disease." It's a 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a year bug.

100. One last chance to live up to the hype -

Perspective can hit a young guy like a ton of bricks. Anytime. Anywhere. Just a couple weeks ago, Jonathan Kongbo was walking across a bridge, heading from the University of Tennessee campus to downtown Knoxville.