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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition
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Editorial Results (free)

1. Paying more no guarantee that things will last longer -

Savvy consumers consider price, performance and reliability when making a major purchase, such as a car or home appliance. The greatest of these is reliability – particularly lately.

Supply chain disruptions can mean long waits for parts or replacements if something breaks. Getting a new refrigerator, dishwasher or other major appliance now often takes weeks or even months, says Paul Hope, home and appliances writer for Consumer Reports. Plus, the microchip shortage means many manufacturers prioritize making their most expensive models, which are typically the most profitable, Hope says.

2. Cuomo wants $125 million for 'unlawful' CNN firing -

NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Cuomo wants an arbitrator to award him $125 million for his firing from CNN, alleging his bosses knew full well how he advised his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and suggested they did the same themselves.

3. Center Jones continues to set bar for toughness on offensive line -

The Titans offensive line has had its share of problems this year, and it didn’t get any better when Taylor Lewan was carted off the field Monday night with an apparent concussion.

Pass protection has been an issue since the season opener. Even the run game has struggled at times. And injuries have been a calling card for this group all year.

4. Edmunds’ guide to vehicle history reports -

Obtaining a vehicle history report is an integral part of any used-car purchase. It’s one of the best ways to learn about a given vehicle’s past and help make your search for a used car much easier.

5. Buyer’s remorse: Can I please return the car I just bought? -

With car prices at record highs and inventory getting thinner, shoppers might be tempted to rush through a deal this summer without giving it much thought. But what happens if you later have buyer’s remorse, whether it be from too high of a car payment or realizing your new car isn’t actually what you wanted?

6. Biden says getting COVID-19 vaccine 'gigantically important' -

CINCINNATI (AP) — President Joe Biden expressed pointed frustration over the slowing COVID-19 vaccination rate in the U.S. and pleaded that it's "gigantically important" for Americans to step up and get inoculated against the virus as it surges once again.

7. Hot news cycle leads CNN to best ratings in 40 years -

NEW YORK (AP) — An extraordinary stretch of news with the coronavirus pandemic and racial reckoning triggered by George Floyd's death has led CNN to its biggest audience for any three-month period in the network's 40-year history.

8. How ‘maximizers’ can cut decision-making angst -

No one wants to waste money, but some of us go overboard trying to get the best possible deal.

I have spent nearly as much time researching which hiking socks to buy as I have choosing a new car.

9. Bachelorettes on food tour? It only adds to the fun -

The electronic confirmation for my Tastes of Nashville Food Tour directed me to meet the guide in front of the fireplace at Union Station Hotel. It also mentioned that for a special tour price of $6 I could order the Abigail at the bar.

10. Tourism even locals can sink their teeth into -

Locals are accustomed to seeing tour buses slowly wind their way through Nashville, the guide pointing out where Dolly records when she’s in town or where Tammy Wynette lived.

But who’s in that small group of determined people resolutely marching down Broadway with a slightly peckish look on their faces? It’s the food tour people. They don’t care where country music stars hang out. They only have one question: What’s on the menu?

11. Shop local: Give gifts that also help your neighbors -

What to buy this holiday season for the person who has everything? How about food, the gift that never disappoints.

The Nashville area is blessed with plenty of food purveyors making everything from hot cheddar biscuits to small-batch gourmet chocolates. Most of them also provide swoon-worthy containers, so all you need to add is a bow.

12. Vols receiver Callaway ‘always the kid everybody loved’ -

Marquez Callaway thought it was a bit strange that he was allowed to return home only a week before his first career game in a Tennessee uniform.

His family told Callaway that his grandmother was being honored at a local church in Warner Robins, Georgia, and he needed to be there.

13. Old favorites still deliver -

These Nashville restaurants aren’t new for this Valentine’s Day but offer a taste of what the foodie scene here is all about: Variety, fresh takes and unforgettable decor:


434 Houston St., 615 490-8434

14. A dozen new Nashville restaurants to try for Valentine’s Day -

Looking for a new spot to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are a dozen new Nashville restaurants you might want to try:

Bourbon Steak

201 8th Ave. S. 34th Floor, 629 208-8440

15. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for September 2018 -

Top residential real estate sales, September 2018, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

16. No congregation too small for reformed drug lord -

Fat Ricky – among the street monikers of the preacher who’s devoting the second half of his life to making up for the drug-selling damage he did in the first half – spins the basketball on his left index finger, eyes on the bucket and takes a long step or two across an urban ballcourt, one of his many “pulpits” in West Nashville.

17. Brown’s, blues color this performer’s Nashville story -

The Olympics-dreaming Madison Square Garden figure skater whose voice highlighted legendary music halls throughout Manhattan is about half-way through her 11-5 shift as a waitress at Brown’s Diner. And she’s got the blues.

18. Nashville's most romantic restaurants for 2018 -

Nashville has a restaurant for every mood. If you're looking for romance on Valentine’s Day or any night of the week, you can’t miss with these.

Restaurants new to the list are designated with an *.

19. Single-payer cuts the middle men but at what cost? -

Republicans made “Repeal and Replace” a catchy slogan for the right, but Democrats have one of their own.

Get ready to hear a lot of “Medicare for All,” the new rallying cry of those who think it’s time the United States adopts a single-payer health care system – or something like it.

20. Can free school lunches survive conservative shift? -

Every day in Nashville, Metro public schools serve 92,000 meals – from in-classroom breakfasts to pizzas at lunch – all meeting strict nutritional requirements, prepared with efficiency in mind and designed to appeal to that toughest of audiences, kids.

21. Nashville's most romantic restaurants for 2017 -

No matter what romance means to you, Nashville has you covered – and then some. Here’s the list of where to go to celebrate love and some seriously good food.

360 Wine Bar Bistro

6000 Highway 100, 615 353-5604, www.360bistro.com

22. Farmers markets growing in number, hanging around longer -

Watch out now. Those farmers markets that shoppers are increasingly depending on for their produce might not be disappearing altogether as the season changes. At least not anytime soon.

A seeming bumper crop of farmers markets have continued to sprout since the early spring harvests and, at least until the frost covers the pumpkins, there is no slowdown in sight. And the way things are going, it won’t be long before the markets flourish year-round (more on that later).

23. Spatchcocking? Funny word, good results -

Strange word, huh? It was for me, too. I’ve been cooking and reading recipes and articles on food preparation for a long time, but this is the first time I have run across spatchcock.

Last week my column was about food preparation words that are not seen on a daily basis by casual chefs, but I failed to find this word when I was doing my research. I didn’t run across it until this week when I was reading a recipe from Kraft foods.

24. From Starbucks barista to Le Cordon Bleu student -

I visit Starbucks probably more than I should. However, I have loved coffee for as far back as I can remember.

No matter which way I leave my neighborhood, I have to pass a Starbucks, which almost always calls me to it. So I have befriended several of the baristas at one particular store. I know most of them by name, and they know me as well.

25. ‘Comfy’ foods a perfect way to beat the chill -

All the snowy, cold weather we’ve had left me in search of warm, cozy recipes. And just watching the news of all the blizzards in the rest of the States leaves me bundled up by the fire.

This past week, I made a large pot of chili, a large pot of beef-barley vegetable soup, and a casserole of creamy, cheesy enchiladas, all great dishes for staying inside and watching the snow and ice, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. And there was plenty of all of that throughout the world.

26. Nashville's most romantic restaurants for 2016 -

Romance can be found all around, in quiet, 50-seat rooms and bustling of-the-moment hot spots. It’s all about the food, the ambiance, the service and, most importantly, your companion for the evening.

27. Greatest restaurants in Nashville? Too many choices -

Country music isn’t the only big draw in Nashville these days. The city is at the top of its food game and has become a popular destination for food lovers across the country.

But where do you go when you want to experience the best of the best?

28. Warm lemon water a healthy way to start day -

I recently received an email about the health benefits of lemons. It was interesting, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I didn’t write this article; I’m merely passing it on. If you want more information, check www.healthynews24.com or www.livingtraditionally.com/20-reasons-drink-lemon-water-mornings.

29. Nashville’s most romantic restaurants -

Romance means something different for everyone, but most people can agree that if there is low lighting, soft music, a charming companion and something delicious to eat, you’ve already got the makings of one outstanding evening.

30. Great dishes from Nashville’s landmark restaurants -

When a restaurant’s been around for a decade or eight, that’s usually a pretty good indication that the food is palatable. We’ve rounded up some of the best dishes to try at Nashville’s longest standing dining establishments, and, of course, it’s impossible to pick just one thing. Feel free to recommend your own favorites in the on-line comments.

31. Do we really need banana slicers, egg crackers -

I visited my local Williams-Sonoma store not long ago to purchase a new Dutch oven. I love the durability and assortment of colors of the Le Creuset enameled cast iron bake ware, so opted for one of those.

32. Special days for food lovers in November -

November is here – already. Like the month of October, it brings many fun and interesting things. First of all, it brings daylight saving time in parts of the South, so now I’m wide awake at four in the morning. By 9 o’clock at night, I’m on my last leg.

33. It’s the pits choosing between these olive varieties -

My 2-year-old grandson, Landon, loves olives and pickles, which he calls “ahwives” and “bickles.”

And, no, they aren’t the best thing for him, but what’s a grandmother to do when he’s holding up his chubby little hand begging for “ahwives?”

34. Peach Capital of the World isn't in Georgia -

“A rose is a rose,” but when is a rose not a rose? When it is a peach. If you do not already know, peaches are from the Rose family (Prunus), and are classified as a “stone fruit” or “drupe.”

35. Eating Mediterranean-style in the Pacific -

This past week hubby and I escaped for a few days to our favorite destination spot, Los Cabo, Mexico.

We try to go there a few times a year and don’t stay long, usually just four or five days, just enough get-away time that we come back feeling rested and refreshed.

36. How, why you should roast vegetables -

I love roasted vegetables. The flavor that comes about when roasting, as opposed to steaming or boiling, is completely different.

Take carrots or sweet potatoes, for instance. When you boil carrots or sweet potatoes in water, they taste exactly the same as if they were raw.

37. Who needs meat for great grilled meal? -

I really got into grilling vegetables and fruits this summer. I replaced my gas grill with charcoal after, years earlier, replacing my charcoal burner with a gas grill, something I consider a mistake.

38. Treat guests to great hotels, bars -

If you’re lucky, family and friends will be staying in one of the city’s impressive hotels instead of sleeping on your couch.

No matter the sleeping arrangements, take advantage of their visit and check out some of the best places to enjoy Nashville during the holidays – in one of its happening hotel bars.

39. Let area’s best chefs create holiday memories -

If you expect a flock of foodies among your visitors this holiday season, don’t waste too much money buying them gifts – simply take them to eat at one (or more) of these 10 signature Nashville restaurants.

40. Saffron: Spice is so ‘mellow yellow’ -

This past week, Don and I dined at one of our favorite restaurants. In honor of autumn, I had to have a “fall food” dish and chose butternut squash cannelloni in saffron cream sauce. I made an excellent choice.

41. Nashville's most romantic restaurants -

A look at some of Nashville's favorite spots for great food and romantic surroundings.

360 Wine Bar Bistro (6000 Highway 100, 353-5604, 360bistro.com)

42. Finding high art in the vegetable garden -

This past week, and in the weeks to come, Don and I have been moving. We have purchased another house that’s much smaller, and the yard – well, the new place is a patio home, so it’s just about non-existent.

43. Celebrating summer with fresh fruits -

The first week in July holds many celebrations for the Bona Family. It marks our son-in-law Doug Baltzer’s birthday; Don’s brother Bob Bona’s birthday and the Fourth of July – our country’s Independence birthday! So, we celebrate! And most of the celebrations are in the warm, sunny outdoors. There’s no place I’d rather be!

44. Gather the Peeps for a quick foodie quiz -

What better time to “mentally” wipe the slate clean of the old junk that fills our brain and scribble on some new! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to learn and apply new ideas and habits. Out with the old and in with the new!

45. In warmer weather, turn to cool foods -

We are in the heat of the summer – one of the hottest on record for our little town – so other than ice cream and watermelon, here are a few recipes to keep you and the kitchen from heating up.

46. Daughter mia, that’s some good chicken! -

This weekend, our lovely daughter April and her family came to visit. This is always such a fun time. Her children run non-stop and keep us hopping but also laughing! The oldest, Paige, is 6, and then Gwynn has a birthday this coming weekend; she will be 2. The third is a sweet little baby boy, Landon, who is 6 months old. So when I say they keep us hopping – you understand!

47. Peachy keen facts about a summer treat -

Everyone knows a “rose is a rose is a rose, is a rose is a rose,” but when is it not? When it’s a peach. If you don’t already know, peaches are from the Rose family (Prunus) and are classified as a “stone fruit” or “drupe.”

48. Never heard of Kohlrabi? Try it -

Don’t judge a vegetable by its color, shape, size or just general weirdness! I’m talking about Kohlrabi.

One look at it might make you want to turn the other way, thinking, “People really eat that?” It is that strange. But I’m here to tell you, once you get past the oddity of it, you’ll have quite a tasty little veggie on your plate!

49. Holy mackerel! Cooking this fish is really easy -

My family and I took a much-needed vacation to Orange Beach, Ala., this past week. If anyone tried to tell me that area is still suffering from the oil spill and the hurricanes over the last few years, I would have a hard time believing them. They are booming, at least it seemed that way to me.

50. You won’t have to wait for spaghetti squash -

Spring is in the air. All the tulips, buttercups, azaleas, redbud and dogwood trees are blooming! Just don’t take too big of a whiff. That could cause some major sneezing since the pollen count is so high! Before too long, all the beautiful blooms will be replaced with green dust. You know, the dust that makes your car temporarily green?