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Editorial Results (free)

1. Senate ratifies international climate deal on refrigerants -

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a major action to address climate change, the Senate on Wednesday ratified an international agreement that compels the United States and other countries to limit use of hydrofluorocarbons, highly potent greenhouse gases commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning that are far more powerful than carbon dioxide.

2. Remember the Titans: Bills haven't forgotten loss last year -

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Bills quarterback Josh Allen feigned ignorance when asked if he winced while watching video of him getting stuffed on fourth down near the goal line in the final seconds of a loss to Tennessee last year.

3. Top Davidson County residential sales for August 2022 -

Top residential real estate sales, August 2022, for Davidson County, as compiled by the Nashville Ledger.

AddressCityZipFiling DateBuyersSellersPrice
2239 Chickering Nashville 37215 8/24 2239 Chickering Trust Miller Jami; Miller Ryan Anthony $8,250,000
1145 Brookwood Nashville 37220 8/12 Rkmmn LLC Stone Oak Builders LLC $5,700,000
3905 Wayland Nashville 37215 8/17 Junge Living Trust Ewing Steele Trust $4,825,000
4012 Wallace Nashville 37215 8/3 Estes Timothy W; Tradler-Estes Jalayne Marie Chesnut Infill Gp $4,602,950
3600 Abbott Martin Nashville 37215 8/26 Abbott Land 3600 LLC Martin Louise A Estate $4,000,000
1722 Stokes Nashville 37215 8/4 Joshua 2415 Trust Cornelius Jonathan Andrew $3,762,500
917 Glendale Nashville 37204 8/15 Nostalgik Land LLC Green Daniel R $3,621,858
206 Jones Brentwood 37027 8/1 Blackman Jennifer S; Blackman Scott G Cole Family Revocable Trust $3,575,000
170 Haverford Nashville 37205 8/23 Moraski Amy; Moraski Matthew B Range Const LLC $3,450,000
210 10th Nashville 37206 8/16 Richland Building Part LLC Rice Prop Mgmt LLC $3,450,000
4232 Wallace Nashville 37215 8/15 Bubis Matthew Albany Road Prop Trust $3,400,000
2405 Belmont Nashville 37212 8/3 Fowler Leslie C; Fowler Megan Burch Elizabeth; Burch Matthew $3,020,000
912 Archer Nashville 37203 8/30 Phillips Peter E Bradley Living Trust $3,000,000
609 Lakemeade Old Hickory 37138 8/12 Decker Harris Andrew Randy W Bernard Revocable Trust $2,970,000
1906 Blair Nashville 37212 8/25 Barry James M III; Barry Kelly S Clearwater Prop LLC $2,900,000
208 Lynnwood Nashville 37205 8/1 Prins Bronte G; Prins William G Jr Strobel-Seigenthaler Veronica Estate $2,700,000
2211 Hampton Nashville 37215 8/24 Sloan Catherine T; Sloan Drew N Advani Moni; Advani Stacey $2,680,000
506 Monroe Nashville 37208 8/5 WBA Inv LLC Sbarra Katherine A $2,600,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Chargerco Prop II LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,450,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 DW Field Holdings LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,405,000
102 Bonaventure Nashville 37205 8/8 Falk Family Part III LLC Alper Denise; Alper Sherri $2,300,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/24 Newhouse Prop LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,300,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/30 Southern Roots LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,295,000
407 Leake Nashville 37205 8/1 Eastside Residential Prop LLC Crook Angus M G; Crook Nancy F $2,275,000
1113 Batey Nashville 37204 8/17 Lines-Stary Corin; Stary Marat Range Const LLC $2,250,000
1309 Clifton Nashville 37215 8/2 GP-1010 Revocable Trust JMTN Prop LLC $2,250,000
4107 Dorcas Nashville 37215 8/18 Hoskins Imogen; Hoskins Kent Balsara Keki R $2,225,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 222/1801 Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,180,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Ryan Joseph Farhat & Carrie Anne Marx Farhat Living Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $2,150,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Nashville 4S LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,115,100
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/22 Green Connected Planet 3 LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,100,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/24 Tiny Wolf LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $2,090,000
4913 Maymanor Nashville 37205 8/23 Wilson TN Community Prop Trust Revocable Trust of James C Emerson And Carlita U Emerson $2,085,000
3705 Trimble Nashville 37215 8/16 Snyder Elizabeth Belk; Snyder John Andrew Merritt Beaver 2020 Inv Services Trust $2,040,000
4001 Graybar Nashville 37215 8/26 Leah D Hall Trust Graymont Dev LLC $2,039,314
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/30 H Glenn Doran Gst Exempt Trust #2 151 Nashville Project LP $1,970,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/30 Hodgson Cody 151 Nashville Project LP $1,925,600
202 Moultrie Nashville 37205 8/23 Richards Benjamin Holman; Richards Rebecah Ann Knight James L Sr $1,915,314
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/29 Mac Inv LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,900,000
4101 Belmont Nashville 37215 8/12 Lipscomb University Rer Parthip $1,897,552
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/24 Elsie A Faciane Revocable Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,892,000
1703 Shackleford Nashville 37215 8/2 Mikes Joseph H; Mikes Katherine K Bricker Todd A; Helm Jenifer Leigh; Helm Jonathan Webb $1,885,000
1148 Gateway Nashville 37220 8/1 Green Daniel R Robinson Deborah; Robinson Mitchell $1,882,500
1807 Ashwood Nashville 37212 8/19 Gabriel Matthew Thomas Fayard John P; Fayard Katie H $1,862,500
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/23 Ennis Four Seasons Private Residence Nashville TN LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,850,000
1727 Hillmont Nashville 37215 8/8 King Edward D; Wilbourn Tracey L Cummings Peter; Jefferson Adam; McCabe Clare $1,850,000
121 Neill Nashville 37206 8/17 HVH Five Points LLC MN9 LLC $1,825,000
5025 Hillsboro Nashville 37215 8/23 Eason John C Jr; Eason Meredith L Cochran John; Cochran Lucy $1,825,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Laderoute Dawn R; Laderoute Scott A 151 Nashville Project LP $1,810,000
4410B Lealand Nashville 37204 8/2 Armstrong Amy; Armstrong Tyler J Basile Kent T $1,800,000
500 Hillwood Nashville 37205 8/2 Casali Curtis; Casali Rene Prins Bronte G; Prins William Gregory Jr; Turk Bronte Gabrielle $1,795,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/12 Clevenger Kymberly K 151 Nashville Project LP $1,700,000
3705 Estes Nashville 37215 8/15 Booth Tia Ervin Mallory Christina; Dimeola Kyle $1,700,000
3414 Hopkins Nashville 37215 8/22 Figueroa Carlos; Gomez Dora E Morton Dapprich Kelly L; Dapprich Terry S $1,699,000
917 Southside Nashville 37203 8/17 Keltner Howard Crosby; Olsen Brittany Lauren Mariani Carly Rowe; Mariani Marc Steven $1,680,000
2911A Snowden Nashville 37204 8/10 Wilmer Brett; Wilmer Meghan White Pines Building Group LLC $1,675,000
5208 Nevada Nashville 37209 8/2 Younghale Karen BRG LLC $1,649,999
1707 Blair Nashville 37212 8/1 Wenzel Carolyn Sue Michaud Gregory F $1,630,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/25 Attorri Gregory J; Shore Debra L 151 Nashville Project LP $1,620,000
916B Gale Nashville 37204 8/4 Do Andrew; Schmidt Monika Delaureal Elizabeth G; Delaureal Henry David $1,615,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Lewis Katie 151 Nashville Project LP $1,605,000
1022 Battery Nashville 37220 8/15 Dodd Felix Campbell; Dodd Stephanie Hamric Carter; Hamric Lindsay $1,599,000
1111 Glenwood Nashville 37204 8/2 Doree Chanel; Emerson Michael Yeager Chester M; Yeager Kathryn $1,575,000
132 51st Nashville 37209 8/1 Evancha Betina Lynn; May Daniel Brown Reber Ashley Paige; Reber Jarred Allen $1,555,000
1406 Eastland Nashville 37206 8/4 Thorne Arthur Graner IV; Thorne Mallory Jean Perkins Mgmt LLC $1,550,000
4340 Sneed Nashville 37215 8/15 Blankinship Heather; Blankinship James Michael Marney Samuel Rowe Jr Estate $1,550,000
607 Westover Nashville 37205 8/16 Richard Andrew; Richard Ashleigh Bradshaw Caroline L; Bradshaw William D III $1,550,000
1605 21st Nashville 37208 8/25 Howard Caleb; Kmrv Prop LLC; Howard Jonathan Caleb Growing Home LLC $1,500,000
5910 Robert E Lee Nashville 37215 8/16 Hadley Stacia Newton; Hadley Thomas Frederick Clinch Linda; Lankford Christy; Patton Carrie; Patton C Benton; Tynes Carolyn S Estate $1,500,000
1612 Tynewood Nashville 37215 8/17 Watson Cory G; Watson Mary J Hiland Edward L; Hiland Sue J $1,499,900
845 Clayton Nashville 37204 8/8 Mayr Amanda Nicole; Mayr Anthony M Pape Bryan C; Pape Rachel R $1,465,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Sadler Cobb Haskins 151 Nashville Project LP $1,450,000
104 Gilman Nashville 37205 8/5 Suzuki Mitsuyo Craig Kelley Adkisson Trust $1,400,000
217 Chamberlin Nashville 37209 8/2 Black Thomas Lynn Sun Valley Prop LLC $1,399,000
1417 Russell Nashville 37206 8/11 Stephens Tara Deselms Geringer Coleman B $1,375,000
5725 Cloverwood Brentwood 37027 8/10 Dinwiddie Joseph Madison Redmon Anna; Redmon Jeremy $1,350,000
925B Benton Nashville 37204 8/19 McMackin Andrew 12Th South Prop LLC $1,340,000
3732 Central Nashville 37205 8/24 Geer Ashley; Geer Chris Sloan Catherine Tracy; Sloan Drew Norman $1,330,000
4315 General Bate Nashville 37204 8/24 Lancaster Billie K; Lancaster Boone E; Lancaster Edward Cole Anna Richey; Cole Erick $1,313,000
410 Greenway Nashville 37205 8/26 Smith Marcus H Jr; Smith Meghan Brooke Brister Elizabeth Koen; Rochford Elizabeth Brister; Rochford Robert Phillip $1,310,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/19 1803 160 2nd Ave South Land Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,300,000
2323 McGavock Nashville 37216 8/16 Wallace Phillip A Stay 2Uned Trust $1,300,000
6120 Stonehaven Nashville 37215 8/2 Snow Trust Miller Joshua; Miller Paige Ryan; Ryan Paige $1,290,000
9 Jones Old Hickory 37138 8/10 Bars Alex Reedy James C; Reedy Marlene R $1,290,000
1016A 9th Nashville 37203 8/9 Penz Kimberly Diane; Penz William John Blue Sky Horizon Gp $1,280,000
5204 Granny White Nashville 37220 8/2 Dunn Ronnie G Banks Frances Keegan; Banks William Bryant $1,280,000
1425 Sumner Nashville 37206 8/24 Robles Michael Paul; Robles Tonya McBride Jones Phillip Byron; Parmentier Tammy L; Parmentier-Jones Tammy $1,275,000
1107 Norfleet Nashville 37220 8/12 Ribeiro Morgan; Ribeiro Anthony Corlew Family Revocable Trust $1,270,000
1204 Taggartwood Brentwood 37027 8/12 Dunn Timothy Christopher; Boncyk Christina Sato Havill Cassie; Havill John P $1,269,900
700 Buchanan Nashville 37208 8/8 Kiesling Christine; Longwill Dave L Fattal Lindsay Blakely; Hill Craig; Hill Marshia; Hill Marshia C $1,249,500
1302 Gartland Nashville 37206 8/1 Harris Jenna Lyn Jones; Harris Matt Ceule Denise; Stowe Ryan Edward $1,249,000
903 Coral Nashville 37204 8/12 Mattice Kevin L; Mattice Rory Smith Caroline Harlow; Smith Robert Jackson $1,240,000
225 Lone Oak Village Nashville 37215 8/12 225 Lone Oak LLC Stewart Janice T; Stewart L Todd $1,235,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Jnsanzo LLC 151 Nashville Project LP $1,225,000
1907 Shelby Nashville 37206 8/29 Sesi Derrick Moses; Sesi Kathryn Mindful Home Solutions II LLC $1,225,000
2409 Vaulx Nashville 37204 8/22 Amstutz Chloe; Amstutz Kameron Jensen Holly; Jensen Jason Duane; Robbins Holly Michelle $1,225,000
900 Caruthers Nashville 37204 8/26 Wright Lauren Kimpton Camilla M $1,225,000
1208 Pointe Old Hickory 37138 8/9 Stonehorse Real Estate Holdings LLC Pappas Thomas G Jr $1,210,000
1925 Warfield Nashville 37215 8/29 Parsons Eileen L Heinzel Elisa A; Heinzel Gregg $1,200,000
931 Gale Nashville 37204 8/24 Long Carolyn A; Long Vincent Leo Jr Van Grinsven Joseph G Estate $1,200,000
1122 Biltmore Nashville 37204 8/8 Thompson Dale; Thompson Lauralee Noelle Bars Hooper Holdings LLC $1,175,000
3629 End Nashville 37205 8/16 Stachura Robert Pinnacle Dev Co Inc $1,152,000
1510 Woodland Nashville 37206 8/17 Byrne Jonathan L; Mainord Judy Hetherington Lorene $1,150,000
3205 Acklen Nashville 37212 8/11 Richland Building Part LLC White Sandy; White Torne $1,150,000
618 Hamilton Nashville 37203 8/29 618 Hamilton LLC Britt Louis Percival III; Britt-Layton Sarah $1,150,000
6211 Brownlee Nashville 37205 8/12 McGinn Kevin White Pines Building Group LLC $1,150,000
205 Taylor Nashville 37208 8/23 Langone Family Trust Fathaly Talal Omar $1,149,900
1508 Wendell Nashville 37206 8/9 Nicholson Kala; Nicholson Chaus J Armstrong Real Estate LLC; Paragon Group LLC $1,145,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/18 Mary Helen And David Hepner Living Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,143,800
1023 Battery Nashville 37220 8/17 2K Dev LLC Anderson Lois V $1,125,000
105 End Close Nashville 37205 8/11 Hogan Michael Gavin; Joseph Mervyn Leonard Anthony Chapman Will; Robert J Ritchie Revocable Trust $1,125,000
600 12th Nashville 37203 8/18 McLean Norman; McLean Tracy G Shapiro Spencer; Stephen Shapiro Revocable 1996 Trust; Shapiro Stephen $1,125,000
615 Meade Nashville 37205 8/22 Stoljarova Tatjana Roberti Gloria J $1,125,000
618 Hamilton Nashville 37203 8/25 618 Hamilton LLC Britt Louis Percival III; Britt-Layton Sarah; Layton Brian $1,125,000
9094 Poplar Creek Nashville 37221 8/22 Rigby Georgina Caroline; Rigby Jonathan David Heard Ann H; Heard Thomas H $1,125,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/12 Kathryn Anderson Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,121,800
3514 Wilbur Nashville 37204 8/25 Hejlesen Michael; Rueda Viviana M Blackacre Dev Co LLC $1,120,000
1045 Ridgeview Nashville 37220 8/11 Poling Christian Matthies Dawn S; Waechter James A; Matthies Heinrich J G $1,110,000
1607 Observatory Nashville 37215 8/16 Scarborough Garrett Graves; Scarborough Taylor W Martin Mark J; Martin Venita $1,105,000
4407 Charleston Place Nashville 37215 8/9 Blazier Jennifer Gebo David; Sloley Lisa $1,100,000
836 Forest Acres Nashville 37220 8/18 Workman John Yatchenko Alexandra $1,100,000
903A Potter Nashville 37206 8/8 Modahl Martin C-Rob Inv LLC $1,099,900
1024 Stainback Nashville 37207 8/9 Feman Seth Ryan Adam; Ryan Brooke $1,095,000
3500 Hopkins Nashville 37215 8/30 Lifestyle Inv Group LLC Haley Julie; Haley Robert $1,090,000
1106 Caldwell Nashville 37204 8/26 Lane Michelle A Crawford Kandace; Crawford Matthew $1,085,000
122 Lincoln Nashville 37205 8/3 Traina Addison; Traina Scott N Dale Andrew H $1,080,000
1122 Biltmore Nashville 37204 8/8 Bars Hooper Holdings LLC Vogel Stephen J $1,075,000
2131 Blair Nashville 37212 8/9 Clark Charles T III Reese Joyce K; White Joyce K $1,075,000
505K Wedgewood Nashville 37203 8/12 Fleege Trent Karkus Anna Marie $1,075,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/29 Risha Ann Rodgers Trust 151 Nashville Project LP $1,073,700
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/19 Revelette Candace 151 Nashville Project LP $1,068,800
712 Lena Nashville 37208 8/11 Bernard Kara Joy; Bernard Russell James Lafferty Darian; McNeal Jarred $1,068,000
627 Skyview Nashville 37206 8/18 Garvey David; Garvey Karen Fig Tree Holdings LLC; Skyview LLC $1,065,000
1121 Woodvale Nashville 37204 8/18 Manor Homes LLC Osborne Anthony P; Osborne Jennifer S $1,060,000
1111 Lipscomb Nashville 37204 8/30 Jmtn Prop LLC Simmons Anne Executor; Cunningham Roy L Estate $1,050,000
2309 Knowles Nashville 37204 8/26 Wimbiscus Maureen Anne; Wimbiscus Thomas J Vernich Leigh Wilhite; Vernich Paul; Benson Abby $1,049,000
134 40th Nashville 37209 8/17 Brown Shawn David; Brown Traci Kozloski Chad; Kozloski Tosha $1,025,000
5205 Kincannon Nashville 37220 8/26 McGuire Christine; Risse Peter J Crosby Emily S; Crosby Seth Henson $1,025,000
2405 Chapman Nashville 37206 8/24 Ozawa Bryan; Ozawa Christine; Ozawa Norman Asg Inv LLC $1,015,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/26 Abtahi Amir M; Abtahi Morgan E 151 Nashville Project LP $1,010,000
620 Madison Nashville 37208 8/16 Frazier Adam Mainland Germantown LLC $1,009,900
1407 Franklin Nashville 37206 8/10 Nicholson Sandra Marie; Nicholson Timothy F Straton Daniel S; Straton Ruth L $1,009,000
126 Postwood Nashville 37205 8/19 Standard Laura Kane; Standard Scott Crawford Mary Ann S Grigg Trust $1,000,500
132 Woodmont Nashville 37205 8/12 Suggs David Brandon; Wilcox Mary Elizabeth Herring Virgil J; Isabele L Herring Revocable Trust; Lodygensky Isabele; Herring Isabele L $1,000,000
842 Battery Nashville 37220 8/8 842 Battery Lane LLC Rochelle Michael F; Rochelle Susan S $1,000,000
2405 Chapman Nashville 37206 8/25 Harmon Marja Lindsey; McCullough Charles Cleason Jr Asg Inv LLC $999,999
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/30 Sheridan Richard 151 Nashville Project LP $990,000
809B Halcyon Nashville 37204 8/24 Wyatt Matthew J Le Aimee $982,777
307 Chapel Nashville 37206 8/8 Gauthier Marc; Gauthier Molly Buxbaum Sarah; Jefferson Adam $975,000
964 Youngs Nashville 37207 8/29 Arrived TN Oasis LLC Up Infinite LLC $975,000
5799 Cane Ridge Antioch 37013 8/11 Redmon Anna; Redmon Jeremy Wingler Brenda R; Wingler Paul D $970,000
2215 Greenwood Nashville 37206 8/4 Ha Rosalyn; Nguyen Christopher Ctafs Prop LLC $965,000
225 Cherokee Nashville 37205 8/5 Barnes Billy; Barnes Jack William Thistle Farms Inc $950,000
1488 Clairmont Nashville 37215 8/1 Duncan Gregory Scott; Duncan Sharon Parker Day Robert S Jr; Toler Candace J $939,000
2213 Greenwood Nashville 37206 8/4 Florio Alexa; Brodetskiy Svyatoslav Ctafs Prop $939,000
810 Russell Nashville 37206 8/15 Smith Christy; Smith Peter Miller Erin E; Miller Mark A $930,000
515 Church Nashville 37219 8/16 Sullivan Joseph R Sullivan Elizabeth; Sullivan John J; Sullivan John $925,000
803 Greeley Nashville 37205 8/1 Graham Built LLC 2K Dev LLC $925,000
1616C 4th Nashville 37208 8/1 Bedrock Neale R; Bedrock Pamela A Duncanson Cynthia K; Duncanson Peter L $924,900
2088 12th Nashville 37204 8/1 Bandi Daniel; Bandi Deborah Torrence Beverly; Torrence Marc $915,000
160 2nd Nashville 37201 8/24 Isaacs Vanessa Rae; Zarbock Amy 151 Nashville Project LP $900,000
909A Beechmont Nashville 37206 8/16 Le Nghiem Uy; Le Tien Gia Jackson Valley Land Part LLC $900,000
4100 Wyoming Nashville 37209 8/1 Marois Rene Penzhorn Dain Chris; Penzhorn Leigh Heather $899,900
607 5th Nashville 37207 8/4 Lambert Charles Anthony Maxwell Kathy; Maxwell Kathy D; Maxwell Robert Shawn $899,900
1511 Stratford Nashville 37216 8/17 Russell Brandi Seven Camille; Seven Michael; Wynn Camille $897,000
1520 Harwood Nashville 37206 8/10 Turner Christopher Southern Spaces LLC $890,000
810 Porter Nashville 37206 8/16 Beck Andrew Tasker Cassandra; Tasker Nathan $880,000
920 South Nashville 37203 8/2 Minnie Dog Prop I LLC Phelps Inv LLC $880,000
414A Westboro Nashville 37209 8/8 Khan Cheryl Smith John C $879,000
1204 Pointe Old Hickory 37138 8/24 Fricke Family Trust L R Brown Nevada Trust $877,000
8136 Cloverland Nashville 37211 8/10 Jeter Dawn; Jeter Thomas Rucker Jr Kem Inv LLC; Real-Flex $872,481
1406 Franklin Nashville 37206 8/23 Dunlap Joshua Ryan Straton Andrew; Straton Mariko $867,500
1002 Fairwin Nashville 37216 8/23 Ortega Luz Horsley Ashley; Horsley Jordan $860,050
1810B Cloverleaf Nashville 37216 8/9 Kiel Cassandra; Kiel Drew Meehan Dennis $858,000
1508 Beechwood Nashville 37212 8/26 Ennis Daniel Ralph; Ennis James Lee Linwood Collins Bobby Andrew; Van Valkenburg Mary L $855,000
425 15th Nashville 37206 8/4 Ford Meaghan; Severs Amanda M Hackney Abby; Hackney John $850,000
505A Waycross Nashville 37211 8/8 Helton Jerry Joe III Laxey Realty LLC $850,000
925 Russell Nashville 37206 8/8 Stonich David Riley Kelly; Riley Robert III $847,000
43 Nickleby Down Brentwood 37027 8/3 Everett Bo; Everett Lauren Darnell Andrew; Gibson Brandon $840,000
5512 Pennsylvania Nashville 37209 8/26 Nocoast Prop LLC Ball Lauren Ashley; Ball William Hughes; Doll Lauren Ashley; Ball William H $840,000
1421 Shelton Nashville 37216 8/18 Christenson Ashlyn; Ruder Dylan Williams Hollie R; Williams Joshua B $835,000
610 21st Nashville 37203 8/22 Lantana LLC Cheung Jeffrey $830,000
1612A Cahal Nashville 37206 8/8 Gillis Scott A; Gillis Stephanie L M Squared LLC $825,000
1810A Cloverleaf Nashville 37216 8/9 Kiel Dustin; Gast Jessica Meehan Dennis $825,000
2876 Sugar Tree Nashville 37215 8/25 Crossman James A; Gilmore Martha Joy Cate Robert T; Cate Vivian D $825,000
146 Prospect Nashville 37205 8/4 Cantwell Robert H Jr; Cantwell Silvia M Bathrick Grace S; Boatman Carroll $820,000
928 Cherry Plum Nashville 37215 8/2 Maddin Sallie F Alexander James; Trapp Julie; Trapp Will $820,000
1403 Stratton Nashville 37206 8/8 Loyco Michael John Jr Lynn George H $816,000
105 Cherokee Nashville 37205 8/16 Hinson Matthew Robert; Rippey Katherine Bourff Kelsey R; Bourff Kreigh Adam $815,000
248 Valley Bend Nashville 37214 8/15 Murray Audrey; Murray Kevin II Frank Batson Homes Inc $810,018
414B Scott Nashville 37206 8/15 Clark Jesse D; Smith Lisa Wunn Stefan $810,000
5209 Michigan Nashville 37209 8/25 Gonzalez Lindsay Barlow Michele Ann; Kirkland Bailey; Barlow Robert J $810,000
1807 Joy Nashville 37207 8/1 Stoner Zachary; Ward Ashleigh Long Cynthia W; Long David Michael; Long David Ryan $805,000
840 Woodland Nashville 37209 8/22 Pak Su Yon; Pak Woojin Baldwin Dennis; Baldwin Meghan $805,000
1513 Holly Nashville 37206 8/4 Donthamsetti Prashant; Turner Erin Imcc Holdings LLC $800,000
1701 Blair Nashville 37212 8/11 Crichton Charles W; Crichton Julia W Casali Curtis; Casali Rene $800,000
2151 Summitt Nashville 37218 8/11 Pulte Homes TN LP Nashville Rentals II LLC $800,000
2509 Vaulx Nashville 37204 8/30 Ke Holdings LLC Birdsong Darlene; Larkins Joanna $800,000
26 Belcaro Nashville 37215 8/15 Kemmerling Steve; Kemmerling Steve David; Sloan Elizabeth Van Cleave Ryan M; West Jenny; Yiadom Maame Yaa A B; Yiadom Maame Yaa A Boakye $800,000
2713 Woodlawn Nashville 37212 8/22 Bryant Joseph Y; Lancaster Leighton K Wright Jesse P; Wright Meera R $800,000
2904 Lee Davis Nashville 37216 8/22 Lang Kelly Marie 21Five Homes LLC $800,000
3842 Granny White Nashville 37204 8/23 Georgiev Ivelin; Georgieva Margita Third Restated Revocable Trust Agreement of Jacqueline K Mahoney $800,000
6110 Fire Tower Nashville 37209 8/16 Wright James Barak; Wright Veronica Laurren Diehl Tyler; Rosman Brian $800,000


4. What to watch: Top Democrats square off in Florida, New York -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tuesday's primary elections feature two top Florida Democrats squaring off for the chance to face Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, a rising conservative star frequently mentioned as a top alternative to Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential contest.

5. Titans have competition for backup QB job thanks to Willis -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans have a competition for the job backing up Ryan Tannehill, and coach Mike Vrabel has made it very clear they want rookie Malik Willis throwing more.

Vrabel pulled Willis two plays into Tennessee's first drive of the third quarter after the quarterback scrambled on the second play for 17 yards in the Titans' 23-10 loss Thursday night to Baltimore. Willis showed off his scrambling ability running five times for 38 yards with a touchdown, and his strong arm was on display with a 48-yard toss to Racey McMath.

6. Ravens top Titans 23-10 for 21st straight preseason win -

BALTIMORE (AP) — Tyler Huntley went 16 of 18 for 110 yards and a touchdown in the first half, and the Baltimore Ravens extended their record streak of preseason victories to 21 with a 23-10 win over the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night.

7. No contract talk as Titans lineman Jeffery Simmons works -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee rookie quarterback Malik Willis made a business decision when he found himself facing off against Pro Bowl defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons in a live tackle drill at training camp.

8. Trump weighs another run as GOP rivals eye own campaigns -

NASHVILLE (AP) — As religious conservatives gathered this week at a sprawling resort near the Grand Ole Opry House, Nikki Haley pressed the Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" crowd to look to the future.

9. Biden hosts climate meeting amid high gas price pressure -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Equating the oil and gas industry to Big Tobacco, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday that "fossil fuel producers and financiers have humanity by the throat." But President Joe Biden wasn't quite itching for a fight.

10. Jeffery Simmons dodges contract talk at Titans' minicamp -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Jeffery Simmons showed off some of the slippery moves he uses to dodge offensive linemen when chasing opposing quarterbacks.

11. Vanderbilt freshman Sargent wins NCAA title in playoff -

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — The wind whipped dust in the air, flags and balls all around the golf course. Combined with fast, tricky greens, birdies were hard to come by.

Vanderbilt's Gordon Sargent had one all day — and it was good enough to win a national championship.

12. Biden announces heavy artillery, other weapons for Ukraine -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden pledged an additional $1.3 billion Thursday for new weapons and economic assistance to help Ukraine in its strong but increasingly difficult battle against the Russian invasion, and he promised to seek much more from Congress to keep the guns, ammunition and cash flowing.

13. Efforts to make protective medical gear in US falling flat -

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (AP) — When the coronavirus pandemic first hit the U.S., sales of window coverings at Halcyon Shades quickly went dark. So the suburban St. Louis business did what hundreds of other small manufacturers did: It pivoted to make protective supplies, with help from an $870,000 government grant.

14. Cuomo wants $125 million for 'unlawful' CNN firing -

NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Cuomo wants an arbitrator to award him $125 million for his firing from CNN, alleging his bosses knew full well how he advised his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and suggested they did the same themselves.

15. Weaver, Scalzo to lead Waller’s health care team -

Jennifer Weaver and Eric Scalzo have been named leaders of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP’s health care industry team, which includes more than 200 attorneys advising health care providers and investors across the country.

16. Nashville SC joins crypto craze with Valkyrie partnership -

Nashville is the latest Major League Soccer team to join the crypto bandwagon, with one twist: The club's sponsorship deal with Valkyrie Investments is being paid for entirely in bitcoin.

Nashville on Tuesday announced Valkyrie, a digital assets investment firm, as a new founding partner. It comes as sports franchises increasingly embrace crypto-aligned sponsorships.

17. Top Davidson County residential sales for February 2022 -

Top residential real estate sales, February 2022, for Davidson County, as compiled by the Nashville Ledger.

AddressCityZipFiling DateBuyersSellersSale Price
6129 Hillsboro Nashville 37215 2/24 Ellis Michael 6129 Hillsboro LLC $4,675,000
5894 Ashland Nashville 37215 2/15 Stern Adam; Stern Kristin PGT Trust $3,650,000
4514 Harpeth Hills Nashville 37215 2/23 Hopke Renee; Hopke William J Chandelier Dev Inc $3,408,253
2005 Cromwell Nashville 37215 2/24 Chapman William T IV Trustee Calderon Rafael A $3,100,000
501 Westview Nashville 37205 2/8 Phillips Oliver C Fry Julian $3,100,000
3821 West End Nashville 37205 2/1 McAlevey Lynne H Trustee Melkus Kenneth $3,000,000
4401 Tyne Nashville 37215 2/15 Tsd Holdings LLC Turner Kelli $2,850,000
601 Madison Nashville 37208 2/23 Pelican Funds LLC Mainland Germantown LLC $2,791,000
721 Lakeshore Old Hickory 37138 2/4 Lakeshore Pointe Realty LLC Apple Johnie M $2,725,000
3925 Cross Creek Nashville 37215 2/28 Carleton Heather Anne; Carleton Jerry Francis Province Builders LLC $2,585,000
913 Lawrence Nashville 37204 2/15 Butcher Celia R; Butcher Jack Province Builders LLC $2,500,000
5415 Stanford Nashville 37215 2/14 Hauff Jessica; Vidaureeta Rafael Butterworth Christopher; Hargett Charles $2,375,000
1808 Sweetbriar Nashville 37212 2/18 Brian Duke Bevans Revocable Living Trust; Sheri L Bevans Revocable Living Trust Eftekhari Georgette; Eftekhari Shervin; Eftekhari-Asl Shervin $2,250,000
7 Wynstone Nashville 37215 2/15 Schmidt Jordan Talbott Mahsa; Talbott Masha $2,200,000
2024 Kingsbury Nashville 37215 2/15 DP CA Residence Trust Baker Gary D; Baker Laura B $2,145,000
130 Windsor Nashville 37205 2/17 Pritchett William Huber Todd C $2,040,000
916 Acklen Nashville 37203 2/1 Nowinski Robert II Paragon Group LLC $2,000,000
955 Draughon Nashville 37204 2/9 Beegle Jessica Paige Build Nashville LLC $1,950,000
105 Page Nashville 37205 2/28 Lane Holding LLC Miller Alastair; Miller Lauren $1,800,000
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 2/25 Mullens Mary Colleen Apperson Michael W $1,780,000
601 Madison Nashville 37208 2/14 Owens Bradley Ryan Mainland Germantown LLC $1,756,500
6451 Worchester Nashville 37221 2/28 Ross Keri Ann Baycora Leyla $1,750,000
5200 Hickory Hollow Antioch 37013 2/10 Rowan Propco LLC 5200 Hickory Hollow Partners LLC $1,750,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Hamby Chris; Hamby Sherri 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,750,000
4305A Utah Nashville 37209 2/17 Lothenbach Frank Jr Trustee Richland Building Partners LLC $1,680,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/17 Sub Innovations LLC 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,668,000
4712 Tanglewood Nashville 37216 2/17 Hackett Family Trust Mabee Janelle M; Mabee Steven R II $1,650,000
515 Church Nashville 37219 2/15 Mitchell Jan El Caballero Joaquin G Jr Trustee $1,650,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/17 Cargile Robert Matison III 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,638,000
3438 Stokesmont Nashville 37215 2/25 Blackwelder Mgmt Group LLC Harris Morgan $1,625,000
329 McKennell Nashville 37206 2/1 M Squared LLC Southern Exchange & Acquisition Inc Trustee $1,625,000
707B Crescent Nashville 37205 2/18 Denker Henrik Bmb Properties $1,615,000
1610B 6th Nashville 37208 2/2 Smith Ryan Donnell Bennu Business Holdings LLC $1,595,000
518 Wilson Nashville 37215 2/11 Geraci Living Trust Mulle Katie Stone $1,587,500
4807 Dakota Nashville 37209 2/17 Veenstra Zachary Build Nashville Db2 LLC $1,550,000
1812 Holly Nashville 37206 2/3 Hulse Ethan Apg Rentals LLC $1,550,000
1808 Blair Nashville 37212 2/24 Evans Brent Joseph; Mueller Dorothee Alexandra Pilkington Richard $1,500,000
900 20th Nashville 37212 2/11 Fiala Bruce A; Fiala Katie Oconnell Webb Kalen P; Webb Michael R $1,500,000
705 Darden Nashville 37205 2/18 Top of the Hill Enterprises LLC H Gail Gibson-Milliron Revocable Trust $1,475,000
1909 Russell Nashville 37206 2/24 Goldman Gregg Davis Ryan P $1,450,000
4013 Colorado Nashville 37209 2/23 Dettwiller Ann Kathryn Baker Matthew G $1,400,000
6400 Harding Nashville 37205 2/18 Day Suzanne Bercut Trustee Bowler Gail H Trustee $1,400,000
6212 Hickory Valley Nashville 37205 2/3 Vintage South LLC Dashiff Michael D $1,400,000
411 Prestwick Nashville 37205 2/7 Winsett Elizabeth Moats Shelley $1,389,595
1615 5th Nashville 37208 2/28 Newman Brian T Dabrowski Catherine R $1,367,000
2308 White Nashville 37204 2/1 Hall Brandon Koehler Snyder William Francis $1,365,000
706 Cantrell Nashville 37215 2/1 Bartek Stephen III Davies Michael Bremner Trustee $1,340,000
4112 Idaho Nashville 37209 2/1 Murray Jessica L BRG LLC $1,325,500
946B Glendale Nashville 37204 2/18 Rowley John Posnik Oksana $1,325,000
2416 Linden Nashville 37212 2/2 Efinger James K Hyde Const Group LLC $1,324,000
1411 Old Hickory Brentwood 37027 2/1 Home Capital LLC Cary William James $1,300,000
3800 Nebraska Nashville 37209 2/23 Jackson Matthew Davidson Kathleen $1,270,000
840 Woodmont Nashville 37204 2/11 Havill Aaron Michael; Havill Courtney E Silvers Bernie; Silvers Jodie $1,265,000
114 47th Nashville 37209 2/14 Jmb Holdings LLC Richland Building Partners LLC $1,208,325
1904 Kimbark Nashville 37215 2/10 Hood Kristen Prince Brittany Walker $1,200,000
103 Pembroke Nashville 37205 2/17 Culp Lacey; Culp William B III Smith David H; Smith Gardner O $1,200,000
224 Heady Nashville 37205 2/17 224 Heady LLC Cavazos Gary D Estate $1,200,000
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 2/22 Gray Jill E Obmascik; Gray Michael J Wohlers Chad $1,200,000
6201 Bresslyn Nashville 37205 2/2 Marengo St Inv LLC Top of the Hill Enterprises LLC $1,200,000
815 Forest Acres Nashville 37220 2/16 Moorad Jan Coleman Brian D $1,200,000
1900 Oakhill Nashville 37206 2/14 Amos Allison Earley; Amos Anthony Jason Paragon Group LLC $1,200,000
909 Gilmore Nashville 37204 2/16 Kelly Megan Douglas Slaughter Jeffrey Carl $1,200,000
2059 Timberwood Nashville 37215 2/8 Marcus Kent Trustee Sauder Donald R Trustee $1,200,000
3635 General Bate Nashville 37204 2/3 Phillips Bradley Shulman Adam Charles $1,199,900
515 Church Nashville 37219 2/1 Watson Kevin Hardie William Huger III Trustee $1,175,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/22 Signature Six LLC 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,164,000
1110 Sigler Nashville 37203 2/17 2015 Lucas Family Trust Price Amber $1,150,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Haley Richard Wallace 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,149,000
26 Washington Nashville 37205 2/10 Waltemath Gary Potter Thomas K $1,140,000
5662 Cloverland Brentwood 37027 2/3 5662 Cloverland LLC Crabtree Diane Moseley $1,125,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Coury Robert S 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $1,117,000
1414 Woodmont Nashville 37215 2/7 Hampton George Marfell Jason Thomas $1,101,000
2537 Park Green Old Hickory 37138 2/16 Grand Gors LLC Music City Classics Inc $1,100,000
2607 Whites Creek Nashville 37207 2/16 2607 Whites Creek Pike LLC 1 Public Homes LLC; Fedorovich Edward $1,100,000
5304 Brentview Hills Nashville 37220 2/9 Walne James A Paden Matthew Terry $1,076,000
2725 Westwood Nashville 37204 2/18 Loecher Brittany; Loecher Nikolas Westwood I LLC $1,055,000
732 Greeley Nashville 37205 2/3 Garwill LLC Belote Eloise G $1,050,000
128 Abbottsford Nashville 37215 2/2 J& B Realty Holdings LLC Brent Michael D Executor $1,040,000
325 Chamberlin Nashville 37209 2/24 Beckner James Lancaster Jr Dwyer Steven $1,040,000
6136 Chickering Nashville 37215 2/9 Chesnut Infill Gp Sandidge Kent IV $1,030,000
4413 Charleston Place Nashville 37215 2/10 Grice Charles A Whitefield Lowell C Trustee $1,025,000
1311 Tyne Nashville 37215 2/10 J L Holloway LLC Hatch Deborah Lunn $1,000,000
705 27th Nashville 37208 2/17 Burrell Sisters Mgmt LLC Thrive At City Heights LLC $1,000,000
2130 Buena Vista Nashville 37218 2/18 Fed Dev LLC Mayo Dianne S; Mayo Marable Lee Jr $1,000,000
707 27th Nashville 37208 2/8 Nash Keary Elizabeth Thrive at City Heights LLC $1,000,000
3721B West End Nashville 37205 2/17 Elizabeth Meade Wills 1999 Irrevocable Trust Carpenter Mona L $995,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/17 Raver C Cybele 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $992,000
1708 Carvell Nashville 37203 2/10 Bmb Properties Jenkins Paul $990,000
1502 Kirkwood Nashville 37212 2/3 Mohindra Mikas Tudor David M $985,000
1213 5th Nashville 37208 2/15 1213 5Th Ave N LLC Boyd Irene R $975,000
515 Church Nashville 37219 2/25 Kimberly Anderson Stone Consolidated Trust Pfeiffer Matthew R; Pfeiffer Whitney $975,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/16 Chargerco Properties II LLC 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $961,205
1212 Laurel Nashville 37203 2/18 Khoukaz Maya Hartsell Joey Scott $960,000
2224 Castleman Nashville 37215 2/11 Adcox James M III Trustee Knestrick Andrew $960,000
1029 14th Nashville 37212 2/14 Spence Leigh Ann 1029 14Th Avenue Partners LLC $950,000
2937 Primrose Nashville 37212 2/28 Sasser Kathryn Hays Reynolds Zachary $950,000
3418 Acklen Nashville 37212 2/18 Noble Kash C; Sillers Tia M Yancey Cynthia K S $950,000
1311 Lillian Nashville 37206 2/11 Huseby Homes LLC Huseby Robert D $930,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Debelak Angela Kimberly 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $920,000
1413 Hawkins Nashville 37203 2/24 Zajicek Che B; Zajicek Jorie Adams Grayson Hill $910,000
1306 Gartland Nashville 37206 2/9 Gallagher Alisha Mae Shim Erin L $909,000
20 Rutledge Nashville 37210 2/17 Clement Debra N; Clement Robert B Jr Hamby Christopher W; Hamby Sherri L $890,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/23 Womack Stephen B 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $889,000
1813 Rosewood Nashville 37212 2/9 Griffin-May Allacyn Lee Mills Frank C $887,550
1803 Hillside Nashville 37203 2/18 Carlone David; Carlone Heidi Stewart Christine Marie; Stewart Jeffrey $887,000
2035 Overhill Nashville 37215 2/25 Jarvis John Barlow Budhwani Hina $875,000
4035 Sneed Nashville 37215 2/11 White Pines Building Group LLC Wood E Thomas; Wood Nicki Pendleton $875,000
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/16 Wilford Obadiah 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $874,000
1014A Mitchell Nashville 37206 2/4 Juarez Ruben Checkerboard Properties $870,000
1257 John Nashville 37210 2/28 Lms Homes LLC 1257 John St LLC $869,000
416 17th Nashville 37206 2/24 Murphy Leslie S Pedigo William J III $865,000
315 Fann Nolensville 37135 2/14 Hearn Brandon; Hearn Constance Marie Macey Linda Kay; Macey William Edgar III $865,000
2000 Natchez Nashville 37212 2/17 1029 14Th Avenue Partners LLC Moore James $855,000
6717 Greeley Nashville 37205 2/22 Build Nashville Db2 LLC Bailey Nancy $850,000
1711 Sherwood Nashville 37216 2/22 Baker Jillian; Baker Patrick E Craven Alyson Holland; Craven Richard Oliver $850,000
3804 Harding Nashville 37215 2/7 Webber Gerald Welch Michael Bradley $850,000
1014B Mitchell Nashville 37206 2/14 Erb Sarah; Pedder Jamie Checkerboard Properties $850,000
131 Woodmont Nashville 37205 2/10 Winkle Virginia Elizabeth Randall Schofield Hal $849,900
1104 Petway Nashville 37206 2/28 Dold Hollis; Karam Claire Minchew Alan B $836,500
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1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/8 Pyles Steven Craig Trustee 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $832,000
1126 Haysboro Nashville 37216 2/14 Amplexus Properties LLC Foster Patrick S $830,000
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6228 Williams Grove Brentwood 37027 2/10 Fennell Crystal D Trustee Everett James C $801,000
749 Meade Nashville 37205 2/3 Fripalm Land Co LLC Esquivel David R $800,000
336 Ewing Nashville 37207 2/22 Ldg Land Holdings LLC McCarthy Colin Michael $800,000
826 Kirkwood Nashville 37204 2/14 Boulevard Nashville LLC; Colson Services LLC Braden Alfonzo III; Brown Bernice; Brown Melvin Lamont; Spencer Dorothy M; Spencer Dorothy Mae $800,000
4309C Gallatin Nashville 37216 2/9 Kumar Joanne Trustee Blue Sky Const Inc $799,900
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811 48th Nashville 37209 2/1 Williamson Andrew Diaz Jonathan A $790,000
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6624 Upton Nashville 37209 2/1 Ellenbogen Machael Wood Clay Bass $765,000
2500 White Nashville 37204 2/17 2500 White Rental Owner Spe LLC Midtown Realty LLC $761,250
8041 Highway 70 Nashville 37221 2/1 Bryant Kenton Hodges Anna Rebecca $760,000
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4907 Georgia Nashville 37209 2/22 Ashland Rentals LLC Bryant Gary L $751,000
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1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Pride Nick 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $725,725
2500 White Nashville 37204 2/17 2500 White Rental Owner Spe LLC Midtown Realty LLC $724,375
1616 West End Nashville 37203 2/9 Gillooly Timothy E 1600 West End Ave Partners LLC $721,500
1141 Shelton Nashville 37216 2/28 North Nathan Ira; Rawson Taylor Cecil Thomas N $720,000
6117 Deerbrook Nashville 37221 2/1 Lorance Kevin A Dinsmore Michael O $720,000
3000 Poston Nashville 37203 2/8 Savia Marie A Trustee Bhatia Kapil $718,000
1823 Tammany Nashville 37216 2/24 Johnson Rosemary; Schmidler Adam Mitchell Misty $710,000
1215 Greenfield Nashville 37216 2/16 Dubray Cory; Dubray Taylor Snyder Charles W Jr; Snyder Stacy Ries $705,000
904B Marilyn Nashville 37209 2/23 J& V Austin Family Inv Ltd Wieczorek Stephanie $703,500
1237 Preston Nashville 37206 2/16 Gavin Barry; Gavin Melissa Burkett Homes Inc $700,000
3517 Pleasant Valley Nashville 37204 2/23 2K Dev LLC Stahl Andrew $700,000
4778 Drakes Branch Nashville 37218 2/2 Morton Christopher B& D Dev Group LLC $700,000
524A Stevenson Nashville 37209 2/2 Gobble Christopher A WLC Const LLC $700,000
335 Vivelle Nashville 37210 2/9 Ybarra Tyler RLP Const LLC $700,000
5205 Stallworth Nashville 37220 2/22 Field Taylor Oliva Veronica $700,000
1012 Maynor Nashville 37216 2/1 Jeremiah Jennifer Sweat Joshua $700,000


18. Top athletes finally cashing in on name, image, likeness change -

Scotty Pippen Jr., Donovan Sims and Uros Plavsic come from vastly different backgrounds but have this much in common: They all play college basketball in Tennessee and are among the hundreds of the state’s collegiate athletes – joined by thousands nationwide – that have taken advantage of the name, image, likeness (NIL) opportunities now afforded them.

19. Titans hang on in Texas, get AFC's No. 1 seed -

The AFC playoffs will be running through Music City, and the Tennessee Titans should have Derrick Henry back for their first game this postseason.

20. Tennessee two-step: Sloppy Titans fall once again -

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The sight of the ball bounding out of his grasp is becoming far too familiar to Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

So is the queasiness that comes with letting another winnable game slip away.

21. Animation boom draws on local talent -

Part of the summary of “The Wingfeather Saga,’’ a four-book fantasy/adventure series written by Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson, reads thus:

“The family is at the center of a great mystery that will change their lives – and their world – forever.”

22. Titans finally reach bye week with chance to rest, heal -

NASHVILLE (AP) — No NFL team needs its bye week as much as the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans (8-4) finally get to rest and heal up some of the many injured players for a stretch run to finish the season. Tennessee has used 86 different players this season, most by an NFL team since at least 1993 and topping the mark of 84 first set by Miami in 2019. They've also started 49 different players.

23. White House: 92% of fed workers under mandate are vaccinated -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration's vaccine mandate for millions of federal workers seems to be working, with no apparent disruption to law enforcement, intelligence-gathering or holiday travel.

24. Titans sign Peterson to help replace Derrick Henry -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans have signed 2012 NFL MVP and four-time All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson to help replace NFL rushing leader Derrick Henry.

25. Titans look like AFC contender off wins over Bills, Chiefs -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans are on quite a roll winning, three straight and five of their last six. Beating Buffalo and thumping the two-time defending AFC champ Kansas City could be a big ego boost.

26. Titans start fast, simply dominate Mahomes, Chiefs 27-3 -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans wanted to start games faster and score more points early.

They did just that against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Titans scored on their first five possessions and led 27-0 at halftime on their way to routing the Chiefs on Sunday.

27. Titans stop Allen on 4th down, hang on to beat Bills 34-31 -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Derrick Henry showed once again how important he is to the Tennessee Titans.

This time, he had help from the Tennessee defense.

Henry scored his third touchdown with 3:05 left, and the Titans stopped Josh Allen on a fourth-down quarterback sneak in the final seconds to beat Buffalo 34-31 on Monday night, snapping the Bills' four-game winning streak.

28. Titans use 2 huge defensive plays to beat Jags -

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Tennessee safety Kevin Byard has a plan for the ball from his first NFL touchdown.

It's a fairly unique one, too.

Byard won't be putting the ball on a shelf or in a display case. He's going to add it to a collection of turnover footballs stashed in a closet back home and eventually have them turned into a leather couch or chair.

29. No. 20 Florida seeks bounce-back performance against Vandy -

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Florida needs a pick-me-up, and there are few better cures for a broken-hearted Gators team than having Vanderbilt next on the schedule.

The 20th-ranked Gators will host the skidding Commodores for homecoming Saturday. It's a chance for Florida to move past a gut-wrenching loss at Kentucky that essentially knocked coach Dan Mullen's team out of contention in the Southeastern Conference's Eastern Division and gain some confidence and momentum with No. 2 Georgia on the horizon.

30. Tannehill throws 3 TDs as Titans hold off Colts 25-16 -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans know it's almost impossible to win a game turning the ball over three times.

They found a way to overcome their mistakes for a big win against a team they rarely beat, especially in Nashville.

31. King Henry leads Titans' late rally to stun Seahawks 33-30 -

SEATTLE (AP) — Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans found a way to silence Seattle's notorious noise that hadn't been heard for nearly two years.

The Titans leaned on their All-Pro star and staged the kind comeback they haven't pulled off in a regular-season game in more than a decade.

32. Titans eager to respond after offense 'got hit in the mouth' -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans are trying to get back to what they do on offense after a stumbling performance in their season opener, and Ryan Tannehill says that means playing up to their own standards.

33. YWCA names 2021 Achievement honorees -

YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee is recognizing five women and one corporate honoree who have made their mark in Nashville. This group will be officially inducted into the 2021 Academy for Women of Achievement in spring 2022.

34. Tannehill, Titans get on board with NFL COVID-19 protocols -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill had no intention of getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The NFL's extensive protocols for unvaccinated players ultimately changed his mind.

35. Mississippi St shuts down Vandy again for 1st national title -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Mississippi State's first national championship had been building since 1985, when "Thunder and Lightning" — Will Clark and Rafael Palmeiro — were the stars on what's known as the best team to not win a College World Series.

36. Big 1st inning sends Vandy past MSU 8-2 in CWS finals opener -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Mississippi State had the crowd. Vanderbilt had a big lead and Jack Leiter on the mound, and that was plenty Monday night.

The Commodores rode a seven-run first inning to an 8-2 victory in Game 1 of the College World Series finals to move within a win of a second straight national championship.

37. Vandy unhappy how it made CWS finals but ready for Bulldogs -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Awkward is the only way to describe Vanderbilt's appearance in the all-SEC College World Series finals beginning Monday night against Mississippi State.

The Commodores were supposed to play North Carolina State in a winner-take-all bracket final Saturday and found out 12 hours before the the start the Wolfpack had been removed from the tournament because of COVID-19 protocols. The game was declared a no-contest.

38. VU faces NC State tonight following 7-6 12-inning win in CWS opener -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Vanderbilt made it to Omaha with a young team, one almost entirely different from the one that won the national championship here in 2019.

It was one of the Commodores' old hands, though, who got them off to a winning start at the College World Series this year.

39. GOP needs new health care target as 'Obamacare' survives again -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court's latest rejection of a Republican effort to dismantle "Obamacare" signals anew that the GOP must look beyond repealing the law if it wants to hone the nation's health care problems into a winning political issue.

40. Analysis: Breaking down the College World Series teams -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A look at the eight teams competing in the College World Series, which starts Saturday at TD Ameritrade Park. (Capsules in order of CWS opening games. Coaches' records through super regionals):

41. Analysis: Breaking down the College World Series teams -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A look at the eight teams competing in the College World Series, which starts Saturday at TD Ameritrade Park. (Capsules in order of CWS opening games. Coaches' records through super regionals):

42. Please, no more Titan-ic flops -

COVID-19 changed many things in 2020. Everything from how we do our work, to dining, shopping, attending church, even casting votes, all changed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The mighty National Football League proved even it wasn’t immune to the impact of the virus. There was a virtual draft, canceled offseason and preseason work and virus outbreaks within teams that conspired against the league in 2020.

43. Knoxville partners race in to bolster Music City Grand Prix -

Teddy Phillips knows a good investment opportunity when he hears it. But the chief executive officer of the Knoxville-based heavy civil construction firm Phillips & Jordan needed some questions answered before committing.

44. General: Pentagon hesitated on sending Guard to Capitol riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Department leaders placed unusual restrictions on the National Guard for the day of the Capitol riot and delayed sending help for hours despite an urgent plea from police for reinforcement, according to testimony Wednesday that added to the finger-pointing about the government response.

45. 4 Nashville ‘bottlenecks’ make US Top 100 list -

Six Tennessee bottlenecks for trucks – including four in Nashville – have made the top 100 of most congested traffic locations, the American Transportation Research Institute reports.

“Tennessee is at the crossroads of the country, and increasingly that intersection is being choked by congestion,” says Tennessee Trucking Association President Dave Huneryager. “Despite the pandemic, trucks continued moving and delivering their critical loads, but their jobs were made more difficult by these chokepoints.

46. General: Pentagon hesitated on sending Guard to Capitol riot -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Department leaders placed unusual restrictions on the National Guard for the day of the Capitol riot and delayed sending help for hours despite an urgent plea from police for reinforcement, according to testimony Wednesday that added to the finger-pointing about the government response.

47. FBI chief calls Jan. 6 'domestic terrorism,' defends intel -

WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Chris Wray condemned the January riot at the U.S. Capitol as "domestic terrorism" Tuesday as he defended the bureau's handling of intelligence indicating the prospect for violence. He told lawmakers the information was properly shared with other law enforcement agencies even though it was raw and unverified.

48. Tennessee Senate OKs anti-trans athlete bill -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee's GOP-dominant Senate advanced legislation Monday that would ban transgender athletes from participating in girls' sports.

The bill has been heavily criticized by Democrats and civil rights advocates, who have warned that Tennessee will likely face costly legal challenges if signed into law, pointing to a similar measure in Idaho that's currently blocked from being enacted as opponents argue it's unconstitutional in court.

49. Top Davidson County residential sales for fourth quarter 2020 -

Top residential real estate sales, fourth quarter 2020, for Davidson County, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

Chandler Reports has been publishing Real Estate Market Data since 1968. That year, Chandler began collecting residential sales information for the Chandler Residential Report, considered the authoritative source for residential real estate sales information. Over the next three decades, the publications have been continually refined, enhanced and expanded, growing to include lot sales data, new residential construction and absorption information, and commercial sales. In 1987, Chandler Reports began one of the first on–line real estate market data services in the country, and is a nationally recognized leader in the industry. In 2004, Chandler Reports was purchased by The Daily News Publishing Co. In 2007, Chandler introduced RegionPlus, including property research for Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Visit online at chandlerreports.com.

50. Adams and Reese taps new partner in charge -

Edward H. L. Playfair has been appointed partner in charge of Adams and Reese’s Nashville office.

Playfair, who also serves as the firm’s Intellectual Property Team leader, serves clients’ intellectual property needs across the nation and around the world. He joined Adams and Reese in 2009 and previously practiced international law in the United Kingdom and is admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

51. Henry passes 2K, Titans beat Texans 41-38 on late field goal -

HOUSTON (AP) — Derrick Henry ran into the NFL record books with the best game of his career on Sunday.

But it was a lucky bounce that gave the Tennessee Titans a win over Houston Texans and their first AFC South title since 2008.

52. Derrick Henry becomes 8th player with 2,000 yards rushing -

HOUSTON (AP) — King Henry added another jewel to his crown.

Already a back-to-back rushing champ before the game even started, Derrick Henry became the eighth player in NFL history to run for 2,000 yards in a season, finishing with a career-high 250 yards as the Titans beat the Houston Texans 41-38 on Sunday to win their first AFC South title since 2008.

53. High-scoring offense has Titans closing in on AFC South title -

NASHVILLE (AP) — Ryan Tannehill admits he was frustrated not hearing his name called for the AFC's Pro Bowl team in arguably the best season of his career.

He had plenty of company in Tennessee.

54. Head coach Vrabel needs better from defensive coordinator Vrabel -

Mike Vrabel had the opportunity to go out and find a new defensive coordinator after Dean Pees retired following the Titans loss in the AFC Championship Game.

Instead, Vrabel decided that the best solution would be to keep as much continuity from Pees’ system in place and just run the defense himself with help from outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen and the rest of the Titans defensive staff.

55. Titans have never reached these heights on offense -

The Tennessee Titans offense we have seen under Arthur Smith and Ryan Tannehill is unlike almost anything we have ever seen from this franchise.

For most of the two-plus decades the team has been on Tennessee soil, the Titans’ calling card has been defense. Keep the game close, let the defense keep you in it and then, maybe, kick a field goal at the end to win.

56. Is your workplace a COVID-19 risk? -

Since the coronavirus pandemic first surfaced in Tennessee in March, monthly worker complaints to occupational safety and health regulators have more than doubled, with 1,000 complaints so far showing a possible connection to COVID-19.

57. Trump Proud Boys remark echoes Charlottesville -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Wednesday tried to walk back his refusal to outright condemn a far right fascist group during his debate with Democrat Joe Biden, but the inflammatory moment was far from the first time the president has failed to denounce white supremacists or has advanced racist ideas.

58. Trump Proud Boys remark echoes Charlottesville -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Wednesday tried to walk back his refusal to outright condemn a far right fascist group during his debate with Democrat Joe Biden, but the inflammatory moment was far from the first time the president has failed to denounce white supremacists or has advanced racist ideas.

59. Gostkowski kicks 49-yarder as Titans beat Jaguars 33-30 -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans know good teams win ugly games, and being 2-0 for the first time in 12 years has a way of making any victory look much prettier.

Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 49-yard field goal with 1:36 left, and the Tennessee Titans remain undefeated after holding off the Jacksonville Jaguars 33-30 Sunday.

60. Armed and even more dangerous -

As Derrick Henry goes, so go the Tennessee Titans. It’s really as simple as that. In playoffs and regular season games combined, when Henry rushes for 100 yards, the Titans are 13-0. That stat dates back to 2017, when Henry had the first 100-yard rushing game of his NFL career in a week six win over the Indianapolis Colts.

61. ‘Hard to imagine’ a fall without football in Knoxville -

We all remember those glory days of sitting in Neyland Stadium, peering down at the field and listening to the broadcast on radio headphones. The thrills and chills that ran up the spine just before kickoff as the late, great announcer John Ward uttered his signature catchphrase:

62. Trump replaces campaign manager amid sinking poll numbers -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump shook up his campaign staff amid sinking poll numbers less than four months before the election, replacing campaign manager Brad Parscale with veteran GOP operative Bill Stepien.

63. Trump replaces campaign manager amid sinking poll numbers -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump shook up his campaign staff amid sinking poll numbers less than four months before the election, replacing campaign manager Brad Parscale with veteran GOP operative Bill Stepien.

64. Meharry announces $8M grant to support families -

The Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College has announced the receipt of an $8 million grant from the Tennessee Department of Human Services to support efforts in programming and services for Metro students and their caregivers with special emphasis on education, health and well-being, economic support and social capital.

65. AP Exclusive: Athletes wary about virus, testing upon return -

Chris Thompson is an NFL running back. He also is the father of a 4-month-old daughter, Kali. Guess which of those facts matters more to him when he ponders eventually returning to work amid a pandemic.

66. Seniors jump back into the job market despite risks -

Being a member of the 60-plus age group, Carolyn Northup is considered a high risk for COVID-19. So the veteran auto sale representative has spent the last six weeks working from home, connecting with longtime customers and following new leads.

67. NASA, SpaceX bringing astronaut launches back to home turf -

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — For the first time in nearly a decade, U.S. astronauts are about to blast into orbit aboard an American rocket from American soil. And for the first time in the history of human spaceflight, a private company is running the show.

68. Top Davidson County residential sales for April 2020 -

Top residential real estate sales, April 2020, for Davidson County, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

Chandler Reports has been publishing Real Estate Market Data since 1968. That year, Chandler began collecting residential sales information for the Chandler Residential Report, considered the authoritative source for residential real estate sales information. Over the next three decades, the publications have been continually refined, enhanced and expanded, growing to include lot sales data, new residential construction and absorption information, and commercial sales. In 1987, Chandler Reports began one of the first on–line real estate market data services in the country, and is a nationally recognized leader in the industry. In 2004, Chandler Reports was purchased by The Daily News Publishing Co. In 2007, Chandler introduced RegionPlus, including property research for Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Visit online at chandlerreports.com.

69. Q&A: With rock-bottom prices, will the oil industry recover? -

NEW YORK (AP) — With a barrel of crude oil costing less than a New York pizza, many U.S. shale producers are being pushed to the brink of bankruptcy and experts are wondering when, and if, the oil industry will recover.

70. Titans wrap quiet NFL draft with more roster moves to come -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans made only one trade throughout the NFL draft, and general manager Jon Robinson's move came in the final round for a sixth-rounder in 2021.

A drama-free draft for a team with no big holes to fill coming off an unexpected run to the AFC championship game.

71. Virus-shocked Hollywood gets break with streaming services -

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sports are on hold, theaters are closed and so are amusement parks, a disaster-movie scenario that has Hollywood reeling. But Americans held captive at home by the coronavirus can turn to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services, outliers in an entertainment industry brought to an unprecedented standstill.

72. Analysis: Sanders win ups pressure on moderates to coalesce -

WASHINGTON (AP) — For Bernie Sanders, not all victories are created equal.

In 2016, Sanders carried New Hampshire by 22 points, pummeling Hillary Clinton and setting the stage for a protracted fight over the Democratic presidential nomination. On Tuesday, he won the state's primary by less than 2 points, raising questions about his ability to broaden his coalition beyond his most loyal supporters.

73. Sanders' narrow win ups pressure on moderates to coalesce -

WASHINGTON (AP) — For Bernie Sanders, not all victories are created equal.

In 2016, Sanders carried New Hampshire by 22 points, pummeling Hillary Clinton and setting the stage for a protracted fight over the Democratic presidential nomination. On Tuesday, he won the state's primary by less than 2 points, raising questions about his ability to broaden his coalition beyond his most loyal supporters.

74. Defending champ Vandy, Louisville are college baseball favorites -

With almost all of its pitching staff back from the team that made the program's deepest postseason run, Louisville begins the season Friday ranked No. 1 in three of the six major polls.

Defending national champion Vanderbilt lost six everyday players but is atop the other polls largely because it returns possible No. 1 draft pick Austin Martin and postseason pitching sensation Kumar Rocker.

75. Suddenly, UT’s offensive line is envy of SEC -

For much of the last few seasons, Tennessee’s offensive line has been the subject of ridicule and frustration.

But thanks to a big announcement, solid recruiting and a severed pinky finger, the unit might transform into the team’s biggest strength in 2020.

76. Top Middle Tennessee residential sales for November 2019 -

Top residential real estate sales, November 2019, for Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson and Sumner counties, as compiled by Chandler Reports.

77. Blocked field goal helps Titans topple Colts 31-17 -

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Dane Cruikshank and Tye Smith teamed up to make a game-changing play Sunday.

It could turn out to be a season-turning one for Tennessee, too.

Cruikshank raced through an inside gap to block a potential tiebreaking field goal late in the fourth quarter and Smith returned it 63 yards for the go-ahead touchdown to send the Titans past Indianapolis 31-17.

78. Gustavson’s FT lifts Richmond past Vandy in OT, 93-92 -

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Jacob Gilyard already had six steals, but wasn’t about to take all the credit for the last, and biggest, one.

Gilyard came up with a tipped ball, passed ahead to Andre Gustavson and the Spiders beat Vanderbilt 93-92 on Thursday night when Gustavson was fouled and made a free throw with 0.6 seconds left.

79. AP FACT CHECK: Trump's flawed 'read the transcript' defense -

WASHINGTON (AP) — It's been his drumbeating demand: "Read the transcript!"

"Just read the transcript."

"Can't we read English?"

"Just read the Transcript, everything else is made up garbage."

80. Titans force 4 turnovers by Winston, hold off Tampa Bay -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Tennessee Titans are very happy their stingy defense came up with four turnovers and another late-game stop.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers leave town ticked off over an inadvertent whistle that cost them a fumble return after stopping Tennessee's fake punt in the final minutes.

81. Massive American Dream mall to open but will shoppers come? -

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — More than two decades ago when a mega entertainment and shopping complex was being conceived on a vast swath of swamp land in New Jersey, the iPhone didn't exist, Amazon was only selling books online and malls were where you went for all your shopping needs.

82. Google touts quantum computing milestone -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google said it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing research, saying an experimental quantum processor has completed a calculation in just a few minutes that would take a traditional supercomputer thousands of years.

83. Holding employees tough with Amazon looming -

Amazon created much excitement when it announced its plan to sink $250 million into Nashville with a new operations site in the Nashville Yards downtown.

State and company officials announced a projected 5,000 corporate management positions and IT-focused jobs with an average salary of $150,000.

84. Minshew, defense shine as Jaguars thump Titans 20-7 -

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Minshew Mania is gaining momentum.

Gardner Minshew threw two touchdown passes and should have had a third, Calais Campbell spearheaded another defensive gem and the Jacksonville Jaguars handled the Tennessee Titans 20-7 in sloppy conditions Thursday night.

85. Vols set priorities for season, making a bowl, beating Vandy -

Reaching a bowl game and beating Vanderbilt used to be foregone conclusions for the Tennessee football team.

They have now become benchmarks of progress.

Expectations have changed around Knoxville with the program in the process of a major rebuild. The Vols finished 5-7 last season, including a second straight last-place finish in the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division.

86. XOi adds $11M in Series C financing -

XOi Technologies, a Nashville-field service communication solutions company, has announced the completion of its Series C financing round.

The $11-million round was led by PeakSpan Capital with participation by Grotech Ventures, as well as Series B investors, Vocap Investment Partners and Nashville Capital Network.

87. UN climate report: Change land use to avoid a hungry future -

GENEVA (AP) — Human-caused climate change is dramatically degrading the Earth's land and the way people use the land is making global warming worse, a new United Nations scientific report says. That creates a vicious cycle which is already making food more expensive, scarcer and less nutritious.

88. Vanderbilt rides Rocker, Scott to 6-3 CWS win over Bulldogs -

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — After being constantly reminded for more than a week about his no-hitter in the NCAA super regionals, Kumar Rocker found himself on the mound for the first time on a bigger stage at the College World Series.

89. FSU's Martin back to CWS; Michigan in 1st time since 1984 -

Florida State coach Mike Martin, the all-time wins leader in all NCAA sports, will get one more shot at winning his first national championship before he retires.

90. Vanderbilt advances to College World Series, routs Duke 13-2 -

NASHVILLE (AP) — The Vanderbilt Commodores finally are headed back to Omaha and the College World Series for the first time since stringing together a national title in 2014 and a runners-up finish in 2015.

91. Vanderbilt leads stacked field at SEC Tournament -

Vanderbilt's blazing second half of the season has turned the Commodores into one of the favorites to win the Southeastern Conference tournament this week in Hoover, Alabama.

The Commodores (45-10, 23-7 SEC) won their first regular-season league title since 2013 by winning 14 of their final 15 league games, dominating foes with a powerful offense that paired well with solid pitching and defense. Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi State are the top four seeds in the tournament.

92. TN facing longterm shortage of health care workers -

Samantha Rooks, a registered respiratory therapist at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, says she always wanted to work in health care, though no one in her family had ever chosen that path. She loves what she does, she adds, and has been at Vanderbilt for nearly 20 years, working exclusively with children.

93. AP FACT CHECK: Trump's trade theories don't hold water -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump cast a fog of misinformation over the U.S. trade dispute with China, floating inaccurate numbers and skewed economic theories as big tariffs kicked in on Chinese goods.

94. Americans' energy use surges despite climate change concern -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans burned a record amount of energy in 2018, with a 10% jump in consumption from booming natural gas helping to lead the way, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says.

95. Do James Beard Awards still matter? Should they? -

On May 6, the top toques of American dining will gather in Chicago for a celebration of all things food, drink and hospitality at the annual paean to cookery called the James Beard Foundation Awards.

96. Shurmur needs a team, Giants need a QB -

There’s a tantalizing bit of drama that could play out on the final day of the April 25-27 NFL Draft in downtown Nashville, one possible scenario that has captivated the imagination of football fans. And, also there’s a Music City connection. More specifically, a Vanderbilt connection.

97. Trump assembling an army of operatives for re-election fight -

WASHINGTON (AP) — In 2016, President Donald Trump compared Hillary Clinton's campaign to the lumbering federal bureaucracy. Now he's building one of his own.

From an office tower across the Potomac River from Washington, from the bowels of the Republican National Committee's headquarters on Capitol Hill and from field offices across the country, Trump is assembling an army of operatives to fight for victory in what stands to be a legacy-defining political battle. Even with a sea of still-unfilled desks, his 2020 campaign is already unrecognizable from the fly-by-night operation of the last effort, when Trump won the White House despite his inexperienced campaign team.

98. Beto O'Rourke says he raised $6.1M online in 1st 24 hours -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke raised more than $6 million online during the first 24 hours after he announced his White House bid, the highest first-day number reported by any candidate, his campaign said Monday.

99. Vol ball: If you can’t beat ’em, outspend ’em -

There always seems to be more money in the bank account when it comes to Tennessee football.

Whether it’s hiring or firing coaches, the Vols find a way to dig deeper into their pockets to make things happen.

100. Vols’ Pruitt looks for leaders in recruiting class -

Jeremy Pruitt recruited with a purpose this year, selecting players with more knowledge of the environment and certainty of what Tennessee’s football program truly needed.

Instead of scrambling to sign recruits he didn’t know very well, Pruitt actually had time to get to know the players. Instead of juggling multiple roles on two staffs, Pruitt was able to devote all his energy to securing commitments in the stretch run.