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The Ledger - EST. 1978 - Nashville Edition
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Public Records - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

990 Public Records consisting of 990 Names & Addresses.

Business & People

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Real Estate & Development

Accountants - Active0
Accountants - Inactive0
Accounting Firms0
Architecture Firms0
Auto Dealers0
Beauty & Cosmetology Shops0
Business Licenses1
Car Salesman0
Contracting Companies - Building0
Contracting Companies - Electrical0
Contracting Companies - Heating & Air0
Contracting Companies - Mechanical0
Contracting Companies - Plumbing0
Employment Agencies0
Engineering Firms0
Engineers - Inactive & Retired0
Home Improvement Contractors0
Home Inspectors0
Insurance Agents0
Insurance Companies0
Interior Designers0
Land Surveyor0
Landscape Architects0
Landscape Architecture Firms0
Limited License Electrician0
Limited License Plumber0
Marriage Licenses0
Misc Register Filings26
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers/Distributors0
Newcomers: Utility Connections0
Other Liens7
Private Probation Services0
Public Adjuster0
Real Estate Agents0
Real Estate Firms0
Title Companies0
UCC Filings, Releases, & Other Activity13
Court Calendars: Chancery0
Court Calendars: Circuit17
Court Calendars: General Sessions0
Court Calendars: State Criminal0
Court Filings: Chancery1
Court Filings: Circuit14
Court Filings: Federal0
Court Filings: General Sessions0
FED Warrants0
Power of Attorney & Decrees109
Probate Court4
Tax Liens & Releases63
Easements & Land Related1
Mortgage: Assignments & Modifications45
Mortgage: Releases248
Mortgage: Trust Deeds122
Notice of Completion0
Permits: Building8
Permits: Electrical65
Permits: Mechanical38
Permits: Plumbing7
Property Sales: Warranty Deeds103
Quit Claim44
Rents & Leases19
Trustee Appointments6


DetailsDateName (Click View for Details)Street Name (Click View for Complete Address)
View03/25/20Berggren, Courtney M; Berggren, Zachary T; Iberiabank Mortgage Co 
View03/25/20Bank Of America National Association; Knight, Charles; Knight, Willie M 
View03/25/20Goodhart, Amanda M; Goodhart, John M; Magna Bank 
View03/25/20Ulmer, Christopher; Ulmer, Stephanie; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View03/25/20Moore, Charlie; Moore, John; Renasant Bank 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Webb, Bita S; Webb, J E 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Webb, Bita S; Webb, J E 
View03/25/20Anderson, Marietta; Pinnacle Bank 
View03/25/20Jefferson Capital Systems Llc; Oriaku, Alisa 
View03/25/20Mason, Daisy B; Mason, Toya M; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View03/25/20Landmark Community Bank; Ranson, Ashley; Ranson, Robert 
View03/25/20Johnson, J W; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Willingham, John; Willingham, Majorie Y 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Willingham, John; Willingham, Majorie Y 
View03/25/20Mcmillion, Jacqueline; Mcmillion, Sylvester; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Crum, Larry E; Crum, Peggy L; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Beachey, Carol A; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Bodry, Betty C; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Iberiabank; Smith, Garrett S; Smith, Vera B 
View03/25/20Taylor, Cory D; Taylor, Jennifer A; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Kwality Investments LlcCovington Pike
View03/25/20Ally Financial Inc; Clayton, Charles 
View03/25/20Lvnv Funding Llc; Russell, Olive 
View03/25/20Trustmark National Bank; Turley, Gretchen G 
View03/25/20Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Greer, Keshea R; Greer, Sherman D 
View03/25/20Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Greer, Ella M; Greer, Keshea R; Greer, Sherman D 
View03/25/20Community Mortgage Corp; Drennan, Horace W 
View03/25/20Caruso, Guy; Caruso, Pamela A; Community Mortgage Corp 
View03/25/20Fernandez, Donna; Fernandez, Emerald; Wells Fargo Bank National Association 
View03/25/20Forrest, Deandrea; Landmark Community Bank; Taylor Jr, Reinhold 
View03/25/20Landmark Community Bank; Schratz, John M; Schratz, Kimberly M 
View03/25/20M And M Bail Bond Co; Upshaw, Georgia K 
View03/25/20Evolve Bank And Trust; Pender, Gregory M 
View03/25/20Dabaldo, Amy M; Dabaldo, Christopher J; Trustmark National Bank 
View03/25/20Waterstone Mortgage Corp; Webster, Austin O; Webster, Melissa G 
View03/25/20Independent Bank; Rutledge Jr, Joel W; Rutledge, Alaida 
View03/25/20Community Mortgage Corp; Gupta, Navneet; Tyagi, Reetu 
View03/25/20Primelending; Yendrek, Tyler S 
View03/25/20Trustmark National Bank; Yates, James M; Yates, Susan M 
View03/25/20Trustmark National Bank; Warren, Donald; Warren, Melody C 
View03/25/20Cummings Llc; Independent Bank 
View03/25/20Independent Bank; Thompson, Michael H; Thompson, Tempe A 
View03/25/20Barbara F Samuels Revocable Living Trust; Regions Bank; Samuels Barbara F Tr 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Waddell Iii, Alfred W; Waddell, Cynthia S 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Sage, Edith M; Sage, Gene T 
View03/25/20Brunson, Cecil H; Brunson, Jean R; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Sanders, Joel K; Sanders, Judy B 
View03/25/20Miller, Joyce; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Miller, Joyce; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Pendleton, Juliana V; Pendleton, Timothy G; Pinnacle Bank 
View03/25/20Gulley, Christopher; Gulley, Rosalina; Us Bank National Association 
View03/25/20Farmex Rail Llc; U S Bank National Association Tr 
View03/25/20Kuyler, Adriaan; Kuyler, Berakkah E; Patriot Bank 
View03/25/20Corinthian Mortgage Corp; Neal, Stanley K; Southbanc Mortgage 
View03/25/20Davis, Lanora L; Henke, Camela E 
View03/25/20Iberiabank; Ross, Cedric 
View03/25/20Iberiabank; Ross, Cedric 
View03/25/20Graw, Cheryl F; Graw, John H; Iberiabank 
View03/25/20American Mortgage Services Inc; Ray, Ruth; Ray, Wesley 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Stranch, Ethan W; Stranch, Nicole W 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Cordia, Glenn C; Glenn, Anthony 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Poindexter, Troy K 
View03/25/20Deutsche Bank Trust Co Americas Tr; Sscp Madison Ave Llc 
View03/25/20Deutsche Bank Trust Co Americas Tr; Sscp Madison Ave Llc 
View03/25/20Chickasaw Ventures Llc; Firstbank 
View03/25/20Engineered Floors Llc; Pate Floors 
View03/25/20Bennett, Andre; Bennett, Lolita; Connell, Gary 
View03/25/20Bennett, Andre; Bennett, Lolita C; Connell, Gary 
View03/25/20Jabase, Zouhair; Jbj Properties Llc 
View03/25/20Boselli, Christopher; Trinity Capital Investments Llc 
View03/25/20Builders Mutual Insurance Co; Griffin Homes Llc 
View03/25/20Johnson, Jannita; Memphis Bonding CoMcarthur Dr
View03/25/20Ocg Capital Llc; S And L Real Estate Investments LlcCentral Ave
View03/25/20Mathews, Tim; Pacific Capital Group LlpOakwood Dr
View03/25/20Hathaway, Nathan; Pineapple Express Llc 
View03/25/20Brodge Capital Thrift And Loan Llc; Memphis Investment Properties Ii Llc 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Williams, Annette Y; Williams, Kevin T 
View03/25/20Nabors, Katherine E; Nabors, Mark C; Patriot Bank 
View03/25/20Gona, Amani; Primelending; Seelam, Nagendra R 
View03/25/20Henderson, Brenda O; Perry, Charles; Quicken Loans Inc 
View03/25/20Jabase, Zouhair; Jvi Llc 
View03/25/20Miller, Michael L; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Wilburn, Eric D; Wilburn, Jewel 
View03/25/20Odum Sr, John W; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Scott, John K 
View03/25/20Person, Gabriel; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Pesce, Donna M; Pesce, Paul E; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Bradley, Myna H; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Baxi, Chandranayan K; Baxi, Priti C; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Clemons, Gwendolyn; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Cavalry Spv I Llc; Lewis, Shermeka 
View03/25/20Brown, Ola; Crawford, Tommie; Gemini Capital Group Llc 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Zion C M E Church 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Whittall, Richard H 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Rutledge Investment Co 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Moore Iii, S Meade; Moore, Elizabeth M 
View03/25/20Coleman, Wanda S; First Horizon Bank 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Witham, Katie; Witham, Richard L 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Laxton, Donna S; Laxton, Timothy E 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Jackson, Jan B; Jackson, Joey 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; White, Marjorie W; White, Nicholas L 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Redditt, Futrell 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; White, Marjorie W; White, Nicholas L 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Nolen, Mary L 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Muhammad, Harold J; Muhammad, Linda F 
View03/25/20Butler, Bobby L; Butler, Sharon S; First Horizon Bank; Gibson, Brenda S 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; King, Edward A; King, Susan A 
View03/25/20Chiozza Iii, Louis P; Chiozza, Tina L; First Horizon Bank 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Morris, James R; Morris, Susan A 
View03/25/20Brown, Erma J; First Horizon Bank 
View03/25/20First Horizon Bank; Talley, Gaynell W; Talley, John L 
View03/25/20Securitynationalmortgage Co; Steinsnyder, Steven M 
View03/25/20Securitynational Mortgage Co; Steinsnyder, Steven M 
View03/25/20Midland Funding Llc; Tanfous, Mouna 
View03/25/20Midland Funding Llc; Perry, Donie 
View03/25/20Midland Funding Llc; Morris, Teri 
View03/25/20Ballin, Sharon; Midland Funding Llc 
View03/25/20Berry, Carolyn; Midland Funding Llc 
View03/25/20Midland Funding Llc; Morgan, Melissa 
View03/25/20Midland Funding Llc; Perkins, Eddie 
View03/25/20Lynn, Andrew S; Lynn, Nanette M; U S Bank National Association TrOakleigh Manor Cv
View03/25/20Depete, Colleen; Gutierrez, Jose V; Renasant Bank 
View03/25/20First Magnus Financial Corp; Ross, Albert; Ross, DaleGerald Ford Dr West
View03/25/20Albeca Investment Inc; Lindsey, Rosario C 
View03/25/20Db Mortgage Services Llc; Germantown Plantation Retirement Communities Llc 
View03/25/20F And G Property Llc; Midland Loan Services 
View03/25/20Regency Homebuilders Llc; Simmons Bank 
View03/25/20Iberiabank; Premiere Contractors Inc 
View03/25/20Iberiabank; Premiere Contractors Inc 
View03/25/20M And T Bank; Reynolds, Nicholas P 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Waller, Bobbie J 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Sullivan, Jolene 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Santana, Inaculada; Santana, Nelson 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Stachoowski, Stephanie 
View03/25/20Autry, Shelia K; Primelending 
View03/25/20Johnson, David F; Johnson, Lisa H; Magna Bank 
View03/25/20Everett Financial Inc; Hanson, Dan R; Supreme Lending 
View03/25/20Bialk, Cindy; Bialk, Gregg; New American Mortgage Llc 
View03/25/20American Mortgage Services Inc; Edgar, Christy L; Edgar, Tyler W 
View03/25/20Brian And Elizabeth Tumminello Trust; Residential Mortgage Services Inc; Tumminello Brian Tr; Tumminello Elizabeth Tr 
View03/25/20Housing And Urban Development; Memphis Housing Authority 
View03/25/20Brown, Walta K; Countrywide Home Loans Inc; Snider, William J 
View03/25/20Brooks, Nakia S; Brooks, Terrence B; Hsbc Finance Corp 
View03/25/20Bank Of America National Association; Hinton, Jacquelyn 
View03/25/20Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr; Williams, Evelyn C; Williams, Karen; Williams, Maddie 
View03/25/20Cbc National Bank Mortgage; Rasmussen, David; Rasmussen, Sandi 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Proctor, R Todd; Proctor, Rebekah 
View03/25/20Cole, Ivan C; Community Mortgage Corp 
View03/25/20Everett Financial Inc; Hanson, Dan R; Hanson, Woracha W; Supreme Lending 
View03/25/20Krmjvm Llc; Octopus Group Inc 
View03/25/20Dawson, Tanya R; Envoy Mortgage Ltd 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Johnson, George M; Lloyd, Angela K 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Beal, Julie M; Beal, Justin G 
View03/25/20Ayers, Leigh E; Bancorpsouth Bank; Ferrell, Jonathan M 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Jones, Jessica; Jones, Taylor C 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Shiels, Claude; Shiels, Kathryn 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Stinson, Wendy B; Stinson, William D 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Jamison, Christopher D; Jamison, Lisa G 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Hendry, Bryce M; Hendry, Kasey K 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Ray Iii, Eddie F; Ray, Carol D 
View03/25/20Baker, Carol K; Bancorpsouth Bank 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Moore, Jason P; Moore, Lillie M 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Hippchen, Janice K; Hippchen, John K 
View03/25/20Bancorpsouth Bank; Bell Jr, Robert C 
View03/25/20Becker, Allan M; Becker, Linda S; Guaranteed Rate Inc 
View03/25/20Brittenham, Kei; Brittenham, Matthew; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View03/25/20Hall, Cynthia A; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View03/25/20Banks, Roscoe P; Mortgage Investors Group 
View03/25/20Malin, Amanda L; Malin, Robert D; Metropolitan Bank 
View03/25/20Breault Jr, Stephen G; Community Mortgage Corp 
View03/25/20Bank Of America National Association; Molz, Stephanie A; Molz, Stephen J 
View03/25/20Hart, Annie O; Hart, Harry E; Phh Mortgage Corp 
View03/25/20Amos, Harold; Onemain Financial Group Llc 
View03/25/20Gray Jr, Johnny E; Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc 
View03/25/20Matthews, Irene; Synchrony Bank 
View03/25/20Portfolio Recovery Associates Llc; Tate, Annie 
View03/25/20First Capital Bank; Homebuyers Express Llc 
View03/25/20Beauvais, Rachelle; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Paik, Jay J; Paik, Jin T 
View03/25/20Kight, Alexander; Kight, Maria; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage; Sellers Jr, Joe L; Sellers, Jeannie B 
View03/25/20Dennis Jr, George; Habitat For Humanity Of Greater Memphis Inc 
View03/25/20Milligan, Jodi C; Milligan, Kerry L; Trustmark Bank 
View03/25/20Pnc Bank National Association; Sheppard, Teresa MBazemore Rd
View03/25/20Berry, Genesis; Synchrony Bank 
View03/25/20Deloach, Orlando B; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View03/25/20Crewse, Candice S; Crewse, Derek L; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View03/25/20Mcintosh, Alanna; Mcintosh, Eric; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View03/25/20Ford Jr, Joseph L; Ford, M Karen; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View03/25/20Gibson, Laura; Regions Bank; Regions Mortgage 
View03/25/20A 1 Concrete; Cordova Concrete Inc; Henderson, ChrisSpey Dr
View03/25/20Ordaz, Jaime; Patriot Bank; Soria Real, Elizabeth 
View03/25/20Herbi Systems Inc; Patriot Bank 
View03/25/20Quicken Loans Inc; Smith Sr, Thomas L 
View03/25/20Njimini, Njyele M; Njimini, Teckla; Renasant Bank 
View03/25/20Gardner, Brandi L; Gardner, Deryl; Insouth Bank 
View03/25/20First South Financial Credit Union; Vest, James D 
View03/25/20Harris Jr, Charles K; M And T Bank 
View03/25/20Langstraat, Craig L; Torkelson, Carla F 
View03/25/20Sneed Equestrian Estates Llc; Sycamore Bank 
View03/25/20Guenther, Hans J; Miller Jr, Ewell D; Sycamore Bank 
View03/25/20Mastr Asset Backed Securities Trust 2006 He1; Steverson, Felecia; U S Bank National Association Tr 
View03/25/20Discover Bank; Jacobs, Steven 
View03/25/20Futrell, James K; Futrell, Teresa C; Midfirst Bank 
View03/25/20Midfirst Bank; Miller, Melvin P; Miller, Verlene J 
View03/25/20Capital One Bank Usa National Association; Wilson, James E 
View03/25/20Banktennessee; Gilliam Jr, Herman A 
View03/25/20Banktennessee; Hopper, Teresa J; Hopper, Wesley K 
View03/25/20Banktennessee; Forest Hill Development Llc 
View03/25/20Banktennessee; Rosamond Jr, George M; Rosamond, Madge 
View03/25/20Banktennessee; Cooper, Ameee; Cooper, Richard D 
View03/25/20118 Timber Creek Dr; Banktennessee 
View03/25/20Armstrong, Kyle C; Armstrong, M Renee; Banktennessee 
View03/25/20Banktennessee; Topstone Inv Mem 1 LlcJackson Ave
View03/25/20Knight, Charles; Knight, Willie M; Newrez Llc 
View03/25/20Lundy, Brenda; Lundy, Gregory; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View03/25/20Independent Bank; Rivera, Ann 
View03/25/20Kirkpatrick, Kay L; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Moore, Billy L; Moore, Deborah H; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Taylor, Jack H; Taylor, Sara S 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Taylor, Jack H; Taylor, Sara S 
View03/25/20Grayson, Dwight; Grayson, Tracey; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Allen, Gina D; Lundy, Charles E; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Adolphus, Tammy M; Lvnv Funding Llc 
View03/25/20Firstplus Financial Inc; Hills, Cynthia L; Hills, Michael W 
View03/25/20Melton, Ashley; Melton, James D; Quicken Loans Inc 
View03/25/20Loanleaders Of America Inc; Pate, Bertha L 
View03/25/20Metropolitan Bank; Nelson, Hannah; Nelson, Michael 
View03/25/20Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc; Smith, Hannah; Smith, Kirk K 
View03/25/20Regions Bank; Scarbrough, Evelyn A; Scarbrough, Richard 
View03/25/20Lawrence, Thomas B; Regions Bank 
View03/25/20Jordan, Gregory; Jordan, Rachel I; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View03/25/20Burke, Jane; Burke, Mark; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc 
View03/25/20Diallo, Alpha O; Diallo, Mariam; Evolve Bank And Trust 
View03/25/20Brock, Cynthaia; Brock, Ronald C; Patriot Bank 
View03/25/20Dodson, Amy C; Dodson, Mark S; Iberiabank 
View03/25/20Koffi, Jamesrobert C; Mortgage Investors Group 
View03/25/20Lakeview At Woodland Hills Homeowners Association Inc; Sims, RayvonJackson Pond Cir
View03/25/20Murray, Joyce; Murray, Robert D; Truist Bank 
View03/25/20Angel, Nicholas E; Securitynational Mortgage Co 
View03/25/20Smith, Philip C; Smith, Wendene O; Truist Bank 
View03/25/20Fidelity Bank National Association; Poindexter, Troy 
View03/25/20Fidelity Bank National Association; Sentilles, Katherine C; Sentilles, Shawn D 
View03/25/20Fidelity Bank National Association; Meggs, James D; Meggs, Lorilei C 
View03/25/20Fidelity Bank National Association; Pilkington, Elizabeth D; Pilkington, James G 
View03/25/20Fidelity Bank National Association; Gatewood, Cathy C; Gatewood, Charles E 
View03/25/20Fidelity Bank National Association; Le, Leon Q 
View03/25/20Lakeview Loan Servicing Llc; Matthews, George W; Matthews, Patricia A