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Public Notices - Friday, January 9, 2015

Foreclosure Notices 133
Court Notices 7
Bid Notices 0
Miscellaneous Notices 12
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewEricka S Alexander417 Vailview Dr3/19/20151/9/2015
ViewChad E Armstrong1210 Ervin Pace Rd2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewKevin G Avery2252 Joann Dr3/5/20151/9/2015
ViewBinyamin E Babiry228 Willow Ln2/19/20151/9/2015
ViewRita R Bird109 Benefield Dr2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewAaron S Bottley630 Miles Ct3/17/20151/9/2015
ViewWilliam C Butler3625 Fox Den Ln2/17/20151/9/2015
ViewHeyward Carter304 Claymille Pl2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewDarrell D Chambers2077 Skyview Cir2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewMisty D Clark418 Circle Dr2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewWilliam J Clark3995 E Leonard Rd2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewMargaret V Cockrill305 Cedar St2/12/20151/9/2015
ViewRene E Coto-Lazo2635 Edge O Lake Dr2/5/20151/9/2015
ViewDoanld F Crocker1488 Pomona Rd2/23/20151/9/2015
ViewMark C Darden2570 Elkmont Dr3/3/20151/9/2015
ViewBrittany L Estrada510 S 9th St2/19/20151/9/2015
ViewKyle Eubanks3226 S Senseney Cir2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewJaime L Fletcher3304 Percy Priest Dr2/19/20151/9/2015
ViewJames H Geary312 Blaine Ct2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewValeriano Guzman2602 Wellington Pl1/29/20151/9/2015
ViewCharles Hodges1007 Tulip Dr2/17/20151/9/2015
ViewSara B Jones335 Gillette Dr2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewKaren J Kennedy305 Louviers Ln2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewJennifer T Knight105 Nelson Ct W3/19/20151/9/2015
ViewJames Landrum717 Overton Dr2/12/20151/9/2015
ViewPerry Marshall105 Harkness Ct3/12/20151/9/2015
ViewKaren S McCall2144 Watertown Pl2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewHannah McCollum317 Kevin Dr3/3/20151/9/2015
ViewGlenda G McGrady905 Mitchell Rd2/17/20151/9/2015
ViewMonroe L McMahan713 S Russell St2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewKarl B Meier3644 S Naples Ct2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewTammy J Morgan2121 Highway 12 S #1483/3/20151/9/2015
ViewVictor Odom1398 Jenny Ln2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewJames E Owens3244 Mexico Dr2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewFrancis M Perry505 Colice Jeanne Rd2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewVeronica B Petrucci1036 Meandering Way3/19/20151/9/2015
ViewSabrina Plummer1854 B G Fort Rd2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewConnie L Prochaska1206 Poplar Ridge Rd2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewDiana M Roach219 Tobacco Rd2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewRichard L Robinette1702 Bluelake Ct2/5/20151/9/2015
ViewJulio Rodriguez362 Lafayette Point Cir2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewJustin Rondorf513 Nashboro Rd2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewPamela A Rucker119 Brenda Ln2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewPaul H Samples3764 Naples Ct N2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewAlan Schmelzer4474 C M Martin Rd3/12/20151/9/2015
ViewBarbara Schwenke1045 McKenna Dr1/20/20151/9/2015
ViewHardy M Selph5709 Cloverland Dr2/11/20151/9/2015
ViewKemmy Shores1304 Little Marrowbone Rd2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewIsrael Silva2009 Dogwood Ln2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewDennon S Smith4560 Xavier Dr1/28/20151/9/2015
ViewJames D Smitty6598 Woodbury Pike2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewMichael P Stanton107 Gaston St2/5/20151/9/2015
ViewTameka S Suggs1146 10th Ave E3/12/20151/9/2015
ViewJames H Teasley216 Winters St2/17/20151/9/2015
ViewJimmy L Thomas2311 Bennington Dr3/24/20151/9/2015
ViewLeo L Van Winkle423 Sandburg Dr2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewJohn A Velez219 Yorkside Pl3/5/20151/9/2015
ViewFrank Vickers3608 Dove Creek Rd3/5/20151/9/2015
ViewLawrence J Vito420 Walton Ln D162/10/20151/9/2015
ViewJohn R Walden436 Parrish Hl2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewTammy Walker4321 Roxburghe Ct3/12/20151/9/2015
ViewKelly A Weisner120 Kestrel Cir2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewDavid A White233 Lake Forest Dr2/24/20151/9/2015
ViewDelores Y Whitson208 Wiley St3/5/20151/9/2015
ViewBrian K Wilkins4202 Kings Ln2/10/20151/9/2015
ViewTodd E Wilkinson1444 Laurel Oak Dr2/3/20151/9/2015
ViewLinda L Williams1020 Patio Dr2/4/20151/9/2015
ViewTimothy C Caldera1326 Shahan Rd1/27/20151/2/2015
ViewErika E Campbell905 Cheyenne Trace Ct1/29/20151/2/2015
ViewJames R Crafton5408 Eulala Dr2/3/20151/2/2015
ViewWilliam Craven1200 Riverwood Pl #62/12/20151/2/2015
ViewSteven S Curry1014 Persimmon Ct2/17/20151/2/2015
ViewFrank D Douglas112 Hillwood Ct2/17/20151/2/2015
ViewBeverly Eannottie114 Agee Cir E2/5/20151/2/2015
ViewDallas Ferrell120 Conatser Rd1/29/20151/2/2015
ViewJoshua Flowers714 Blazer Ave2/12/20151/2/2015
ViewJoseph C Galloway942 Culverson Ct2/17/20151/2/2015
ViewMarion J Gervickas805 Xavier Ct2/5/20151/2/2015
ViewLaurel J Godin221 Old Trenton Rd2/24/20151/2/2015
ViewTimothy S Hayner705 Jaywood Dr2/19/20151/2/2015
ViewJaime Hernandez228 Steamboat Ct1/23/20151/2/2015
ViewHeather J Hicks1031 Heydel Cir1/23/20151/2/2015
ViewChristina Keith139 Iris Dr2/5/20151/2/2015
ViewJared Lightsey7534 Antietam Ln2/24/20151/2/2015
ViewJodi L Lynch1826 Cardinal Dr2/3/20151/2/2015
ViewNorman N McCandless1001 Monica Dr2/17/20151/2/2015
ViewKenneth Meredith3659 Cindy Jo Dr S2/17/20151/2/2015
ViewMary Molteni-Davidson504 Wanda Dr3/5/20151/2/2015
ViewRobert L Renegar702 Seaton Ct2/4/20151/2/2015
ViewCindy Santiago11011 Nevada Ave1/28/20151/2/2015
ViewPaul P Sensabaugh5074 Tabitha St2/26/20151/2/2015
ViewDavid R Shannon3002 Old New Cut Rd2/17/20151/2/2015
ViewDawn Shrum400 Whistler Cv2/10/20151/2/2015
ViewCharles H Smith1033 Johns Rd2/3/20151/2/2015
ViewRalph D Stevens1204 Waverunner Court East2/4/20151/2/2015
ViewMelissa D Thomas2128 Lambert Dr1/28/20151/2/2015
ViewSindy L White146 Scenic View Rd2/24/20151/2/2015
ViewCynthia K Zbleski1495 Old Number One Rd2/3/20151/2/2015
ViewSarah Zwickel500 Bradburn Village Cir1/27/20151/2/2015
ViewCharlie Bandy1504 Market Sq1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewDarla L Beck1785 Warfield Dr1/28/201512/26/2014
ViewLarry Britten215 Robinwood Ave1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewKatherine Brock4856 Rainer Dr1/28/201512/26/2014
ViewBobby R Burgess1215 Highway 48 S1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewCharles Burrum636 Blake Moore Dr2/26/201512/26/2014
ViewKenya L Davis502 Johnstown Dr1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewHenry J Domenico5205 Catspaw Dr2/24/201512/26/2014
ViewNorma S Fitzhugh7206 W Jefferson Pike1/20/201512/26/2014
ViewRamon Fonseca419 Warren Cir1/20/201512/26/2014
ViewPhilip P Gauvin136 S Graycroft Ave1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewBarbara G Gordon7738 Couchville Pike2/17/201512/26/2014
ViewReginald G Hamm1610 Crockett Hills Blvd1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewMallory Hardiman125 Bursby Branch Rd1/28/201512/26/2014
ViewDenise Helton7570 Franklin Rd2/26/201512/26/2014
ViewRachael E Israel4958 Edmondson Pike #462/5/201512/26/2014
ViewLarry G Krantz2029 Lockwall Dr2/25/201512/26/2014
ViewThomas L Ladd126 Bird Farm Rd3/3/201512/26/2014
ViewNikita J Lawson2802 Brunswick Dr1/21/201512/26/2014
ViewRickey A Mayes606 Calista Rd1/29/201512/26/2014
ViewW. Russell Meade3545 New Hope Rd2/19/201512/26/2014
ViewMarjorie Moore152 Dellway Dr2/19/201512/26/2014
ViewEric W Newberry107 Chestnut Dr1/26/201512/26/2014
ViewJennifer Y Parker511 Briarhill Rd1/20/201512/26/2014
ViewRebecca L Ravera3749 Harvest Rdg1/22/201512/26/2014
ViewSutton N Redding9713 Valley Springs Dr1/20/201512/26/2014
ViewCorey M Roberson1109 Geneil Ln1/27/201512/26/2014
ViewAntonio V Scott3440 Hamberton Cir1/22/201512/26/2014
ViewPhilip A Sims1515 Charleston Park Dr2/10/201512/26/2014
ViewStephen S Stewart565 Fussell Rd1/26/201512/26/2014
ViewDelroye Stoner1382 Rural Hill Rd #1481/22/201512/26/2014
ViewJason Trimble18 Peachtree St1/21/201512/26/2014
ViewTracy Underwood1099 Old County House Rd2/3/201512/26/2014
ViewLogan J Wilkerson7107 Wheat Rd2/19/201512/26/2014
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