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Public Notices - Friday, March 6, 2020

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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewMarry K Akers2219 Ridgecrest Dr4/2/20203/6/2020
ViewDentis P Ball8612 Kildare Dr3/31/20203/6/2020
ViewChristopher A Branham139 Meadowlark Ln3/26/20203/6/2020
ViewSandra K Carr2215 Sylvania Ave4/9/20203/6/2020
ViewDella H Carroll748 N Main St4/6/20203/6/2020
ViewJada Chamblee123 Davies View Dr3/31/20203/6/2020
ViewDorothy C Deblois469 Canberra Dr3/21/20203/6/2020
ViewMeagan L Donnell4304 Vinegar Valley Rd3/31/20203/6/2020
ViewJames D Fontecchio466 Young Rd4/7/20203/6/2020
ViewClifton Gerry113 Carey St4/27/20203/6/2020
ViewBenjamin L Glascock827 W Broadway Ave4/1/20203/6/2020
ViewKevin Gore43 Bent Tree Dr4/7/20203/6/2020
ViewAssad Hamed8713 Farmington Dr3/31/20203/6/2020
ViewAngela K Hebert1914 Howard Dr4/7/20203/6/2020
ViewJames M Hembree1903 Crest Rd4/15/20203/6/2020
ViewDavid E Johnson1909 Lawnville Rd4/2/20203/6/2020
ViewDallas J Lombard3338 Powers St3/31/20203/6/2020
ViewGarry W Moore12436 Newton Rd4/1/20203/6/2020
ViewBrandon L Perkins454 Dogwood Heights Dr4/1/20203/6/2020
ViewDonna C Rae2924 Conner Dr3/27/20203/6/2020
ViewAnn M Smith295 Myers St4/30/20203/6/2020
ViewJanice G Thornton10100 Bluegrass Rd4/2/20203/6/2020
ViewJoyce A Underwood3427 McPherson St3/31/20203/6/2020
ViewRegina L Berry2363 Patricia Cir3/20/20202/28/2020
ViewJoy M Blackburn809 Drinnon Dr4/30/20202/28/2020
ViewDavid L Burnett1305 Army St3/24/20202/28/2020
ViewAgnes M Bush3015 Sanland Ave4/28/20202/28/2020
ViewMichael J Chamberlain109 Clinch View Dr3/23/20202/28/2020
ViewBelinda G Chessher1437 Overton Ln3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewJohn D Cornett294 Lakeshore Rd4/7/20202/28/2020
ViewShirley Dodson7154 La Christa Way3/20/20202/28/2020
ViewMichael A Harman103 Roddy Ln3/19/20202/28/2020
ViewBlaine Hartsell3211 Melody Ln3/24/20202/28/2020
ViewTeresa A Hazel444 Dogwood Glen Ln3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewStefanie S Henry5545 J Riley West Rd3/24/20202/28/2020
ViewJoshua Hurley4438 Aylesbury Dr4/23/20202/28/2020
ViewBillie Jeffries3921 Ludlow Ave3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewRetha L Kelley814 Lafollette Dr3/23/20202/28/2020
ViewEvelyn Kennedy141 Emory Heights Rd3/25/20202/28/2020
ViewRobert J Kulikowski714 Derrick Rd3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewSandra K Lee3408 Riverview Dr4/23/20202/28/2020
ViewJoshua A Monhollan4217 Lonor Dr4/14/20202/28/2020
ViewDavid A Monroe4635 Harsch St3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewAngel Moore1617 Wandering Rd4/21/20202/28/2020
ViewStacy L Nelson9522 Denning Ln4/23/20202/28/2020
ViewJames Parker508 Ozark Rd4/16/20202/28/2020
ViewChristine J Patty1119 Rudd Rd4/6/20202/28/2020
ViewThomas R Perkins1016 Lillie Dr3/23/20202/28/2020
ViewDonna R Perry302 Grizzell Ridge Rd4/1/20202/28/2020
ViewRoy Pitman1009 W Kentucky Ave3/24/20202/28/2020
ViewAndrew T Powell2259 Old Newport Hwy4/24/20202/28/2020
ViewThomas D Presnell1841 Cherokee Bluff Dr3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewThomas M Redmon5348 Cedar Church Ln3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewRebecca S Silva39 Hale Dr3/20/20202/28/2020
ViewAdam Smith2415 Hoitt Ave3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewMatthew W Snyder1423 N Shorewood Ln3/24/20202/28/2020
ViewJamie L Southard1993 E Wolf Valley Rd5/4/20202/28/2020
ViewKimberly Spoon7400 Battle Creek Ln4/23/20202/28/2020
ViewWalter V Threet180 Paul Gentry Rd3/31/20202/28/2020
ViewMatthew A Tipton115 Oxbow Way4/16/20202/28/2020
ViewKim Tomaselli1731 Elkins Rd3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewMildred K Tuggle8808 Fernway Dr3/26/20202/28/2020
ViewChristina B Whitaker8104 Harmon Rd4/9/20202/28/2020
ViewAllison R Aken4307 Fulton Dr4/23/20202/21/2020
ViewJames H Baker710 Commerce St3/24/20202/21/2020
ViewDebbie S Blevins1714 Scott Dr3/16/20202/21/2020
ViewEvonne L Butler111 Williams Rd4/21/20202/21/2020
ViewDavid A Cerra498 Parkview Cir3/19/20202/21/2020
ViewCraig Chapman1225 Snodgrass Rd3/19/20202/21/2020
ViewJeffrey D Coffey324 Sanita Village Rd3/17/20202/21/2020
ViewStaci Dickerson3740 Bent Rd4/23/20202/21/2020
ViewMarilyn J Duncan705 Southard St3/17/20202/21/2020
ViewRandy Goetz2687 Holston River Dr3/17/20202/21/2020
ViewLettie Hall426 Mallard Baye3/19/20202/21/2020
ViewCynthia R Hayes401 Sullivan Dr3/19/20202/21/2020
ViewShannon E Joiner7167 Cedar Hill Rd3/17/20202/21/2020
ViewRandy Kitts3825 Hillside Terrace Ln3/24/20202/21/2020
ViewDakota C Lowpasser250 Redbud Ct3/18/20202/21/2020
ViewMatthew McDonald172 Fairview Rd3/19/20202/21/2020
ViewTina M Miller114 Cappshire Rd4/14/20202/21/2020
ViewAnthony Recchia2421 Promise Ln3/17/20202/21/2020
ViewJoyce A Smith4087 Gravelly Hills Rd3/31/20202/21/2020
ViewBobbie L Smith3338 Cedar Branch Rd4/23/20202/21/2020
ViewFrank C SpearsCornett Road3/16/20202/21/2020
ViewRobert I Sutherland905 Starlite Rd3/17/20202/21/2020
ViewAshley M Witick2716 Spruce Hill Rd4/15/20202/21/2020
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DetailsTypePreviewPublication Date(s)
CAUSE NO. 29D02- 2002-AD-276
IN ... more
Feb. 21, 28, Mar. 6, 2020
DetailsTypePreviewPublication Date(s)
View PUBLIC NOTICE The Tennessee Highway Patrol has recovered the below listed vehicles:
Year:     Make:     Model:     VIN:     Vehicle Location:
2004     Mazda     3     JM1BK12F341185557     Kingston, TN
Upon ... more
Mar. 6, 2020