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Public Notices - Friday, January 4, 2019

Foreclosure Notices 78
Court Notices 0
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewJames W Ashley127 Mill Rd1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewScott A Bradley1613 Legacy Park Rd1/24/20191/4/2019
ViewRoy F Branch4409 Lonas Dr1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewCatherine Castle3218 Rolling Hills Ln1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewMary Collins3035 Boyds Bridge Pike2/7/20191/4/2019
ViewJoseph L Daniel1913 Woodstock Dr1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewNephi D Davis8633 Nubbin Ridge Rd3/7/20191/4/2019
ViewDewitt C Davis2442 Cecelia Ave1/30/20191/4/2019
ViewThomas W Dunbar420 Dunbar Rd1/30/20191/4/2019
ViewIda L Fields165 Jay Dr1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewIngrid Fletcher113 Hanover Pl1/30/20191/4/2019
ViewRicky E Foster170 Portland Dr1/28/20191/4/2019
ViewRichard W Green10060 Delle Meade Dr2/7/20191/4/2019
ViewRichard C Gregory149 County Line Rd1/24/20191/4/2019
ViewRonnie L Heller560 Russell Rd3/5/20191/4/2019
ViewHoover Johnson8904 A Dr1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewDana C Jones533 Bedloe Way1/24/20191/4/2019
ViewBonnie J Moe315 S Front St1/24/20191/4/2019
ViewJodi K Moore467 Wallace Rd1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewBilly E Parrott2687 Day Rd2/26/20191/4/2019
ViewJennifer Pate2220 Barker Ave3/7/20191/4/2019
ViewJerry R Randol1104 Poplar Dr1/25/20191/4/2019
ViewDoug Reed313 N Dunlap Ave1/31/20191/4/2019
ViewNicholas Rey5035 Jacksboro Pike3/7/20191/4/2019
ViewMelissa C Saugstad2746 Holiday Hills Rd2/21/20191/4/2019
ViewJohn R Sherwood110 Hazelwood Rd1/30/20191/4/2019
ViewCarroll D Shoemaker236 S Flat Creek Rd1/24/20191/4/2019
ViewGeorgia Slagle1191 Pomona Rd1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewJudy Smith3229 Bear Moutian Lane3/7/20191/4/2019
ViewClayton F Stokely2217 Henge Point Ln1/24/20191/4/2019
ViewJohn O Thomson3722 Timberlake Dr1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewDustin W Vaugh3004 Niska Dr1/29/20191/4/2019
ViewMark R White206 Englewood Ln1/28/20191/4/2019
ViewRobert Bevers342 N Wooddale Rd1/24/201912/28/2018
ViewNancy M Boggess779 Goin Rd1/22/201912/28/2018
ViewFaye Brooks1612 Davis Creek Rd1/22/201912/28/2018
ViewJames M Bullock405 Pine St1/22/201912/28/2018
ViewJohn W Carr2649 Tellico St1/30/201912/28/2018
ViewLeroy V Davis1052 Old Lantana Rd1/30/201912/28/2018
ViewGreg Evans842 Kerr St2/19/201912/28/2018
ViewWilliam R Gray113 Tempura Drive, Oak2/19/201912/28/2018
ViewJerry Owenby1941 Sail Rd1/17/201912/28/2018
ViewHeather C Rainey-Rentas9005 Chevy Ln1/24/201912/28/2018
ViewTheresa Sibley1212 Dark Creek Ln3/7/201912/28/2018
ViewJohn Slautterback7046 Duncans Glen Dr1/24/201912/28/2018
ViewCarrie M Armour4115 Catalpa Ave1/24/201912/21/2018
ViewShawna Baldwin586 Clint Williams Rd2/26/201912/21/2018
ViewAnna Barrett2600 Chillicothe St1/31/201912/21/2018
ViewTammy R Braden130 Beverly Dr1/29/201912/21/2018
ViewRoger W Breeden176 Tub Springs Rd1/10/201912/21/2018
ViewJonathan D Brock599 Morrell Springs Rd2/20/201912/21/2018
ViewGlenda Carmichael2322 Quillen Dr1/17/201912/21/2018
ViewSteven B Catlett3306 Forge Hideaway Rd2/21/201912/21/2018
ViewTerry R Cinniamon1470 Old Kentucky Rd1/16/201912/21/2018
ViewLauren Cox427 Montana Ct2/21/201912/21/2018
ViewLarry D Davidson413 Woodland Dr2/19/201912/21/2018
ViewBrandon Giebudowski3552 Triple Oak St1/30/201912/21/2018
ViewBoone A Huffman1002 Highland Dr1/24/201912/21/2018
ViewStephanie Malone2416 Nadine St1/29/201912/21/2018
ViewBenjamin P Miller109 Robinson Ct1/30/201912/21/2018
ViewToby Overbay183 Crowley Cir2/19/201912/21/2018
ViewLorenzo Parra346 HC Smith Dr1/10/201912/21/2018
ViewLonzie Patterson2825 Knob Creek Ln1/25/201912/21/2018
ViewMisty L Ritter2605 Bow Ct1/24/201912/21/2018
ViewTammy L Roberts7604 Clapps Chapel Rd2/21/201912/21/2018
ViewGuillermo E Rodriguez6308 Warlex Rd2/27/201912/21/2018
ViewFranklin D Romines2914 Mutton Hollow Rd2/28/201912/21/2018
ViewMagdalene Sane407 S Highway 3401/23/201912/21/2018
ViewRonald L Scarbrough425 Domar Dr1/28/201912/21/2018
ViewCarol Shelby13001 Old Stage Rd1/24/201912/21/2018
ViewLawrence W Shute178 Ridgeway1/15/201912/21/2018
ViewPatricia D Spining10731 Riviera Way2/21/201912/21/2018
ViewJennifer Spitznagel317 Pump Springs Rd1/16/201912/21/2018
ViewDaniel J Sturdevan401 Centeroak Dr1/10/201912/21/2018
ViewJoshua D Weaver224 Jones Ln1/17/201912/21/2018
ViewCarl White8811 Spindlewood Ln1/24/201912/21/2018
ViewCheryl M Williams1009 Cross Meadow Rd1/10/201912/21/2018
ViewJarred Wilson306 Willocks Dr2/12/201912/21/2018
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