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Public Notices - Friday, January 17, 2020

Foreclosure Notices 83
Court Notices 0
Miscellaneous Notices 0
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Tennessee Public Notices
DetailsBorrowerProperty AddressAdvertised Auction DateDate of First Notice
ViewDanny C Roop1405 Bazemore Ln2/18/20201/20/2020
ViewRobert B Ashmead376 Caryonah Rd2/12/20201/17/2020
ViewBobby D Beeler6446 Christian Springs Dr2/11/20201/17/2020
ViewJeremiah J Bezio426 Willow Tree Ln2/12/20201/17/2020
ViewRonald R Ericks270 Suburban Dr2/12/20201/17/2020
ViewAlvin Finger127 Finger Way2/18/20201/17/2020
ViewJimmie C Gibson651 Harmon Rd2/12/20201/17/2020
ViewJoshua J Gilbreath5131 Ball Rd2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewChristopher A Harper4111 Sweetwater Vonore Rd2/18/20201/17/2020
ViewJoseph S Heiskell2414 Buffat Mill Rd3/12/20201/17/2020
ViewSherry L Hensley10314 King Rd2/11/20201/17/2020
ViewSherry A Hill1003 Truman St3/25/20201/17/2020
ViewSharon L Hurst188 McKenna Ln2/12/20201/17/2020
ViewJimmy Jeffers298 Morton Rd2/11/20201/17/2020
ViewDavid E Joyner1914 Schriver Rd2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewWilliam R Kane673 Garnet Hill Dr2/20/20201/17/2020
ViewJoshua M Letendre8278 Oak Terrace Ln2/11/20201/17/2020
ViewWilton Little2417 Mentor Rd2/19/20201/17/2020
ViewCharline M Lloyd125 Pike Ln2/11/20201/17/2020
ViewWilliam G Love8015 John Henry Rd2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewJames T McCarter2961 Buffat Mill Rd3/26/20201/17/2020
ViewRyan K McClellan728 White Oak Cir12/12/20201/17/2020
ViewCarl C McKamey1507 Lakeshire Dr2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewTerry R Miles7722 Reserve Ln3/26/20201/17/2020
ViewKenneth M Morrison225 and 221 Wakefield Rd2/10/20201/17/2020
ViewKendra Price210 Estate Dr3/12/20201/17/2020
ViewBrenda E Rader2209 Black Oak Ridge Rd2/12/20201/17/2020
ViewCarol Shelby13001 Old Stage Rd2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewLeland G Smock3635 Old Highway 632/19/20201/17/2020
ViewMinnie Tate411 Hialeah Dr2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewDonna C Taylor7300 Marashi Rd2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewKimberly Terry263 Wallop Ln3/10/20201/17/2020
ViewGerald Turner7809 Creed Way2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewYugo Vance692 Cattlemans Dr2/19/20201/17/2020
ViewJohn L Waggoner2138 Keith Ave2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewJonathan S Waldrup5059 Ostego Dr3/4/20201/17/2020
ViewKenneth M Walker208 Peach Orchard Rd2/25/20201/17/2020
ViewLeonard D Webb910 Oak Grove Rd2/18/20201/17/2020
ViewH. Ernest Weeks4199 Barbara Dr2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewHayden Whaley1027 Bartlett Dr2/18/20201/17/2020
ViewGary White114 Boundary Ln2/11/20201/17/2020
ViewRaymond Winsky6909 Mulberry Rd2/13/20201/17/2020
ViewMarion Anderson6223 Babelay Rd1/30/20201/10/2020
ViewMary S Baker4722 Meredith Rd2/4/20201/10/2020
ViewWilliam P Bishop225 Booker Rd3/4/20201/10/2020
ViewDelores F Brown204 Mohawk St2/4/20201/10/2020
ViewElizabeth Cameron162 Milldale Rd2/3/20201/10/2020
ViewEric W Cooper420 Crowder Rd2/6/20201/10/2020
ViewGlen A Culver102 Andover Cir2/11/20201/10/2020
ViewDeborah J Dye209 Navaho Trl2/12/20201/10/2020
View Fairfield Smoky Mountains320 Collier Dr2/6/20201/10/2020
ViewTeresa L Goetz5934 Rolling Ridge Dr1/30/20201/10/2020
ViewLorena E Harris2800 Boyds Bridge Pike1/30/20201/10/2020
ViewRonnie L Hill1199 Robinson Gap Rd1/30/20201/10/2020
ViewEmilie D Hughes5213 Foxwood Rd2/25/20201/10/2020
ViewAngela M McNew165 Crabtree Ln2/5/20201/10/2020
ViewBrian C Moore7325 W Emory Rd2/4/20201/10/2020
ViewSeth B Ramsbottom4006 Cruze Rd2/11/20201/10/2020
ViewWilliam L Rowlett1120 Galewood Rd2/11/20201/10/2020
ViewClinton S Smiddie214 Old Mail Rd2/5/20201/10/2020
ViewCharles G Southwick227 Hilltop Rd1/30/20201/10/2020
ViewPamela R Williams3917 Allegheny Loop Rd2/5/20201/10/2020
ViewMark J Woods1224 Forest Hill Dr2/12/20201/10/2020
ViewHilda Amezcua1401 Parkridge Dr1/30/20201/3/2020
ViewLauren Y Brodie443 Atlantic Ave1/27/20201/3/2020
ViewHeather Carder5239 Blue Star Dr1/27/20201/3/2020
ViewDavid Drury195 Peninsula Dr2/3/20201/3/2020
ViewHolly Ellison357 Beech St1/29/20201/3/2020
ViewAshley Frost141 Spears Dr3/5/20201/3/2020
ViewJames Kuntz1913 Highland Rd2/19/20201/3/2020
ViewJohn McCavour1753 Tahoe Trl1/30/20201/3/2020
ViewWilfred J Moore228 Riverview Rd1/28/20201/3/2020
ViewSylvia R Moore909 Coxboro Ct1/30/20201/3/2020
ViewAnne B O'Neill4530 Shamus Way Unit 12/4/20201/3/2020
ViewJames D Oaks2401 Six Mile Rd2/11/20201/3/2020
ViewPamela F Roberts1120 Fairfax Ave3/3/20201/3/2020
ViewLauran W Rowden2308 Bainbridge Way1/30/20201/3/2020
ViewVince E Seiber385 John McGhee Blvd2/11/20201/3/2020
ViewRoger W Smith3424 Inverness Rd1/29/20201/3/2020
ViewWindi M Walker428 Casey Ln2/11/20201/3/2020
ViewJustin J White312 Olimer Ct2/27/20201/3/2020
ViewAshley A Stanfill54 Outer Drive2/19/202012/27/2019
ViewDaryl R Lewis680 Catherine Rd2/18/20201/3/2019
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